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  Re: Epley Maneuver for Vertigo

Fri, 11 Sep 20 18:18:27 -0700
Posted by Chris (Stamford, Ct) on 09/11/2020

"It is a simple head movement that a professional needs to do to you so that it is done properly. If it's not done properly, it won't help. Good luck."

It's a simple head movement yet a professional needs to do it? No. A professional should identify that it is BPPV, which is most likely when having vertigo symptoms. Then determine which head movement you need if it is BPPV, There are three types of head movements, the most common of the three being Epley Movement.

Identifying ear and the Epley Movement:

Afterward do not look down for 24 hours. It's hard to remember so use a neck brace or wrap a rolled up towel around your neck using a pin asa clsp to keep it there. It will help remind you not to look down. Repeat Epley Maneuver every day or every other day.

f you want to diagnose and treat at home have friend or family help:

Once you determine which head movement is needed watch their other videos:
• Deep Head Hanging:
• Lampert:
• Epley:

 Re: Need Help for Extreme Moodiness, No Supplements Helping

Fri, 11 Sep 20 18:16:47 -0700
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile Tn) on 09/11/2020

Terisa, ORH here, and whereabouts do you live in Tn. You say you country, hey, I'm country big time. What you need is a husband the beats you like I do my wife of 60 years. Only instead of beating her, she has to drive the tractor. Nope, there is some logic to what I say. When we retired, she thought we would watch soap operas every day. You just die young. Myself, I have no clue as to your solution. But as one country neighbor to another, let me make a suggestion. Get back to your roots and that is the soil. You say you are rural, well that means you were reared on a garden. Not too late for a fall garden. You will work some of that meanness out of you breaking up the soil. Sweat a little and chill out. Plant you some purple top turnips, a little lettuce, and maybe a few radish. When they come up, you will be so proud. You have created life. Keep the grass pulled and see is some of your ails don't go away. Pills may not be the way the better way. I wish you the best. ====ORH====

 Extreme Moodiness, No Supplements Helping - Reply

Fri, 11 Sep 20 11:38:38 -0700
Posted by Deirdre (Ct) on 09/11/2020

Hi Terisa,

Sorry to hear about your struggles. You don't say if you exercise, but I find that does wonders for my mood.

The other that I have found recently that helps moods is a zinc+copper supplement. Surprising as that may sound, I can feel a difference when I don't take it. Mine is very low dosage of each, 10mg zinc with 1mg copper.

 Re: Need Help for Extreme Moodiness, No Supplements Helping

Fri, 11 Sep 20 11:34:10 -0700
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 09/11/2020

Hi Terisa,

A supplement that I keep hearing discussed is lithium orotate. You can buy it as a nutritional supplement. Look into it and see what you think.

 Extreme Moodiness, No Supplements Helping - Reply

Fri, 11 Sep 20 11:33:07 -0700
Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 09/11/2020

Hi Terisa,

Sorry to know your condition, but nothing to worry it can be controlled.

What I find from the information you have provided is that, you are very tense and stressed up, the reasons, you now the best. What I am going to suggest you is that you have to start meditating, meditation will help you immensely and some self appreciation, which you are lacking. Both suggestions are easy to perform.

1. For meditation, choose the place in the house and time of the day when you want to do this exercise, is important because I want you to do the meditation at the same place and same time every day. What you have to do is that just sit in a comfortable place in a comfortable posture ( you may sit on a chair/sofa ground whatever wearing loose clothes) lightly close your eyes and do nothing. What will happen is that some thought will come, just observe it, the moment you try to observe it, it will disappear and another thought will come, observe it this cycle will continue, don't react to any thought, just observe it. Do it every day at least once, if you can do more often do it, and let me know how you feel it.

2. Self appreciation:- In life most of the time what happens is that in looking after others we forget about ourselves, and people are so stingy in appreciation that they never appreciate, and we do not get the positive strokes which body craves for, the result, that's what you are feeling. So forget the people, stand in front of the mirror, if full size mirror so much the better, start appreciating from top and slowly go down appreciate every part of your body take your own time no hurry, and see the results. You will be surprised.

