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MRSA Remedies

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:42:03 -0800
Posted by Shalom (San Francisco) on 11/20/2018
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* 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (in a spritz bottle)

* Nano Silver Gel

* Antibiotic Cream

* Colloidal Silver Soap

* Baking Soda

* Activated Charcoal Capsals

* Coconut Oil

* Manuka Honey

* Silver Dressing / Bandage

* Cool Mist Vaporizer

DIRECTIONS: Use at least 3 times daily, morning and evening especially, prior to washing or showering affected area:


Stand in shower:

1) Generously spritz MRSA area with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide ("HP") rubbing it into site.

2) Let HP sit and bubble on MRSA site until almost dry.*

3) Take a small towel and vigorously rub MRSA site gently scrubbing old flaky skin off.*

4) Start shower or wash.

5) Use Colloidal Silver Soap and begin washing area.

a. Use a second Colloidal Silver Soap or silver gel soap and wash for non-MRSA areas all over.

b. Scrub and polish with baking soda.

c. Rinse off. Exit shower.

6) Take 1 clean towel pat dry MRSA site.

7) Spritz site with HP - rub and scrub MRSA area with towel again, gently exfoliating flaky skin, til dry.

8) Take a 2nd clean towel and pat dry non-MRSA sites.

9) Take Nano Silver Gel (Collodial Silver Gel) and Antibiotic Cream (combine) and rub all over MRSA site.

10) Cover with a (silver or manuka honey) dressing or air dry as needed.

11) Take 1 or 2 Activated Charcoal Capsals before bed

12) If necessary, add a 2 -3 capfuls of HP to Cool Mist Vaporizer and breath in as long as needed or comfortable before bedtime.

I read or work on computer and have my Vaporizer right near my face and nostrils breathing in HP vapors before. I do this for about 15 min to 1 hr. It adds oxygen to the system.


*This often stings (but not as bad as MRSA). As site cures, stinging will subside. Keep repeating at least 3 times a day as a routine prior to washing and showering. The flaky skin must be removed to not allow MRSA crevices to continue growing and expanding in them. Only use towel once.

Wash in bleach. Keep lots of clean towels on hand for this routine multiple times daily.

Ideally have one towel for MRSA site and a second for non-MRSA site. Do not use MRSA towel on non-MRSA affected areas.

Toss MRSA towels directly into washer with bleach. DO NOT let it touch other surfaces or your skin. Treat it like it has MRSA cooties (cause it does) and it is only fit for the bleach and soap filled washing machine.

All of the ingredients can be bought at Health Food stores like:,,,,,,, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Not affiliated with any of the vendors or makers mentioned here. This is for educational purposes only. This is not medical advice. For medical advice, consult with your Natural Health Doctor or primary care physician.

BHT and Hepatitis B

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:39:35 -0800
Posted by Phoday (Freetown) on 11/19/2018
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Hello to all EarthClinic.

I was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2013 but my doctor always told me I NOT a good candidate to be placed on treatment most likely my body will easily cleared the virus for itself. I was in this condition till 2015 doing my regular every six month liver function test when the result gave a little high increase in ALT and AST, at that time the Doctor decided to put me on tenofovir for three months treatments to help bring the AST and ALT to normal. I was on this treatment when I came cross earthclinic websit through several research on where to have a possible cure of this virus. 2015 I discovered EarthClinic and the BHT treatment while on my third month of Tenofovir after I complete the three months treatment of Tenofovir I went again for another liver Function test the result shown no much different in level on the AST and ALT from normal level, this means they were still a little higher from normal.

