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  Re: Ted's pH Remedies

Tue, 16 Feb 21 06:09:31 -0800
Posted by Harold (NY) on 02/16/2021

There is a product called pH Adjust that contain sodium potassium and magnesium bicarbonate. It can be purchased on amazon. About $22.

  Blackstrap Molasses, Baking Soda for Breast Cancer

Tue, 16 Feb 21 06:08:19 -0800
Posted by Connie (Glasgow, Kentucky ) on 02/16/2021

What was the other ingredient you took with the blackstrap molasses for Breast cancer that had gone to the bones?

EC: Probably baking soda.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Question

Mon, 15 Feb 21 18:48:12 -0800
Posted by Koyo (Sofia) on 02/15/2021

In fact Dr Brownstein (Autor of the book "Iodine and why we need it so much") cured many patients from Covid with the help of nebulizing of H2O2 food grade, but strongest should be no more then 0.1% H2O2 in saline distilled water (can be alternated with few drops of lugol iodine in saline distilled water). His web site was closed and he was threatened to be shut down, but very similar procedure was recommended also from Dr Mercola

Saffron and Goldenseal Helping Burning Mouth Syndrome

Mon, 15 Feb 21 18:47:43 -0800
Posted by Natalia (Melbourne ) on 02/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have recently been diagnosed with BMS by an oral medicine specialist and prescribed clonozepam rinse. It made me feel awful, detached from my body even though I wasn't swallowing it.

Through trial and error and consuming all the usual supplements for this condition (Alfa lipoic acid, zinc, vitamin B's, soda, clove etc - to very little effect) I have found most relief in the last few days from saffron tea (20 strands per glass of hot water, steeped for 10 min) I sip it throughout the morning and hold it in my mouth before swallowing it.

Also at the same time I started taking Goldenseal - dissolve a capsule in half a glass of water and hold in my mouth for about 3 min then swallow it. Don't know what works better.

There is a lot of studies recently about saffron treating depression, BMS and other conditions. I'm not out of the woods yet as my mouth is still not back to normal but this is the first little sign of improvement I've experienced in the last two months. To be continued...

Silica for Hair and Skin

Mon, 15 Feb 21 18:46:03 -0800
Posted by Mike (Kent, UK) on 02/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

This post is about silica but maybe it would be best to put it under diatomaceous earth? I don't know.

Anywho, I take silica and it's great! My skin is so smooth and soft! And looks nice in general. It's like a little miracle! I think it makes my hair thicker too.

DE... I don't fully trust DE because it gave me some bleeding but then I've had some issues with haemorrhoids so maybe it's to do with taking it when you have those. I'm not sure.

Either way, silica is something that has had noticeable benefits for my body, so I just wanted to share that info with others in case it helps them too :)

Fipronil Causing Seizures

Mon, 15 Feb 21 18:44:38 -0800
Posted by Skozrt (Los Angeles ) on 02/15/2021
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Generic Frontline (Fipronil) for small dogs, 1/2 vial on 8 lb chihuahua causing daily seizures.

  Castor Oil Packs for Abdominal Adhesions

Mon, 15 Feb 21 14:22:49 -0800
Posted by Bailey (Washington State) on 02/15/2021

Hi Charity,

Are you still on here? I'm wondering how you're doing now. I'm dealing with adhesions and am hoping you're still doing well. I'm scared and frustrated. Praying for a cure for these adhesions. Have you learned of anything new? Anything that can offer more hope? I hope you're still here.



  Re: Magnesium, B Vitamins Not Helping Child With Tics

Mon, 15 Feb 21 14:21:28 -0800
Posted by Mama (TN) on 02/15/2021

Dear Jo,

I am trying to learn about this, too. I will share some observations.

I have a son who seems to be dealing with tics. He currently is doing an eye darting thing. A year ago it was opening his mouth really wide like he was trying to adjust his jaw. (He still does it some as well as some other facial things.)

I did take him to our family doctor but that wasn't particularly helpful. He said we could go to a neurologist and if they found anything on an EEG they would recommend medication. But he mentioned that there could be significant side effects. With nothing obvious to the doctor I will just keep trying to figure out what helps my son the best.

We have tried the gum chewing. It seems to help. I am using a gum with xylitol.

He doesn't have caffeine at home but sometimes does when he isn't home and he noticed that made his tics worse.

I have learned that throat clearing can be a tic. Many years ago my oldest son was doing this all of the time. I took him off dairy and it stopped. He was able to resume dairy with no issue after a while. So, was it an allergy that caused the throat clearing? Seems likely. I just don't know if the allergy was causing a tic or mucous in the throat which caused throat clearing. The allergy thing is worth exploring further. I wouldn't be surprised if things like sugar and food dye and corn syrup would be triggers.

My son is taking b complex, magnesium and passionflower tincture (1 dropperful morning and evening.) Not sure how much it is helping.

Being out in the cold seems to help him some.

Let me know if you find anything helpful and I will do the same!

