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  Re: Importance of Breathing

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:18:13 -0800
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 11/23/2018

G'Day, Some years ago I took a Buteyko breathing course mostly to attend with partner who couldn't adjust to CPAP machine. It was quite expensive for the 2 of us. The techniques learned are the opposite of what one learns esp. in Yoga classes. There is a lot of info on the Web esp. by the founder. I get a newsletter now and then from Patrick McKeown in Ireland who teaches around the world.

  Re: What is the Healthiest Water Supply?

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:17:06 -0800
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah) on 11/23/2018

Teena, I am in Qld. I would be interested in the supplier of your shower filter. I have one which only removes the chlorine.

Why Did My DMSO "Freeze" After I Withdrew Drops?

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:15:27 -0800
Posted by Awordsley (Yosemite, ) on 11/23/2018

Can anyone advise me on what I did wrong with my new bottle of DMSO solution. I withdrew 3 drops of DMSO, using the same dropper for my turpentine (washed it well in between solutions) and I now have a frozen solid bottle of DMSO. The climate here is in the 50s at night and 70s in the day, so it cannot actually be frozen. Can anyone advise please?

Nattokinase for MRSA

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:13:31 -0800
Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa.) on 11/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Natto powder is made by fermenting boiled soybeans with Bacillus subtilis. It's proven to kill MRSA. the antibiotic bacitracin is synthesized from the chemical it produces. It's working great for me. I'm taking a half teaspoon per dose. Look it up. They've used it on mice.

  Re: Importance of Creosote Sweeping Log to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Fireplaces

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:08:48 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/23/2018

KT,,,,,,, girl, you just sent me to school. I was not aware of a CSL log until your post. I am aware of creosote and how it can burn down your home. An ole timer said to burn potato peeling in your heater and that will keep it clean. Did not work for us, so we have it cleaned ever other year.

Normally, we just bang on the flue and the stuff falls and we clean that up. Over the years we always had a fireplace. The are only fit to look at. No heat like a heater. Our heater stands on a stone hearth that goes to the ceiling in the back. The heater has a glass front and a fan. The fire has to be small, least it run all out of the house. We get to see and feel the fire.

In the fall we go to the corn fields and pick up the left over corn cobs.... about a bushel. We keep a small pail of them soaking in diesel. When we want to build a fire we use one with a handful of kindling along with some very small logs and have an instant fire.

Waste not, want not. We take the dead ashes and spread them along the base of out house. Thus, we never have a need for an exterminator, no insects ..... Did I ever tell you that I was an eagle scout about 66 years ago.

Kt, if folks read the EC posts, their lives well so much better. Got some smart people here. Thank you for sending me to school.


  Re: What is the Healthiest Water Supply?

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:07:35 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/23/2018

Hello Kt, I think my water is pretty good after talking to the folks at our Treatment Plant, and also, reading the annual report that we get. It's the smell I can't handle and we are still using chlorine. I don't know what the chloramine would smell like but we don't have that anyway, for now. No flouride, and it is ground water that comes from under our Smith River. I learned a lot of interesting things, and my favorite thing is learning about things I am passionate about. I did find a filter, simple, and attaches to my faucet that hopefully will remove that odor that is too much for me anyway. By the way Kt, wanted you to know I am sticking with my ACV, coconut oil, Blackstrap Molasses, cinnamon, and 2, large cups of my home-made ginger tea every day. It's going on just 2 months, but with those things, plus my basic supplements, I am doing SO much better in every way. I can't thank the people here like you, that have helped me by sharing your own experiences, Denise

  Re: What is the Healthiest Water Supply?

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:07:25 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/23/2018

Hi Littlewing, and thank you for the information on mineral water. I may have to try some, it sounds wonderful! I do want to get away from buying water in bottles as it is just too difficult for me to carry home from the store. I think the little filter I've purchased will get me the cleaner water, and last about 2 months. I can't afford to spend a lot but those glass bottles sound so good. I am in the process of replacing all things plastic, with glass. I also got rid of my microwave which there's a whole other subject!! Thank you again, Denise

  Re: What is the Healthiest Water Supply?

