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  Re: Laser Therapy for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Fri, 20 Nov 20 08:08:47 -0800

 Re: Sudden Tooth Decay After Covid

Fri, 20 Nov 20 08:07:13 -0800
Posted by Papa Ken (London, UK) on 11/20/2020

Suggest you use Fermented Cod Liver oil. I had success with a tooth which was built up with silver filling and broke away, the outer part of the tooth is growing back but it takes time.

Whatever you do, avoid Fluoride it is a poison. Look up Dr. Gerrard Judd. I am following his formula to remineralise the teeth, oil pulling also helps. Would add that I have not seen a dentist since 2009.

  Re: Lymphedema

Thu, 19 Nov 20 20:01:28 -0800
Posted by Katrena (GA) on 11/19/2020

My lympedema specialist said you can develop hard cords and that if massaged deeply, they will burst and not come back. Look up cording and lympedema. Hasn't happened to me but he says he sees it all the time. I got a compression wrap for arm and hand and it made my hand worse than it ever was before.

  Re: Sea Salt in Water for Chronic Mucus Condition

Thu, 19 Nov 20 20:00:32 -0800
Posted by Tena (Illinois) on 11/19/2020

Yes, distilled water at room temperature is best but you can use filtered water.

  Re: Egg Whites for 2nd Degree Radiator Fluid Burn

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:36:50 -0800
Posted by RIKER (Co.) on 11/19/2020

I knew I should've bought those non-organic caged chicken eggs… Minor steam burn and egg white layers did nothing. I took some Arnica by mouth and that helped some.

  Re: Lemon Peel and Olive Oil for Joint Pain

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:29:16 -0800
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/19/2020

Hi Paulette,

I make a 1 quart mason jar at a time. It will last long enough to do a 3 weeks treatment if using it similar as you would a castor oil pack. I don't refrigerate. I've used it up to 3 months just setting in the jar on my counter with no problem. Just smell it before hand to make sure it has not gone rancid.

 Re: Need Suggestions for Stroke Recovery

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:17:29 -0800
Posted by Marianne (Ontario) on 11/19/2020

I understand that treatments in a Hyperbaric chamber will completely cure strokes.

I had my leg ulcer healed with this and from the doctors at the clinic, I found out about the cure for strokes.

 Re: Sudden Serious Tooth Decay After Getting Covid-19

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:16:53 -0800
Posted by Marinko (Indiana) on 11/19/2020

Mineral imbalance. Or problem with stagnations in liver. Read: liver stones. Doctors ( Rockefeller medicine) don’t go there. Dislodged stone can pretty much shorten life span or at list lower capacity for everything: energy, enzymes, detox...Tiredness is liver symptom, and usually nothing else. Modern liver test are from 1952!!! GGT ( chemical toxicity) was added around 1972, I think. Also most stones in gallbladder are actually from liver. Then you are unable to process much fats. Then you can’t absorb much fat soluble vitamins. Less liver bile means constipation and gut autoimmunity, because liver bile is your motor oil.

Many teeth are connected with liver and liver functions. Check your nails for lines. Lines on nails are showing liver ducts blockades. Also not available nutrients. Heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, not enough choline, or b vitamins and fats and liver is unable to do job. Not enough fiber in foods to eliminate daily toxins. Etc

 Re: Sudden Serious Tooth Decay After Getting Covid-19

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:15:43 -0800
Posted by J (Cali) on 11/19/2020

Hi, I'm so sorry what you're going through. I personally did not have that problem. However, I was just reading an article on-line about a connection between tooth problems and Covid. This is the link from Huffpost:

Sorry that I don't have any solution but I wish you all the best in getting well!

 Re: Severe Tooth Decay in 5 Year Old Daughter

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:15:21 -0800
Posted by Marco D. (Bologna-Italy) on 11/19/2020

It was in 2010, after losing one tooth to decay and a painful root canal.
I ended up searching the net in search of alternative ways to deal with the tooth decay issue of mine.

It was at this point I ended up discovering about Weston Price and his studies.. and a very interesting study done by Steinman and Leonora, that resulted in a book called "Dentinal Fluid Transport" (look it up on amazon, it's from Clyde Roggenkamp).

After this, I made a series of changes to my lifestyle, in an attempt to get closer to the concepts expressed by the studies above.

I did basically four things.

First, I drastically increased the consumption of fat-soluble vitamins:
- Drank raw milk almost every day, now I have it just occasionally.
- Increased egg consumption by a huge margin, I have them every day, half-boiled with a soft yolk.
- Started with fermented cod liver oil, had a good experience.
Later on, I dropped for good quality unprocessed cod liver oil, currently, I have it just sometimes in winter.
- Vitamin D3 liquid form, 3000-5000IU daily.

Second, I stopped consuming fructose and reduced my consumption of sucrose.
Generally talking, I tried avoiding constant insulin spikes.

Third, I started oil pulling with unheated sesame oil.
At a later stage, I switched to water pulling as I saw similar results with fewer risks (i heard about chances of inhaling oil particles?).
This was a godsend for gums and it made a HUGE difference.
It worked for me, in association with regular flossing.

Four, I started fasting, regularly, along with increasing physical activity.
I currently fast between 16 and 24 hours at least 3 days a week.
This had a huge impact on every aspect of my health.

The result of this is, I have a cavity since 2011 and it has stopped completely without progressing further.
I did not have any cavity issue since then.

Has it healed? I'm not sure but I can definitely say it is not of concern anymore.

I wish you the best for your child to get back on track, as a father of a 3yr old girl I feel your concern.