After a month different I decided to start the BHT treatment within four months on BHT, when I went for another liver test, this time I got a very good liver test result which shown a normal level on ALT and AST l. I was on BHT a through 2015 to 2016 and 2017. My first doctor Had to leave, he was an India doctor, he left in 20017. but I was still on my BHT treatment, later on I had to contact another Doctor for another Liver Function Test and also to see my Hepatitis B status with BHT this test proved very well after taking BHT for almost 11 months just it alone. the Doctor asked me to stop taking if I was on any drug for Hepatitis B because I don't currently have any active a Hepatitis B in my blood. I should only be repeating my normal Liver function test this happen ending of 2017 at that time I have to stop since I was not experiencing any difficulties with me as use to be and the BHT quantity was almost finished.

After like five month went for another liver function test which also shows a good result and my urine was also very cleared in color. So I was in this state with no troubles until 16 October this year when start felling some fever so I went to see another Doctor since I was unable to access my old Doctor and explained to him my problem so he ordered me for Hepatitis B, Liver Function Test, Malaria and Typhoid. When the result came out I had AST 118 and ALT 91 which both shows high.

Hepatitis B Virus Profile:

Hepatitis B Surface antigen Reactive

Hepatitis B Surface antibody Non Reactive

Hepatitis B Core Igm Non Reactive

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Reactive

Hepatitis B Surface Envelop Antigen Non Reactive

Hepatitis B e antibody Reactive.

In this condition I'm also experiencing difficult in breathing weak body. So the Doctor also asked to do and Ultrasound that is liver scan, the liver shows that my liver is in good state but my New Doctor decided to admitted for three days for the difficult in breathing I was experiencing and also put me on tonoforvir and another drug call LIVERIL contains milk thistle and sylirum . I was discharged after three days when my difficult breathing problem was resolved. Presently I'm taking the Tenofovir treatment and the LIVERIL treatment I have been in this almost three weeks now. Since then I have also been experiencing some abdominal pain though not severe and also experiencing heaviness on my leg when walking or standing. I have placed an order for BHT which I'm expecting to have before end of week so that I can go back to my old BHT treatment. My serious challenge now is the heaviness on my legs and feets, this why I also wish to have the BHT treatment see if it can take care of this heaviness. I will appreciation for any advice on the various drugs and other treatment that can help to clear this condition, I'm really a little bit worry for my present health condition. Thank you all

Importance of Creosote Sweeping Log to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Fireplaces

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:37:02 -0800
Posted by Kt (Usa) on 11/19/2018
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Dear EC, I wanted to post a warning to those who use wood stoves about the importance of using a Creosote Sweeping Log. I usually burn one about every couple of months and at the end of the season. Last year the weather got so nice so fast I failed to do that.

When we first started using the wood stove again I knew I needed to use the CSL early this year but I kept putting it off until I just forgot. Yesterday I started getting this headache and had a hard time keeping the fire going in the wood stove. It just never dawned on me about the chimney clogging and carbon monoxide until last night. Then I remembered I neglected the CSL.

I slept with my window cracked and and told my husband to do the same thing. This morning when I went downstairs the fire he had started was burning at a slow pace so I advised him to let it burn down to coals as I needed to burn the CSL and turned our thermostat back so it would stop circulating the toxic air. I cracked our kitchen window, which is on the second floor after I stood outside taking some deep breaths. It seems better in the house now but cold. We have some small heaters to use in each room.

We clean our stove every year and our chimney has a liner due to a previous chimney fire. Burning the CSL logs have worked fine every year since our fire. I just neglected to do that at the end of last season and wanted to give a "heads-up" about it.


Infection Caused AFIB - Garlic Cured It

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:22:02 -0800
Posted by Don (Michigan) on 11/22/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Infection Causing AFIB.

I have been overseeing the care of a dying parent the last 6 months.

Anxiety, hospitals, caregivers not doing their jobs and zero communication between shift changes, etc.Those of who have gone through this know exactly what I mean. I would go all day on black coffee then get home and gobble down food so fast it would sometimes get stuck in my food pipe, which is ironic because I am a notoriously slow eater. It was all natural foods, mainly cashews, almond, seeds, squash, apples, etc. I had been suffering from mild diverticulitis and a small hiatal hernia for several weeks with pain in left abdomen and just below center ribs.

