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 Re: 30 Years of IBS-D, Now Have New Symptoms

Sun, 14 Jan 18 16:05:24 -0800
Posted by Gert (Bama) on 01/14/2018

Cholestiramine binds with fats in your foods and transports them out with the waste. The label says that it can interfere with medications and absorbtion of fat-soluble vitamins. I would assume that any vitamin/mineral/nutrient that binds with fat would also be absorbed and eliminated. Try to take your supplements at least an hour before or 2 hours after taking cholestiramine. I, too, have ibs d and have a terrible time getting enough potassium & magnesium. Try soaking in epsom salts or applying magnesium oil. Lack of proper minerals can cause the symptoms that you have, but good luck getting a dr to address it. They are clueless.

 Knee Pain Only At Night

Sun, 14 Jan 18 16:02:30 -0800
Posted by Barbara (Aiken, South Carolina) on 01/14/2018


This may sound too simple, but I have grown suspicious that my pillowtop mattress is the culprit. It is several years old and there is a large dip on one side. I started having trouble with my left knee and hip after I bought this mattress. I have had sciatica in the past, so I know the sensations. The longer I stay in bed, the worse it gets. My thought is that I am now out of alignment and it is causing numbness, pain and discomfort. I don't believe in pharmaceuticals. I take homeopathic tinctures that help.

  Re: The Art Solbrig Psoriasis Protocol

Sun, 14 Jan 18 16:02:13 -0800
Posted by Becky (Ca) on 01/13/2018

To Art that is having success with Psoriasis.

I saw your post above. I have also read on Earth Clinic that it can be caused by Candida. Do you believe this to be true. I began having gut issues after repeat antibiotic for ear infections. That was 12 years ago. Now all my skin is changing to dry, thicker, darker. Is this what you experience?


Vitamin C, Vitamin B100 and Other Tips for Sinus Infection

Sun, 14 Jan 18 12:44:47 -0800
Posted by Psja (Mission, Tx) on 01/14/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Sinus infection

Yes, I have a burning nose problem too. I have been taking 3 Vitamin C pills and 3 Vitamin B100 pills daily. I always remember Jack LaLane, and he was surely right about advocating exercise and vitamins. Now I am experimenting with nasal lavage, and I found that cold solutions introduced into the nasal cavity can cause a bad reaction. I put my nose squirter in hot water to warm up the solution, and it seemed like it worked better, and less burning too!

Apple Cider Vinegar Hot Drink for Flu

Sun, 14 Jan 18 12:41:32 -0800
Posted by John McMann (Kentucky) on 01/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Here is tried and true, souther flu-kicking remedy. Drinking this when I first start to feel sick, kicks the virus out. If taken during cold or flu recovery, helps ease congestion and prevents cough.

8 oz of hot water, 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar, 1 jigger whiskey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 shakes of cayenne pepper. Stir and drink slowly. Enjoy.

Knee Pain Only At Night

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:55:28 -0800
Posted by Mary (Usa) on 01/12/2018

At night my knees are painful, but during the day my knees are perfect. It actually begins as soon as I get into bed. I had sciatica there are no knots in the butt region but it has left my knees very painful. I never take drugs, have used vinegar, castor oil packs, mag oil, the list goes on. I cannot figure what is going on?

I have not tried the DMSO, castor oil, and mag oil all at once and all over the lower portion of the body. I have tried DMSO and Castor oil, mag oil on knees only. It worked for a few hrs only and I was up putting more on.

I too fell, on a large pointed rock 2 yrs ago and landed right on my sciatic nerve.

Currently I am using mag oil+ CS wrapping knees in knee support bandages at night.

During the day, for 1 hour, I am using my old stand by PEMF machine. It has worked 3 nights now.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silver for Sinus Infection

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:53:18 -0800
Posted by D Taylor (Mississippi) on 01/14/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I have used Hydrogen Peroxide with Colloidal silver. I do a 50/50 mix and spray in the nose/nasal cavities.

  Re: Urine Therapy Side Effects

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:22:03 -0800
Posted by Dee (London, Uk) on 01/14/2018

Thank you!

Precisely because of heavy metal poisoning concerns I discontinued Amaroli after 2 years of use. Although I have to confirm improvement of skin appearance, sleep quality, mental clarity and not the least... :) it's a powerful aphrodisiac.

