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  Re: Search Engine Results for COVID-19

Mon, 22 Jun 20 18:17:02 -0700
Posted by Diana (B.c.) on 06/22/2020

I did type in 347 new cases just for fun (no mention of Covid-19) and it is amazing how many places have 347 new cases.

Curiouser and curiouser ... both Alberta (province) and BC (province) announced 32 new cases and 1 death today.

I guess everyone is reading from the same script ...

  Vitamin D levels in Covid-19 patients

Mon, 22 Jun 20 17:17:58 -0700
Posted by Diana (Bc) on 06/22/2020
5 out of 5 stars

For those who still need an incentive to take Vitamin D for Covid-19, here is an interesting article from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service – “How we can fix this pandemic in a month” .. .

I'm increasing my Vitamin D (via supplements) as well as taking complementary K2 and magnesium.

And in today's newsletter, Dr. Mercola mentioned just how important it is to get your Vitamin D levels up this summer (“The Most Important Paper Dr. Mercola Has Ever Written”).

Don't wait for your doctor's approval or double-blind tests. Take control of your health – especially with all of the predictions (well, threats really) of the double whammy of flu and a second wave of Covid-19 this autumn.

Hmmm, what did we talk about before the coronavirus? I can't remember any more.

  Re: Rhubarb

Mon, 22 Jun 20 16:54:00 -0700
Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/22/2020

ANON,,,,,,,,,,, ORH here, I failed at trying to raise rhubarb. You know I's SJS and do everything about half ass. Have some 25 cherry tomato plants that are Organic and heirloom and cut a deal with the market down the road. What folks need to understand is that the LORD is an amazing fellow. We are setting aside beds that the Main Man raises..... unbelievable. Tractor Driver does the flowers for the church but we have set aside a bed they come up on it's on. All she does is to pick the flowers. We have a dill, and cherry tomato bed that the come up every year on their own. This year I let our collards go to seed and put them in a raised bed. We will have greens this winter and it all just happened. We have potatoes the we did not plant. We just left them in the ground. There is a man the looks over us and If you think not, then your I Q is 75. If your IQ is 150 then you think you are he. My IQ is 129 and that is high enough to know that I's smart but low enough to know that there are folks lots smartern me. I love being where I am because I know I have to work for what I get. Wearing all out with my tales, so will close. ====ORH====

Re: Rhubarb

Mon, 22 Jun 20 14:49:04 -0700
Posted by Anon Not Canada (Not Canada) on 06/22/2020

❤ORH❤!! Does your tractor driver have a recipe for rhubarb?

Re: Search Engine Results for COVID-19

Mon, 22 Jun 20 14:48:51 -0700
Posted by Robert (Ca) on 06/22/2020

This was "unsettling" to say the least.

Please try this experiment before it's no longer accessible.

Type in your search bar any 3-numbers followed by "new cases", (without the quote marks).

Example & random selection:

347 new cases

 Re: Acupressure on Neck Caused Facial Numbness

Mon, 22 Jun 20 12:26:42 -0700
Posted by Jb (NY) on 06/22/2020

Sounds like it might be a nerve issue, which can cause numbness all up and down the nerve area. I like Art's idea of ice and another thing to try might be at home (DIY) myofascial release going in really softly. Or lymphatic release, which are butterfly light strokes because lymphs are right at the surface.

I've also heard of numbness being caused by heavy metals stored in the tissues. So for remedies, you might try activated charcoal.

Best of luck! Let us know how you fare.

Fast Hair Growth

Mon, 22 Jun 20 12:20:19 -0700
Posted by Bee (Tampa, Florida) on 06/22/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I've had a few bad haircuts in my lifetime, and it sucks having to wait for my hair to grow. I started taking a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses daily because I heard it was good for preventing anemia (my iron is often low). The first thing I noticed was my finger nails got hard and long within a couple weeks.