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:07:15 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/23/2018

Hello Mmsg,

I can't agree more over not stressing over things. As I mentioned to Teena, I did find a small gadget to connect to my faucet. It will work, I hope, in my situation. I talked to the lead man at our water Treatment Plant and also saw the latest report on our water supply. I don't think I need to go further by testing my tap-water itself, but may at a later date. I did find out that we are still using chlorine, not chloramine and we stopped using flouride some years ago. So I found the filter that says it will take care of the chlorine. Mine does not dissipate if it's left sitting for 24 or more hours. I still smell, and taste it. Thank you for your excellent advice on not stressing over things. It does only make them worse so I'll be working on that too, Denise

  Re: What is the Healthiest Water Supply?

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:07:03 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/23/2018

Hi Teena, I so appreciate your reply! I did order a smaller, inexpensive filter for my faucet. I will at least have something for now. Some of the users of the purifier are very happy with it, and some poor reviews as well. But for the price, $31.00, with a coupon for $20 dollars off from amazon, it's worth a shot. I am, however, going to snip your reply and keep it in my desktop file so I can refer back to it. Thank you so much, Denise

  Re: Turmeric and DMSO for Achilles Tendonitis

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:06:44 -0800
Posted by Steve R (England) on 11/23/2018

Safest dmso whether its 99% undiluted or various concentrations mixed with Aloe Vera gel is Dr Jacob brand.

Remember to be carefull as dmso will take toxins passed blood brain barrier so read all info and respect it as this is by far the best product for pain.

  Re: Adrenal Fatigue

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:06:06 -0800
Posted by Kingston Kate (Gulf Breeze, Fl) on 11/23/2018

According to an article on, Vitamin B Complex and Magnesium (2 essential nutrients) will stimulate you adrenal glands and balance your blood sugar lever! Also, cut ALL stimulants and irritants out of your diet, with specific references to caffeine and sugar!!! I know, I know! Very hard to do for us coffee lovers, but switching to a chicken broth or something similar (turkey broth anyone?) All this helps take the load off of your adrenal glands. It's very worth the try, and can help a great deal.

  Re: Dealing With Pests of all Kinds Humanely in Kiwi Land

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:05:44 -0800
Posted by Katy (New York) on 11/23/2018


So sorry to hear you are being inundated with various unwanted pests! However your colorful rendition of events was very entertaining and could be good subject matter for an article of some kind. lol Seriously! I was thoroughly entertained reading it...if you are not a writer in some capacity, you should be! :)

Congrats on the success's you have had along the way and I hope they continue. Thank you for sharing! :) :)


Horseradish, Garlic or Tummy Vibration for Diverticulitis

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:03:30 -0800
Posted by Don (Michigan) on 11/22/2018
5 out of 5 stars

The treatment that helps to clear my diverticulitis is an old type wide belt tummy vibrator. I use it two or three times a day and in a 2 or 3 days the colon pockets empty out.

The treatment to clear the bacteria depends on the pathogen. Most times pure horseradish clears it in a day or two. One rounded teaspoon 3 times a day. This current time horseradish did not match the bacteria but raw garlic did. About 5 sliced raw garlic cloves per day. Eaten throughout the day as pain returned. Took 3 days to clear.

  Re: New Site Update

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:01:02 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/22/2018

Best of luck in this new move, Deirdre. And for those of us who are rather addicted to reading the Latest Posts, if it doesn't work for a while, well, we'll just have to come up with some "grandma's home remedy" for that!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Perioral Dermatitis

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:00:36 -0800
Posted by Amanda (Melbourne, Victoria) on 11/22/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I have had PD on/off for the past 10 years. This past year has been particularly bad, and it's now the fourth time I have been prescribed Doxycycline (I hate antibiotics but for years it has been the only thing that has worked! ). However, this time it doesn't seem to be working and I have been feeling so unwell that I have stopped taking it after 1 month.