The last few weeks had been having mild tachycardia episodes of 115 - 130, skipping and fluttering which I attributed strictly to anxiety. You should also know that my normal resting heart rate is 45 - 55 with no standing dizzy or any negative symptoms, just normal.

One evening I came home and gobbled down spaghetti squash, fried onions and a raw jalapano pepper. The pepper had been frozen for about a year and I usually boil them in soup. When I ate this one raw I did notice the seeds and inside were all black but I gobbled it down anyway. About an hour later I developed severe pains in those two areas and was sweating and my forehead was hot. The pains would travel as stinging lines up through my chest, shoulders and neck. I tried my usual raw horseradish for gut problems but it did not work. I suffered through the fever, pain and tachycardia for several days. My resting heart rate was now continuous at 115 -130. I was having drenching night sweats.

I tried all the natural antibacterials like pau d arco, olive leaf, oregano oil, tea tree, etc etc. Then I ate some raw garlic slices and almost instantly all symptoms reduced dramatically. I could feel the garlic working. After 3 days of eating 4-5 cloves of garlic a day I woke up with my head cool, no pains and absolutely NO AFIB. That was 3 weeks ago and my heart rate has been rock steady every since. And my entire gut feels natural.

FINDINGS: I believe I had been suffering from mild bacterial diverticulitis and inflamed/infected hiatal hernia for some time. Also I think the raw jalapeno pepper was contaminated with salmonella or some other pathogen. I believe my AFIB had nothing to do with diet or anxiety, but strictly from a pathogen infection.



The correct treatment will react immediately.

  Re: What is the Healthiest Water Supply?

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:18:48 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 11/20/2018

Hello Denise,

I am responding because I agonized for years over the same concern. I eventually found shower filters (US made) that filter chlorine and fluoride. Did you know there is 100% fluoride absorption in delicate skin areas such as scrotum, eyelids? These were $135 AU each. And a one litre jug for the kitchen that filters chlorine and fluoride. The filter is very fiddly with many different parts but that's how it is. It is a plastic jug because glass in this instance is just not practical for me (breakage). Cost about $180 AU. Doesn't hold much so I put the filtered water in a 5 litre glass pitcher with shungite stones, to keep mineralised. Use for cooking too. At work our 'filtered' water only reduces chlorine, I got an empty dropper bottle, filled approx 1/3 each borax (fluoride, fungus), sodium thiosulfate (chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals) and unrefined salt Himalayan, for minerals. Filled with my filtered (! ) water and add one drop to normal mug size fluoridated and chlorinamined water and 2-3 drops for 400 ml bottle. This is my personal solution from extensive reading, knowing the importance of removing such toxins, and gives my mind peace. Best to yours.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Large Pores

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:17:27 -0800
Posted by Metta (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 11/22/2018

I'm having quite the same problem. While some comment shows that applying ACV as toner can help shrink pores, mine is the contrary, the skin pores look so large n clearly shown. Is there anything wrong in the way I apply it? I diluted 1tsb with 2tsb water n apply using cotton ball :(, tq

  Re: What is the Healthiest Water Supply?

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:16:29 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/22/2018

Mtm, and I always appreciate your generosity of spirit in sharing with all of us your vast experience!

Multiple Remedies and Important Dietary Changes for COPD

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:16:02 -0800
Posted by Wayne A (Louisiana) on 11/20/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Dealing (and living) with COPD

First, let me clarify. I was a smoker for many years and was diagnosed with emphysema. I am stubborn when it comes to NOT accepting that I cannot fix what is broken, especially my body. After reading the article on Bill Munro and hydrogen peroxide inhalation, I decided I would try it. If it worked fore him, should work for me, right?

Well, I experienced some relief but not what I expected. I went though a period of less stress on breathing. It felt as tho the method was working.