Next, I noticed my hair getting super long rather quickly. I went from shoulder length hair to hair down to my lower back in only 6 months. My hair had never grown that quickly previously. To this day I still take the molasses 3x a week but I am going back to taking it daily because I recently got another bad haircut. lol

 Re: Tooth Root Infection and Abscess

Mon, 22 Jun 20 12:19:27 -0700
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/22/2020

SUNNY, ORH here, read the EC archives and the guy who told me what to do was Bill. He said to use turpentine. I have gotten several friends to do this and all were relieved. Most of the answers are in EC archives but you have to get off your fanny and do a little mental work. Know that gives most heart burn because they want a gimme. "Mamma, I'm through...... come clean me." Been down that trail with a grandson. You will not get potty trained if your MOMMA sleeps until noon. You will not solve your health problems without research. Bill was the first one I know who said to use turpentine. Now, it is the rage for all kinds of ails these days. You smartern most because you have worked at it. So I'll give you a pass. You 'bout half-assed me. Here is my advice...... ask Bill.


  MSM and other Supplements for Frozen Shoulder

Mon, 22 Jun 20 12:18:57 -0700
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile , Tn) on 06/22/2020

CYNTHIA,,,,,,,,, ORH here,,,,,,, yep, it works on million dollar horses and will work on you. Posted many times that MSM is from reacting DMSO and H2O2. MSM can be taken internally or used transdermally with DMSO to drive it into yo bod. Suggest all read Dr Jacobs book on both DMSO and MSM. Worked at the farm this morning and our fruit is now breaking our pear and apple tree limbs because of the abundance of fruit. Think the Lord is getting us ready for the hard times that are coming. Just saying.


 Re: Tooth Root Infection and Abscess - Tried Everything, Please Help

Mon, 22 Jun 20 12:18:29 -0700
Posted by Anon Not Canada (Not Canada) on 06/22/2020

Hi Sunny :)

How about increased iodine, Vit D, Vit C, zinc, magnesium, iron etc to help rebuild the tooth?

You might try other brands of colloidal silver etc in case your product failed due to it being fake.

Improving your immune system may help. Echinacea, ginseng, CBD oil, black seed oil... Vit E. Vit C. No sugar. Massage to clear lymph nodes.

Grapefruit seed extract, wild oregano oil, olive leaf are antibacterial.

I know someone who had pain in the side of his face. When his tooth was recrowned the new dentist discovered a small piece of metal beneath the old crown presumably left by the other dentist. The metal was removed and he has had no pain since.

Good luck!

 Re: Acupressure on Neck Caused Facial Numbness

Mon, 22 Jun 20 12:17:58 -0700
Posted by Anon Not Canada (Not Canada) on 06/22/2020

Hi Art! That's a good idea :) I will let you know how it goes :)

 Re: Tooth Root Infection and Abscess

Mon, 22 Jun 20 10:11:19 -0700
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/22/2020

Have you tried the product called GSE maximum with...Citricidal and also Ted talked about threonine not theonine for dental health. I bought a bag online. I can say I fought like a warrior but I need an act of God now. Gut health is the key and your thoughts can take any enemy captive. Blessings, Charity

MSM and other Supplements for Frozen Shoulder

Mon, 22 Jun 20 10:10:11 -0700
Posted by Cynthia (Madison, Wi) on 06/22/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Here is how I cured my frozen shoulder. I first developed a frozen shoulder in the summer of 2019. I tried everything I could think of, including stretching, exercise, supplements, etc. I suffered increasing pain for several months. But it wasn't until I did the following that I gained relief:

1) I began to take MSM powder, one heaping tablespoon in the morning with water.

2) I used a 50 percent DSMO solution and applied it to my shoulder a few times.3) I added a good Omega 3 fish oil capsule to my daily supplements.

3) I added an Omega 3 fish oil capsule to my daily supplements.

4) I took tumeric capsule once a day.

Within two weeks, all of my frozen shoulder pain was gone! The DMSO helped a lot, but the main thing that really made a difference was the MSM powder. In fact, the frozen pain started after I stopped taking MSM powder. It wasn't until I remembered months later that I had used the MSM powder until I began to travel and then simply stopped taking it.

I also cut the sugar and fat in my diet considerably.

Give the MSM a week or two to see results. If you've never taken MSM powder, begin by taking 1 teaspoon a day the work up to a tablespoon. Some people require more MSM to get the results they seek.

I hope this helps someone who is struggling with Frozen Shoulder. I am so grateful for the MSM and the other supplements I've outlined above -- I can hardly believe that I once suffered as much pain as I did in my shoulder.