Good Luck


  Anti-Aging Remedies for Body Needed - Reply

Fri, 11 Sep 20 07:27:13 -0700
Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 09/11/2020

Hi there, this worked for our family. There's this white fungus mushroom that we buy and we add it to our soup or other dishes twice a week. Also make sure to make a stock from beef bones or chicken bones with all the cartilages included. Consume the broth and the mushrooms. They are both high in collagen. Keeps the skin tight and supple.

EC: Hi Nina! Are you referring to common white button mushrooms? Thank you for your great post!

High Systolic Blood Pressure Even After HBP Meds

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:16:17 -0700
Posted by Keith (West Sussex, England) on 09/11/2020

My systolic blood pressure is generally in the 170 range, even after blood pressure medication, yet my diastolic blood pressure is generally in the 70 range. How can I reduce the first without reducing the second?

FYI, I am a 78 year old male and I had a quadruple bypass 10 years ago. I have CKD, am celiac, and have hypothyroidism. I take 30mg Enalapril and 150 mg Levothyroxine daily. I drink about 1.5 litres of water a day with bicarbonate of soda in it and take a couple of supplements, Lycopene and B-complex. This all makes me sound like a wreck but I feel well and am active. It is just my high systolic blood pressure that worries me.

Any suggestions as to how I can bring it down would be gratefully received!

Many thanks,


Need Help for Extreme Moodiness, No Supplements Helping

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:13:56 -0700
Posted by Terisa (Tennessee ) on 09/10/2020

Hello, I am 59 years old female. I am experiencing extremely bad moods. I'm very irritable and short tempered. I'm on Vitamins B12 cream, iodine oil I rub on, D 10,000 u, ritual multivitamin, thyroid vitamins, also armorthyroid (I have hypothyroidism).

I've tried every diet out there but can't loose the weight. Recently, I've been in Dr Gundry's plant Paradox but I live very rural and that is a hard diet to stay with. Anything you can suggest would be appreciated. My moods are terrible and I can't seem to get it under control.

Thank you,


  Re: MMS for HIV

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:10:55 -0700
Posted by Saba (Usa) on 09/11/2020
1 out of 5 stars

Please I'm hiv postive and I'm taking mms close to 4 months but didn't see any improvements so since you said you took mms and it clear your hiv how do you take it? any supplements? please help thanks

  Re: BHT

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:09:57 -0700
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld., Australia) on 09/11/2020

Here is the link to the 2020 version, 84 pages long. Thanks.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses and Cayenne for Circulation

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:09:11 -0700
Posted by Tim (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 09/10/2020

What brands did you use?

Potato for Morning Sickness

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:08:53 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/10/2020
5 out of 5 stars

While I am on the subject of potatoes, I learned recently that potatoes are a remedy for morning sickness! Somehow I never heard of this when I was having my babies, but my daughter in law is dealing with morning sickness and a mutual friend suggested potatoes. She said her midwife told her about them. She said she often ate a baked potato for breakfast in pregnancy. My daugther in law has found this to be helpful.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. A baked potato is often a first food that I offer to a child who has been sick. It goes down easily and provides some calories and nutrients without being too heavy.

My favorite way to prepare potatoes, if I want something a little more fancy than a baked potato, is to cube the potatoes and toss with olive oil and salt and pepper and bake at 400 till they are beginning to crisp on the outside but are still soft on the inside. When I make these, no matter how many I make, they all get eaten. (And make amazing leftovers for breakfast with some eggs. :)) I am going to make some for my daughter in law tomorrow evening.

Update on Covid-19 and Melatonin in an 87 Year Old Who Survived!

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:07:45 -0700
Posted by Art (California) on 09/10/2020
5 out of 5 stars

This recent report (August 26,2020) of an 87 year old who was treated with HDM and treated early, survived with no complications!