Then after a month or so, I had a terrible infection to the point I thought it was the end. I quickly went for my albuterol because I know after the treatments my lungs open up. Then, after much site hopping looking for suggestions, I learned about L-Glutathione. I suggest you google it and read all you can because its one of the most important proteins in your body (cells). I made several appointments with a holistic Dr. but was never able to keep the appointments because of the distance from me and work schedules.

Anyway, I was able to find it on the net, ordered, and nebulize with one tea-spoon of distilled water per capsule L-Glutathione.

Miraculously, this treatment seemed to giving me the relief I was looking for. Then, I after 1 month, my lungs became infected again (exsaperations, I believe its called.) Anyway, I was fine then became sick again. So, what caused the infections?

I came to learn SUGAR (which is one of my weaknesses )is an infectant. I eat chocolate chip cookies like there's no tomorrow, bad habits are hard to stop. So, I made up my mind, no more sugar.. I must add I walk bout 5 miles a day vigorously. It helps tremendously. I also have a work out program which I use to fit my schedule. I need to do this to keep my mind off cigs. It helps as I haven't touched one in years .If you smoke, Stop. It's that simple, which is not simple, I might add. But I had to convince myself I would die way too soon if I didn't. Now, my next huge hurdle is Sugar....cross your fingers. Thanks for may help you.

  Re: Distilled Water Myths

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:08:55 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/21/2018

JAY,,,,,,,, you gave sound advice because your body does tell you things. However, some magnesium compounds cause more bowel problems than others. Took me several years to appreciate that and the reason I take the particular magnesium that I do.

We all know from our youth that milk of magnesium is a laxative. But regardless, magnesium helps keep your heart rhythm right, etc., etc.

Robert Young was just sentenced to 3 years in prison and has to pay 105 million for trying to help a cancer patient. He is the pH Miracle Guy of years ago. I have his book and think he is right on, except he messed with Big Medicine.

Yesterday, I had an Alpha Lipoic Acid IV for my peripheral neuropathy and in the room was a missionary that the Aliphatic MD's had burned up with Chemo. His was a sad story, but he was just thankful to have found an integrative doctor that would help him.

When I have a serious medical procedure, my doctor always ask if he can pray with me. Are you kidding? I will accept that help for certain.

Friends and neighbors, my integrative doctor only gets people that are in their last days after their immune system is shot and their regular doctor tells them to go home and get their paper work in order.

He is a God fearing man. We need more.

ATS ====ORH====

Milk Thistle for Fifth Disease

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:08:01 -0800
Posted by Jean (Ky) on 11/18/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I acquired 5th disease as an adult. It causes alarming arthritis-like symptoms. It hit my hands. They were swollen and painful. My doctor did a blood work-up and my liver levels were very high. It did subside with a little time and milk thistle. I was told it stays in your system and can return, sort of like chicken pox coming back as shingles. It was scary.

  Re: Horse Chestnut and Pine Bark for Circulation

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:05:22 -0800
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 11/19/2018

sorry it took me 2 years to reply to you Rob't Henry 'the red neck' lol, my x bf in VA (i know, not really redneckville, but don't tell them that) would ask if you were a light skinned redneck. He was the only red neck I loved since he could take my NYC sarcasm. ;-) Now that was easy... peasy. :-D

  Re: Niacin, Vit C and Red Pumpkin for Schizophrenia

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:04:10 -0800
Posted by Pradeep (India ) on 11/17/2018

Schizophrenia - pls help - where are we going wrong with Niacin and VIT C

A cousin of mine based in India has been on schizophrenia medication Benzyzine last 25 years and made a miraculous recovery. Now last 18 months she has reduced her medication on her own and is on 1/4 so the symptoms have returned in a passive manner - she does no work and is not productive. I read all of Dr Hoffer's books and we tried introducing small particles around 10-20 gms in her food and drink (she catches any higher quantity). Niacin B3 did not help - he complains of rise in BP; Niacinamide did not help - she was unable to sleep - We are now trying Inositol Hexaniacinate.