 Re: Brain Tumor, Neck and Back Pain From Car Accident

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:21:42 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 01/14/2018

S.B. maybe start with Castor oil rubs - gently - and clay poultices.

 Re: Question About Drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide 3% for Inhalation

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:21:15 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 01/14/2018

Yes Niko, you can use it for breathing but DILUTE it, start with once a day, and watch how you react.

30 Years of IBS-D, Now Have New Symptoms

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:20:47 -0800
Posted by Jeff (Atco, Nj) on 01/13/2018


Been a while since I posted but that was about my pup. Anyway, I am a 51yo male. I have had either IBS-D or possibly Celiac for many years, since I was around 20. I have been on a medicine called Cholestyramine (Questran) for helping with diarrhea. It use to help a lot but not so much in the past few years. Still if I was not taking it, I would not be able to work, I have it that bad. Anyway, in the past 2 years I have started having other issues. They are Muscle stiffness and muscle craps, especially after any exertion (i have my own construction buss). And after doing normal stuff I actually tore my calf muscle 2 months ago. I did nothing out of the norm that it should have happened. I felt my muscles in my calves getting stiff and slight aching pain and then pop in my left calf. Also have chronic canker sores, a little patch of eczema behind my left ear, bad short term memory loss. Cold feet. Probably a little more than occasional headaches. Very tired with normal sleep. Sometimes aching pains. Thats about what I can think of. I am overweight at 280 at 5' 10". 2 years ago I got off all gluten. I have tried just about everything you can think of to help my main condition from peppermint, to acidophilus to whatever else is out there. But my main concern right now is the newer symptoms in the last couple years. I had a blood test that showed the only thing that was low was my Vit D at 17. I have been taking a good Vit D3 supplement for the past 2 months but no improvement in symptoms. So I am wondering if anyone else out there has had symptoms like this. I have a strong suspicion that it is because of the Questran I am taking. I take it 3 times a day and have been taking it for 30 years. It has a binding agent to help bind bile salts and I know I have read some stuff on the net that although rare, it can deplete vitamins or minerals in the body. But as of yet I am unable to figure out what. I have taken Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium supplements along with a B complex and multi. Still no improvements. Just hoping someone else might have some suggestions.

  Re: The Art Solbrig Psoriasis Protocol

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:17:23 -0800
Posted by Jo (Ohio) on 01/13/2018

Thanks for your prompt response, Art!

I have been following the protocol for three days now (this is the fourth day). Have noticed a bit of a difference, but nothing specific enough to report. I do realize that it's too soon to objectively differentiate between my hope and actual physical change. Am trying to be SO very patient, but am excited about the possibility of finally having an effective method for elimination of these miserable eruptions.

Thank you for sharing such detailed information (plus all the research papers you must have had to read through! ) and for generously sharing your self-experimentation and your successful results!

Vitamin C + NAC + Homeopathy for Flu

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:16:21 -0800
Posted by Consult68 (Switzerland) on 01/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin C + NAC +Haemophilus influenza comp for Flu

We usually use a homeopathic spray to be rubbed in the skin (Spenglersan G = Haemophilus influenza comp) 3 x /day + 4-5 g Vitamin C (preferably Liposomal)/day and 500mg of N-AcetylCystein (alternatively 5 gloves of raw garlic), 2-3 Liters of purified water. Fluid, rest and proper sleep are essential for quick recovery.

Severe cases - can be accelerated by IV or rectal ozone + I.V. Vitamin C, Zinc and NAC.

Brain Tumor, Neck and Back Pain From Car Accident

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:14:24 -0800
Posted by Southern Belle (California) on 01/14/2018

Brain Tumor, Gerd, Neck & Back pain to name a few i'm drowning!

heyal, well I've had migraines since I was 12 yrs old, they would last weeks, 1 lasted 6 months, and they tend to over lap, one starts with blind spots, etc, then as soon as one lightens another one starts. well I'm in my mid 50's, getting 15 to 25 migraines a month. it took over 20 years to get a doctor to give me a mri to confirm what I felt all a long. They found a 1" on top middle brain tumor. They increased my imetrex to 100mg taken with zofran [only the desolving under tung helps] and 2 exedrin migraines tabs. This diag was done in March 2017.