I used ACV yesterday for the first time after years of never trying this, and in the same day I noticed that the redness and swelling went down a little (and the skin dried out). I did 50/50 ACV/water. Today is day 2 of this (and no antibiotics) and already it seems to be better - not perfect but certainly a little less red and perhaps less bumpy.

Really hoping things continue this way!! I've always been very skeptical of this whole ACV thing but so far it's doing well..

 Re: Ted's Remedies for Lipomas

Sun, 25 Nov 18 20:51:48 -0800
Posted by Ann (Co) on 11/24/2018

For your information my lipomas HAVE turned cancerous! It turns out Ted knows more than you give him credit for!

 Re: Using DHEA for Vaginal Atrophy, Concerned About LS and Cancer

Sun, 25 Nov 18 20:47:40 -0800
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 11/23/2018

Doreen, the US product Intrarosa with DHEA is not available in Australia and will never be as the chemist/pharmacist told me DHEA is not permitted. I don't know how the lady from Brisbane commenting on here managed to get a compounding chemist/pharmacist to make it up for her. However, there is a way around it, a loophole. As I have complications of fusing with the LS, I haven't been faithful with the DHEA use (DIY with coconut oil).

New Site Update

Thu, 22 Nov 18 11:26:26 -0800
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 11/22/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Wishing everyone in the US a very happy Thanksgiving weekend!

In a few days (or less, we hope), we will be shifting over to the new Earth Clinic platform. We want to give you ample warning that the new site is far from perfect and things will probably be chaotic for a few weeks while we clean things up and discover what's not working. Please please please send calming and positive energy during this time as it will be greatly needed for those of us working feverishly to move the site!

Kindly keep in mind that the site you are looking at right now has grown wildly without much trimming for almost 20 years. We are now putting it on a platform where it must be trimmed down, but in doing so we are going to look messy and disorganized to begin with. We have been in a major rush to move the site since we have been getting clobbered on google search results for months now due to faulty programming that has been glitching the site :(

Our first priority is to get things going on the new platform and reindexed by the search engines like Google. All of the existing pages will have new "modern" urls when we switch over. This means we will have to create thousands upon thousands of redirect links to point the old pages at the new pages. So please forgive us if you encounter a lot of "page not found" messages in the first few weeks. Our resources are severely limited and we are doing the best we can with the little help that we can afford.

For those of you that read the Latest Posts page every day... posts will probably be found on the home page of the new site within a few days after we launch it. If you don't see posts there, wait a few days and check again.

We will have an archive site that will have all of your accounts and saved posts, so no worries, you won't lose access to everything you have saved over the years. Once the new site is launched, we'll post a link to the archive site so you can access it. We will have to migrate active EC accounts in a few weeks. But again, we haven't had the time or resources to get everything done before this necessary move. Ted's site and our Q&A site will be changed over to the new platform in a few months.

Please be patient with us while we troubleshoot all the upcoming issues (of which there will be thousands, no doubt). Apologies in advance for the frustration you may feel at the beginning because of such radical changes. But give us a few months and we are certain EC will be a much better site!

If you need to contact us during the transition period, please email [email protected] or use the contact us form on the new site once we go live.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. It is greatly appreciated.

Dealing With Pests of all Kinds Humanely in Kiwi Land

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:53:13 -0800
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 11/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there!

Things are generally pretty tickety boo down here in the Land of the Long White Cloud but some things could be improved.

Unfortunately, some of our not-so-wise ancestors brought things here that did not belong here and impacted severely on the health of New Zealand. Much of the natural ecosystem has been decimated, as some foreign pests have run amok - ground-nesting birds do not get along with dogs, cats, stoats, weasels, rats and possums for example!! No surprise there. We have a new "policy" of trying to make the Nation "Pest Free": BOLD AIM you might say. Think globally but act locally might be the new mantra but what to do?