With VIT C she complains of high BP

Where are we going wrong? I am seeing a LOT of Copper related issues in schizophrenia.

The above subject has grey hair and hence it looks like he has both copper toxicity and copper biounavailabilty and imbalance

Niacin B3 is NOT working and I know it will work but we are not doing something right

Could someone please help? thanks in advance

  Re: Blackstrap Molasses for Fibroids

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:02:37 -0800
Posted by Payal (California) on 11/17/2018

hi friends payal here - I am reporting changes with BSM - I have written 2-3 posts here so pls read ALL of them before y ask questions

here is more info to help you and its a lot of info so read and make notes - pls read my other BSM notes as well - if you find this useful pls post this to social media to help other women since I am not on any and don't have time for that. Spread the word so that we can get more feedback.




Because this indicates that the remedy has been able to reduce estrogen and increase progesterone - which is the only way to reduce the blood flow and shrink the tumour

EASY STEPS to reduce Fibroids :

1.You must stop all diary, meat - fish and eggs is ok I think

2.I cannot live without milk yoghurt ghee - so I continued with youghurt, ghee but stopped milk - MILK is the biggest culprit in fibroids - was on Organic milk for 10 years and it is one of the main causes of fibroids. I use powdered milk from INDIA - I cannot recommend any milk powder in USA because all of them come from the same source or are hydrolysed - the INDIAN MILK POWDER NAME IS AMULYA from AMUL.

3.Eat Simple meals - don't go hungry but eat simple means eg I eat rice, dal, vegetables, oats. Pls add to this sensibly

WHY YOU NEED TO EAT SIMPLE - becoz otherwise you will not know what changes the BSM is making to your body and if it is shrinking your fibroid.

If you eat lots of healthy greens, lentils, sprouts, nuts, fresh salads, fruits, veggies ALL GOOD - continue

Restrict or use sugar substitutes - I use jaggery instead of white sugar that's all

Stay away from sugary drinks, heavy fried food.


1.I have Fibroids last 8 years very very large ones 6-7 of them

2.I had very very heavy periods - flooding but it lasted 1.5-2 days but it was still BAD

My first first step is to find something that reduces the heavy flow - that is the step in the correct direction

I tried everything from juicing, greens, wheatgrass, to turmeric beets carrots ginger smoothies, castor oil packs - NOTHING SHRUNK THE FIBROID. Except carrot juice NOTHIGN REDUCED THE BLOOD FLOW - THIS SHOWS THAT THE ROOT CAUSE HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.


1.I used Aunt Patty's unsulphured molasses 4weeks back - I saw results within 24-48 hours

2.It reduced the blood flow completely

to your questions - I take it on and before and during my periods - YES YES YES YES YES

Because that's how you test if BSM is working for you

When your periods start, take 1 spoon BSM with warm water.


1.Pls take Calcium Magnesium Zinc tablets 2 tablets with the BSM - why? because BSM contains around less 1 mgcopper & u need ZINC 2 tablets = 20 mg to maintain zinc : copper ratio in the body which is approx 15 : 1 (15 zinc and 1 copper)

I take Kirkland tablets from Costco

why should we take calcium magnesium


But all these are minerals and ratio has to be correct, when something is more something else is impacted so to be safe take 1 tablet of the above. You could take just zinc but I am NOT sure.

1A. High iron in BSM can lead to constipation - Solution : Take any laxative along with it or eat 4 fruits and drink lot of liquids to prevent constipation OR take Tripahala 2-3 tablets

Triphala is an indian ayurvedic remedy to treat constipation

1B. THE BSM is powerful, it removes excess ESTROGEN and it also REMOVES copper TOXICITY from the blood - SO YOU MUST SUPPORT THE LIVER

Pls take beetroot juice to help liver remove excess estrogen and copper from the blood and dispel it from the body

Helping the liver cleanse the blood of estrogen and copper is v important because BSM will detox the body and uterus and it will put the excess estrogen and copper and the liver must efficiently eliminate both.