 Re: Acupressure on Neck Caused Facial Numbness

Mon, 22 Jun 20 07:02:58 -0700
Posted by Art (California) on 06/21/2020

Anon Not Canada,

Just wondering if you have tried icing your neck for a few days in a row with a good quality soft and pliable ice pack to try and determine if there is inflammation in your neck which may be causing pressure on a nerve or two?


Tooth Root Infection and Abscess - Tried Everything, Please Help

Mon, 22 Jun 20 07:02:26 -0700
Posted by Sunny (Palo Alto, Ca) on 06/21/2020

I have infection at the root of bottom molar, which has turned into an abscess.

This has gone on for 2 years. I have Dental plan but want to avoid the prescribed root canal.

I have tried, oil pulling, garlic, clay, charcoal, goldenseal, tea tree oil, oregano oil, MMS, Colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, tea bags, alpha lipoic acid, wheatgrass powder among other things

The problem gets about 50% cured, ie. no pain in tooth, I can eat, but the gum has a bump on it and is painful and tender.

I am adamant to cure it like others have without a root canal but quality of life over last 2 years has been impacted. Please help.

  Lemon Skin Soaked in Vinegar and Castor Oil for Xanthelma Polyps

Mon, 22 Jun 20 06:58:03 -0700
Posted by Vadika (India) on 06/22/2020

I am also trying the same remedy since 5 days. What difference did you find in your xanthelasma?

  Re: Borax Cures and Health Benefits

Mon, 22 Jun 20 06:57:46 -0700
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 06/22/2020

I wouldn't take a "boron supplement" because it's a trace mineral and everywhere - except, apparently, in modern foods. A capsule or pill could contain just about anything as long as it has some boron in it. And the liquid supplements could be anything or even just spring water. If you want to take a pill or dispense from a dropper bottle, make your own. That way you know exactly what's in it. Aside from whatever might be in the material used to make the capsule.

  Re: Onion Pulp Remedy for Alopecia

Mon, 22 Jun 20 06:57:23 -0700
Posted by Nan (Oh) on 06/22/2020

Can you make up a big batch and store it in the refrigerator? How long will it keep?

Also, is there any commercial product that has the same beneficial ingredient? Thanks.

  Re: Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss (Esp. in Women)

Mon, 22 Jun 20 06:56:46 -0700
Posted by Nan (Oh) on 06/22/2020

How much blackstrap molasses should I take every day? Thanks.

  Re: Removing Fluoride from Water

Mon, 22 Jun 20 06:54:37 -0700
Posted by Stan (Australia - South) on 06/22/2020

You can also consider not Reverse osmosis, but a water distiller which costs around 100 to 500. Get a water distiller with a glass jug and a carbon filter element built into the distiller (OR get a water bottle/jug with a built in carbon filter and run it through the filter before drinking it).

Since sodium fluoride has a high boiling point, you're not likely to get any fluoride in the distilled water, but if you want to be sure, combine distilled water with borax and you've got yourself fluoride free water. Borax info below: A little late, but consider Borax (around 300 mg but not more than 1100mg) per 1 litre of water or a pinch per cup of water to remove fluoride from your body and the water itself.

Make sure the seller is reputable and trustworthy (use your intuition/common sense) and is at least 99.9 percent pure with the word "authentic" in the product labeling (I found eBay to work well as it's not publicly sold in shops where I'm located anymore) as there is such thing as synthetic borax which is harmful to you. Real borax comes from the mediterranean in Turkey and is around 25 for 1 kg.

On a side note: sodium fluoride is the nasty stuff whilst calcium fluoride is the good fluoride found in nature,

Also, grounding yourself (it's especially good for people who live in emf covered areas of harmful 5g, 4g, wifi 2.4 or 5Ghz, etc. Consider lowering the output TX/mW of your wireless router to low setting or around 7 to 50mW (experiment with what's comfortable with you) and switch off the 2.4 Ghz band if you can (at the cost of reduced range). If it's a router only and you can't adjust the output power then consider open-source such as dd-wrt firmware) and 100% essential oils does wonders for your health.

Search it on duckduckgo (uncensored search engine) and learn more. Emf sensitivity is also called "microwave sickness" and it's very real.