A few years ago when we first moved into our humble abode, I was shocked that we seemed to be smack in the middle of a dog migration route similar to the Wildebeest Trail in Africa. As we are not completely fenced, I had to resort to building a wire mesh fence on one (long) side of the property to stop dogs crawling through the hedge and leaving their deposits on the lawn or eating my small family members or having my SFM "examining" the aforementioned deposits. Being a "Do it yourself Kiwi" I had to dig in a robust strainer post at each end before I could commence fence building. Not for the faint-hearted!!

Next were the Argentine ants, which we battled for ages inside the house until finally resorting to an unnatural remedy kindly offered by a pest eradicator. Since then: not a single ant inside the house but still plenty under any material in the garden or under fruit trees, where they are possibly eating my roots/worms as I write this. What was it: some sort of isotope?

Next on the list: sparrows, which I know are a problem for yous guys in the US of A. They love to nest under the eaves and poop all over your decking. My wife was concerned that little feet might traipse this stuff inside the house. Presumably big feet (or Big Foot) might bring in even more!? It seems laughable now but after trying everything under the sun / roof, we finally had a "Light-bulb Moment" and introduced several unwanted CDs (not my Beatles ones) which we hang by thin twine from the rafters where they happily flash and rotate in the breeze: batteries not included. A couple of very thin aluminium tops from infant milk formula cans even have a glowering face painted on them for added effect. 90% success there too. They even scare me.

Next up: rats in the ceiling gnawing through insulation and electric wiring: wonderful! Being a SNAG, and card-carrying member of Earth Clinic, bright eyed and bushy tailed, I eagerly sought out an environmentally friendly means of dealing with these unmitigated pests other than poisons from the local hardware shop. I went out on a limb, mortgaged the family home and bought a gadget that emits magic rays, ultra sounds and flashing strobe lighting that would do credit to Los Vegas on a Saturday night. It is early days yet and the critics claim that the rats will learn not to care but I am hoping that their headaches and hallucinations will drive them to the neighbours place before mine do.

The latest in this long and sorry saga is that there has been an exponential rise in the local cat population of late.

Now don't get me wrong, whereas I don't like dogs (other than useful ones), I am on record as being on first name terms with a few cats and even grew up with a couple that were affectionate companions in forming my character at an impressionable age. However, I have detected a new genetic streak in a few cats. These cats are very nervous around humans but will invade your space as soon as your back is turned. I was cleaning out my car the other day when a cat leaped out from under the front seat, hurtled past at warp speed and disappeared. I thought cats didn't like cars? If I had shut the doors on this one (without knowing it was there) it would have cooked within a couple of hours in this heat. They go inside my shed and I will probably find one curled up in my favourite chair (or scratching the settee!! ) when I succumb to my next bout of ennui and need a well-earned lie down. Also, we have almost NO birds here any more and we blame the cats for this situation. It's gotten so that the birds are too scared to land here.

Anyway help is now at hand from America! Yippee - US to the rescue! For the first time here you can buy skunk powder, sprinkle it on the lawn and repel the cats / dogs. How cool is that? Although only a few days - it seems to be having some success. The manufacturers claim it is "rain-fast" too but we are in the midst of a dry spell at present so who knows?

BTW and FYI (don't you love these acronyms?) a clever Kiwi has invented a pest trap that re-sets itself as well as having other virtues. This could prove a boon in pest control / eradication and for the protection of wildlife. Check it out why don't ya?

Cheers from Down Under.


Autoimmune Disease and Vitamin A Toxicity

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:44:48 -0800
Posted by Angela (Texas) on 11/22/2018

Autoimmune diseases may be caused from Vitamin A toxicity! A Canadian engineer, Grant Genereux, discovered the cause and a ND from Arizona furthered researched this and confirmed Grant's researched!