May 1st, 2017 I was in a car accident hit from behind at a stop sign in my nissan rogue, by a ram truck with the dbl tires in back ..he actually was in my back seat! I'm in constant pain, neck & back, chiropractor exrays showed my neck bones are in the opposite direction and my back standing for short periods of time put me in tears. prior to accident I've been seeing these lights out of the corners of my eyes orange to white, eye doc says "I'm so sorry, I froze!, he said the you definately need glasses but your eyes are actually healthy", so it's the tumor!

My neuro resigned and was the only dr to help me go figure anyway he said it's a watch and wait, mri's to be done every 6 weeks. it's JAN I've had 2 last one in june, they're have been no treatments even tho eye dr confirmed that the tumor is actually causing problems. And they do nothing. To top it off I have Gerd so bad at times I'm using q-tips to wipe the film of off the inside of my nose, I've had cough 2 1/2 years, 3yrs, had 2 rotor cuff surgeries I had impingments I couldn't put on a bra could barely move, now with all that has happened I'm motionless on most parts if headaches don't get me down, the other ailments do. I've gained over 100lbs in past 10 or so years most in last 2yrs. I don't want to die like this I've had so many plans business, personal and I'm at a dead stop. I am looking for some relief in gerd, body pain, migraines, tmj, ADD, bi-polor depreasion but my hi's and lows no biggy I'm pretty much off my abilify since I now have involentary muscle movement in feet and fingers, didn't realize fingers until my dad stared at my hands and told me.

So where do I turn for everything? I need to get in better shape my one wish was for a gbaby and my son's fiance has 4 boys 1 just graduated and she's preg with valley fever in hospital still since nov 20, she didn't expect nor want but she's got my gbaby and a girl! I always wanted 4 kids couldn't do 1 birth so well so couldn't, and she's going to be with me sooo much, and I want to see her grow! So please tell me things to try, I get no where as far as treatments, I was just give bababenten for nerve pain 3x a day helps but falling asleep at the wheel wasn't something I saw coming, no warning on med label.

Tried the apple cider vinegar, was taking 100mg of gerd med started with p, taken off that put back on zantac, tumor, I need some serious advice!

please help!

 Re: Mother with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:10:45 -0800
Posted by Southern Belle (California) on 01/14/2018


My ex just passed away Nov 5 2017 of pancreatic cancer, a week before he passed they found the mass and cancer and dr said, as he wiped his forehead, "I am so sorry, there is no easy way to say this but it is cancer and unfortunately pancreatic cancer is rarely and I mean rarely diagnosed in the beginning, it's only caught at the end due to the fact that there are generally no symptoms until the end. the only thing we can do is make you as comfortable as possible"

Then he said that the entire medical staff was amazed that due to his toxicity levels that he was even coherent, most with half of the levels were in comas and they expected him to be in a coma "within a few days to a week", it blocks the liver and kidneys with fail, from the moment he called me to ask for advice nurse advice I already knew what it was, my friend passed away a few years before with pancreatic cancer. She barely made 3 months, my ex was admitted the 1st time on Sept 27 2017, they pumped his stomach gave him some medicine and sent him home, he died Nov 5, 2017. the hospital should of known, we could of had him for a little while longer!

You make them try everything if there's a chance for it to grant her more time! Good luck, god bless my prayers go out to her and her family & you!

Dirt Stained Skin, May Contain Pesticides, Any Ideas?

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:04:11 -0800
Posted by Diane C (California) on 01/14/2018

Last summer in California it was extremely HOT. Anyway I have a small ranch and wanted to make my property look nice as I was having company over. I got a large push broom and started working a dirt area pushing the dirt around as this makes the dirt looked tractor-ed. Makes the yard look neat. Anyway due to the extreme heat I didn't wear socks and I also rolled my jeans up as I was very hot. Well the dirt hit my feet and lower legs and stained them a medium to dark stain.

I have scrubbed some stain out and my skin turns white again only it's difficult to get off! After creaming my skin I can roll dirt off my skin like crud? Anyone know why the dirt stained my skin like this and what can I use to clean it off my skin? The dirt seems to have entered my pores? I thought it might be a medical problem but I'm not sure? One of my dogs got skin irritation lying in the dirt. I think it has pesticides from farming use in the past. I've had blood test taken recently and I was fine. I haven't gone to the doctor due to bad flu's in the area.

Seeking ACV in Rwanda

Sun, 14 Jan 18 10:59:09 -0800
Posted by Sylvestre (Kugali, Rwanda) on 01/13/2018

I would like to know where can I buy Apple Cider Vinegar in Rwanda?