Here is a link to the brief article:

Although it is just one case, 87 years old is a definite high risk case and he survived with High Dose Melatonin, along with vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C. Melatonin has shown synergy with these vitamins in recent studies. These four supplements are noted for having very good safety profiles and are all commonly available over the counter and are inexpensive. Simple, easy and effective and can be started earlier than the drugs being prescribed for Covid-19 in most cases.

This bodes well for the elderly!


Potato Poultice for Infected Cut

Fri, 11 Sep 20 06:06:23 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/10/2020
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter was running barefoot and cut the bottom of her foot. She didn't clean it and kept doing what she was doing. It didn't really bother her until the next day when she showed it to me. The site around the cut was red and inflamed and she was in pain.

Over the next few days I alternated different types of poultices, Epsom salt soaks and essential oils.

I used poultices overnight - charcoal one night, clay one night. I had her use tea tree essential oil and frankincense essential oil on it during the day. She also took turmeric twice a day.

The inflammation, redness and pain had improved, but when the results aren't coming as fast as I want, I change tactics. I decided to try a potato poultice. I have read about them with fascination but never tried them.

I grated some potato. I mixed in a little raw honey. I placed that on her foot and covered it with some plastic wrap and a bandage. I do think I saw the most improvement in one night with the potato poultice. She continued with the essential oils during the day a couple of more days.

She now has a healthy scab and normal color.

I love having another remedy up my sleeve (or in my pantry! )

You never know where you will be or what you will have on hand. Lots of possible remedies is always a plus.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: BHT

Thu, 10 Sep 20 18:13:34 -0700
Posted by Joseg (Ca) on 09/10/2020

I get the broken link too. Here is another site with the free book:

  It Might Be Dust Mites

Thu, 10 Sep 20 18:13:09 -0700
Posted by Sam (Hawaii) on 09/10/2020

I have had that thought too. Dust mites on steroids. However it could also be springtails, a soil creature that has enormous plasticity reproductive rates and actual size. Throw away all unneccessary paper or fabric items. Seal what you can (leather/canvas) with wax. Sulfur fog vehicles but its toxic so air out well. Washing is impossible because like the guinea worm they explode in population.

  Re: Food Grade Peroxide

Thu, 10 Sep 20 18:12:50 -0700
Posted by Tonya C (Ewa Beach, Hi) on 09/10/2020

How long did your mother take it before she saw results?

  Treatment for a Perianal Abscess

Thu, 10 Sep 20 11:14:46 -0700
Posted by Innocent Onyegbule (Nigeria) on 09/10/2020

I have a perianal abcess near my anus. I don't want an operation and I want to treat it naturally, also how can I get turmeric in Nigeria?

Cold, Face-First, Showers for Beautiful Skin Results

Thu, 10 Sep 20 11:12:40 -0700
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 09/10/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Cold, Face-First, Showers

For glowing skin, I would DEFINITELY say cold showers! Skin and hair. I noticed with the coconut oil vitamin C scrub, while the hot cloth over the face might dissolve some of the Vitamin C, slapping the COLD wet cloth on it is a whole other LEVEL of looking younger. I don't wear makeup or mess with my hair so I don't get a lot of mirror time and, before, whenever I'd catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I was all "YIKES! I'm OLD! " ROFL but NOW, since switching to cold showers and with the Vitamin C scrubbing I catch a glimpse of myself and think "Who's' that?!?! " because I look so much younger and fresher and...well...YOUNGER! So, now, I keep looking in the mirror, ROFL! To make sure it wasn't my imagination or it isn't "wearing off" or something. I call it the daily, rebooting baptism because that's what it feels like - a sort of energizing and spiritual wake-up call. And, of course, it turns out that's also what it LOOKS like, so, WIN/WIN!!

  Re: Plumbing Washer to Remove Bone Spur

Thu, 10 Sep 20 11:10:40 -0700
Posted by Heidi (Ottawa, Ontario) on 09/10/2020

Where did this idea come from? Has anyone else had success with it?