Take Care

Marco D.

 Re: Severe Tooth Decay in 5 Year Old Daughter

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:14:00 -0800
Posted by Carolyn (Canada) on 11/19/2020

I have had many worn out teeth that the dentist wanted to put caps on them. The best thing I have used to restore my teeth (still re-mineralizing) is this special toothpaste. Have been using it for a month now and the results are amazing! No caps needed now!! Tastes great too. Stay away from fluoride as this ruins teeth.,aps,291&sr=1-6

Moringa Mineral Rich Fluoride Free Toothpaste

 Re: Sudden Serious Tooth Decay After Getting Covid-19

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:13:31 -0800
Posted by Carolyn (Canada) on 11/19/2020

I have not had covid but have had many worn out teeth that the dentist wanted to put caps on them. The best thing I have used to restore my teeth (still re-mineralizing) is this special toothpaste. Have been using it for a month now and the results are amazing! No caps needed now!! Tastes great too.

Moringa Mineral Rich Fluoride Free Toothpaste

 Re: Need Suggestions for Stroke Recovery

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:12:54 -0800
Posted by Nan (Oregon) on 11/19/2020

Please remember that water is the number one thing to be drinking. Lots of it. Without it, the remedies have much less efficacy. A good read is any of the water cure books, by F. Batmanghelidj.

 Re: Severe Tooth Decay in 5 Year Old Daughter

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:12:39 -0800
Posted by Nan (Oregon) on 11/19/2020

We've had very good results with fermented cod liver oil/butter. My granddaughter had a small spot of decay right on her front tooth. Of course, the dentist wanted to drill and fill immediately, but she had the good sense (at age 14) to take the fermented oil daily and within a couple weeks it had disappeared. I know this is a mild case, but I've read that it works beautifully for more serious cases of decay. We used Green Pastures oil, by the way.

 Re: Sudden Serious Tooth Decay After Getting Covid-19

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:12:25 -0800
Posted by Sherri (Mid-usa) on 11/19/2020

If you are routinely wearing a face covering, it could be what dentists are referring to as 'mask mouth'.

As a side point, avoid root canals at all cost.

Research both of these issues.(NOT on G**GLE, though! They are censoring natural health information more & more each day)

Plus, you also received some good advice from the other responders. Take Care.....

  Re: Nebulizing CS for Lung Issues

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:11:50 -0800
Posted by Tena (Illinois) on 11/19/2020

U can actually nebulize colloidal silver to help with lung issues.

  Re: Issues Needing Fixing on Earth Clinic - Links from Our Emails

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:11:05 -0800
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 11/19/2020

Hi Susan,

Thank you for the feedback. We have received a bunch of emails about this issue today.

Google recently rolled out vignette ads for desktop users and it appears you can't close some of their ads. This is happening to many websites, not just EC, so we need to alert them to the issue.

Also, we have a separate folder for mobile users. It's great except that things get complicated when we're trying to send people to a particular post instead of just an article.

We will look into both issues. In the meantime, if anyone else is having issues with those google ads, please add a reply to this email

We've had Google ads on the site since 2002, by the way. We were one of Google's first ad publishers if you can believe it!

Those ads have helped pay for the cost of the site, writers, moderators and programmers over the years.

Issues Needing Fixing on Earth Clinic - Links from Our Emails

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:03:14 -0800
Posted by Susan (Los Angeles) on 11/19/2020

My email goes to a FULL PAGE AD which I do NOT see anyway out.I do not see an "X" to exit. The email to me about sea salt and lungs I did not read anything about sea salt on the page it sent me. Your emails are messed up. Please check into this. "google" I enjoy reading your web site, But this is really irritating. I did not see a different email address to write you about this.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda for Kidney Disease

Thu, 19 Nov 20 18:01:44 -0800
Posted by Oldphart (IN) on 11/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Improve your kidney function easily with acv and baking soda

My wife is a diabetic, with hypertension and COPD and deteriorating kidney function to go along with it, as it usually does as time goes on. Though I don't remember where I read it, we discovered how to IMPROVE her kidney function, not just stabilize it. I'm pretty sure it was a European study because the 'ingredients', simple as they are, were in metrics and had to be converted. Her kidney function was down to 20% at that point.

I started giving her 1/8 tsp of baking soda with 1 tbls of acv, in a glass of water... doesn't matter how much water. In 4 months of taking this most days, she was up to 31%. That's as high as we have been able to get it, but at least it stopped falling and the prospect of needing dialysis is no longer an urgent concern.

Why the acid and alkalizer combine to work so well, I can't say, but they work well together, and have for some years.

Art’s Psoriasis Treatment for Scalp with Modifications

Thu, 19 Nov 20 17:59:41 -0800
Posted by MissM (New York) on 11/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Using Art's psoriasis treatment. I have had very good results on my scalp.

I altered the lotion slightly and added neem powder not the oil, with the indigo powder and applied to scalp. Cetaphil is good because it has ceradimides which are healing to skin. Do not be alarmed at the dark blue color, this will go away when rubbed in.

I am taking the NOW pine bark extract three times and day.

I added one capsule of the NOW to the pine bark extract to desert Essence tea tree shampoo, this will turn the shampoo to a dark color, do not be alarmed.

Herbal Essence white grapefruit and mint conditioner which does not promote malasseszia yeast scalp issue I added a dropper full of neem essential oil. Neem is ultra stinky - like garlic gone bad. If this is still not masked add peppermint essential to the conditioner.

Scalp has improved 98 per cent in two days treatment.

Will update.