Question About Drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide 3% for Inhalation

Sun, 14 Jan 18 10:46:29 -0800
Posted by Niko (Slovenia) on 01/14/2018

Dear Sir,

I have a question related to hydrogen peroxid 3%. I was poisoned with dangerous antibiotics(flurpquinolones) that cause a severe neuropathy in my head and legs, terrible burning and pain I'm dealing with now for almost 20 months.

In last week my symptoms of heavy breathing and burning in chest start occuring.

It is very difficult to breather and I can't use inhalers like ventolin or steorid inhalers cause people who suffer from my condition can only be treated with natural remedies.

I'm 30 year old male, living in Slovenia(Europe) and I saw that people who have asthma symptoms use hydrogen peroxid 3% to help with the condition.

Now, I tried to order via Amazon food grade hydrogen peroxid but it doesn't ship in my country.

I was wondering, can I use the "normal" hydrogen peroxid 3%, the one that is not food grade? I'm going to drug store tomorrow and I'll ask for it but when I searched on internet for my local drug store, they are saying this type of hydrogen peroxid is only for external use. So I'm very confused, is it ok to use that one.

I Would really need advice, as I'm suffering a lot.

Thank you in advance,


Rubbing Alcohol for Burn

Sun, 14 Jan 18 10:44:28 -0800
Posted by Hs (Fl) on 01/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Boiling water on my thumb, first-degree burn. First ice, then tried the aluminum foil cure for the pain but it ended up holding in the heat instead of drawing it out. Then got rubbing alcohol and dabbed the area gently. When the pain returned I dab it again. Eventually (about 45 minutes later) the pain was totally gone and never returned. The next day I have a blister, so now I'm figuring out how to keep it healthy... But zero pain!

  Re: False Ringworm

Sun, 14 Jan 18 10:40:26 -0800
Posted by Southern Belle (California) on 01/14/2018

omg I feel ya, I had this blister big one, size tip of pinky about 1/8th of an inch deep, itched like crazy! Went to dr oooh for months, same thing over and over athletes foot, well, finally my mom took me to my aunts office a dr's office yeaaah!, well by this time I had blisters on both feet and it moved up to my hands, he said now tell me if this hurts and I'll stop but I need to scrape these for a culture ....ooooo I was in awwwhh, asking please don't stop! He laughed we waited in the office and he came back within minutes and said I've never seen fungus grow this fast it was white and spreading up the sides of the vile! In minutes!!! Diagnosis? well fungal infection that started due to living on a yaht and carpets get wet, dry, wet, damp, dry etc!

It took me 3 days shy of 1 year to get rid of it and to this day 30yrs later I still get these tiny blisters on the sides of my fingers, what was horrible is that these blisters where coming from inside out you could see them bubbling out of the little hole's eeww like beach clams!, and I now am allergic to all antibiotics except septra, I didn't care I took the last bottle of antifungal pills, that was their last attempt, what happened to add to it I had an allergic reaction to the infection which caused another, add-on which I had a severe allergic reaction on top of it was 3 high of reactions, my feet turned black! And I now have a ring worm ...which is a fungal infection and am terrified that it's turning into the same thing.

and to add to curiosity, my son's fiance is pregnant and the resulting hormones caused valley fever to surface, they induced coma, it went from one lung to another, in days I made her go to hospital, I knew she had pneumonia, when she said her chest hurt, she's been from one hospital then flown by chopper to stanford, last few days is first time, she's eaten, walked few steps at a time but it's a deadly disease most go unnoticed but she was litterally dying and its got a 60% death rate in AZ. in previous studies 1 year there was approx 2,200 cases, in the following year 22,000+ cases!

so I'm wondering if there is any relation tho is said not to cross or jump but the ringworm I got omg I've never seen chit like that but her kids have had it a few times, and think possibly I got it from their house. I actually was freaked out for days thinking it was an actual bug under my skin, theres my phobia BUGS! I've had bleach bath's doc said don't use this cream for more than 5 more days! So I didn't and the bottoms of my feet look like wax paper and then that itch if I had a black'n decker i'd be on high speed with one! Lol, but now ...omg this on top of everything else ...just ducky! I am in love with this site I've been reading for hours!

bleach and I'm making list of other remedies! Thanks!!