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Selenium for Age Spots

Mon, 15 Feb 21 14:20:14 -0800
Posted by Gracie (Nottingham) on 02/15/2021

Recently, I've been trying to get rid of a couple of raised brown patches on the side of my face, and have tried various remedies recommended on Earth Clinic with no success. So I'm drawn to this recommendation of taking 200mcgs of Selenium a day. But looking at past reviews on taking selenium I read that it can raise the risk of developing Diabetes Type II and there are other risk factors. So, is taking 200mcgs a day safe? Selenium is found naturally in foods we eat, could an additional 200mcgs be too much?

 Re: Natural Remedies to Heal Brain Aneurysm

Mon, 15 Feb 21 14:19:42 -0800
Posted by Carl (Las Vegas) on 02/15/2021

What is the concentration of copper in the Ultra Colloidal Copper that you are taking? Is it 30 ppm or 100 ppm or what is it? Thanks. Carl

Magnesium, B Vitamins Not Helping Child With Tics

Mon, 15 Feb 21 08:30:04 -0800
Posted by Jo (Franklin) on 02/15/2021
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Hello, I haven't seen a post about tics since 2010 on this site so wanted to ask if any parents have recently found natural remedies that work for them.

We have a 7 year old girl who started having them about 8 months ago. We have been giving her a small dosage of magnesium, B12, B6 and folic acid daily for 2.5 weeks but haven't noticed much difference. Thinking our dosage may be off somewhat. It seems there is an increase in tics overall in school-aged kids due to the pandemic so we want to get ahead of it. Thanks!

  Re: Measurements Needed for Tinnitus Treatment

Mon, 15 Feb 21 08:28:33 -0800
Posted by Sylvie (QC) on 02/15/2021

What exactly is 30% and 15%. Is it possible to give it in measurements. like tsp or grams or mls?

  Re: Followup to Art's Original Posting on Hashimoto Therapy A While Ago

Mon, 15 Feb 21 08:27:10 -0800
Posted by J. (Florida) on 02/15/2021

You're welcome, Art!

Urine Therapy for Tapering Off Meds

Mon, 15 Feb 21 06:10:42 -0800
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/15/2021
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Hi has anyone tried UT while taking, tapering, or withdrawing from Benzodiazepines?

( In my personal case its Diazepam which I am tapering, and its hell :( )

Also did anyone find even a single drop under the tongue would cause a healing crisis when first starting off?

Thanks for any feed back or advice its all appreciated

Andrea C xxx

  Re: Followup to Art's Original Posting on Hashimoto Therapy A While Ago

Mon, 15 Feb 21 06:08:49 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 02/14/2021

Hi J,

Thank you very much for the tip on preventing loss of a post! I tend to not even give it much thought until the post is actually lost and then I can fully appreciate a tip like yours!


  Re: High Cholesterol

Sun, 14 Feb 21 22:11:33 -0800
Posted by Lily (Kelowna, Bc Canada) on 02/14/2021

2 Suggestions : Sunflower Lecithin ( any good health food store)

Niacin, do some research, Dr.s know about niacin but prefer to write scripts .

  Re: Cholesterol Myths

Sun, 14 Feb 21 22:11:23 -0800
Posted by Lily (Kelwna, BC, Can.) on 02/14/2021

Try replacing the ACID reflux meds with 1/4 TSP. of cayenne pepper in 1/3 c. water(stir well), chug a lug followed by 2/3 c. will cure ulcers and help or destroy acid reflux. Do this for 2 weeks . After that continue once a week to keep healthy, it may also address cholesterol levels .Don't be chicken won't burn!

You may have in your spice rack but buy some, make sure it is fresh and powerful.

  Re: MSM Supplement Prevented Hip Replacement

Sun, 14 Feb 21 19:50:16 -0800
Posted by Cheryl (US) on 02/14/2021

I was checking into One is for humans and the other for animals. The animal one is cheaper and appears to be the same/similar. Do you know if it's ok to use the animal version? Thank you

  Re: Followup to Art's Original Posting on Hashimoto Therapy A While Ago

Sun, 14 Feb 21 19:49:44 -0800
Posted by J. (Florida) on 02/14/2021

Dear Art and Earth Clinic staff,

Thank you for sharing your insights in your various posts and for sharing your insights and making this website available, respectively. One way to decrease the likelihood of an accidental loss of what one has been typing is to do the typing in a text-editing or word-processing program (periodically saving the content in a file while one types) and to then copy the content from that file into the text box of the Earth Clinic webpage.



 Re: Schizophrenia Medications Have Not Helped My Son

Sun, 14 Feb 21 19:48:35 -0800
Posted by J. (Florida) on 02/14/2021

Dear Dawn and all other Earth Clinic visitors and Earth Clinic staff,

The content at the below links might make for interesting reading relevant to this issue.

The above articles were found via the below link.

Other search results might be found at, using the below keywords. AND (schizophrenia OR schizonphrenic)

Once one of the webpages for any of the aforementioned articles has loaded, one can use the find feature of one's Web browser (usually using the Command-F key combination on a Mac or the Control-F key combination on a Windows computer) in order to find the parts of the webpage that have the word or words that one is trying to find.

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