VIT C, carrots may do this but VIT C will reduce copper - I will try and then report this

For now PLS USE beet juice when you consume BSM

2.I took only 1 spoon BSM with warm water - I take it a couple of days a week and stop and then go to next week - WHY??

BSM can make your hair go gray - something to do with Copper levels hence I take it 1-3 days and then stop.

So short steps are :

BSM 1 spoon in warm water 3 days a week

with Cal Mag Zinc tablet 2 tablets

with laxative or Triphala (high iron in BSM may create constipation)

with beet juice (to help liver escort excess estrogen and copper released by BSM out of the body)

I think with this in few days belly size will show some shrinkage and you will physically feel the relief when excess estrogen and copper is out of the body. I DID.

Periods MUST become light very very light

IF NOT, PLS INCREASE BSM to 1-2 spoons once or twice a day

If your hair is not turning grey - you are lucky so you can continue this daily till it shrinks

If you don't get constipation - you are lucky so you can continue this daily till it shrinks

Pls observe copper levels and zinc levels and DON'T ignore

Uncontrolled or improper copper levels can and will lead to CANCER - but BSM if you just understand copper and zinc level balance - is a SURE CURE FOR FIBROIDS

Also ladies keeping Fibroid tumours in our bodies with heavy bleeding is a HIGH risk for future cancer - so BSM seems a very very sure fire method to shrink it. If everyone uses and provides feedback we can do it.

My feedback is that my periods are now a breeze - but I have to take BSM during the period.

My tummy was huge and bloated - it has shrunk to the extent that I am still a bit bloated but I can walk, run play exercise - which I could not earlier.

I feel free, as though released from fibroids PRISON - the shrinking will happen faster if I take it daily - I will report back in 3-4 weeks.

Please send feedback to this FORUM

I will try with ACV and report



Importance of Breathing

Thu, 22 Nov 18 10:01:47 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/18/2018
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN......... life is 'bout as interesting as I can stand. I don't feel well and don't know why. 'Course being 82 has nothing to do with the situation. If I get up in the morning and do an ozone sauna and breath ozone bubbled through olive oil, then I feel chipper. Think that's a word the Brits would use. But, I feel good.

Here's what I'm trying to say........ when you get old and worn out then you have to get oxygen into your body. You see all these people with oxygen bottles hanging on them. The are not trying to feel good, they are trying to survive.

As a result of my status, I am reading and watching everything I can about how to breathe. They tell me that babies know how to breathe, but old folks don't. Babies breathe with their bellies, but us old smart folks breathe from our chest. Why....... well the military told us to stick our chests out and breath.

I am working on this and no one on EC is. I think people are missing the boat. When was the last time some bright dude on EC talked about breathing? I have never seen any post on EC about breathing. Are we dumb or what?


 Re: Industrial Grade Borax

Thu, 22 Nov 18 09:56:56 -0800
Posted by Eileen B. (Usa) on 11/21/2018

20 mule team borax is comprised of 99.5 percent pure borax, a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. The remaining 0.5 percent is composed of trace minerals. This is what you are calling "industrial grade."

 Re: Hydrogen Peroxide in Lemon Water

Thu, 22 Nov 18 09:56:11 -0800
Posted by Debbie (Texas) on 11/16/2018

to follow up on your response could I ask if it’s best to on a empty stomach or with food?

 Re: Using DHEA for Vaginal Atrophy, Concerned About LS and Cancer

Thu, 22 Nov 18 09:54:32 -0800
Posted by Doreen (Usa) on 11/22/2018

Francis did you ever try the DHEA cream?

Charity - do you mean you wash/ rub iodine in the area and had supplementing with the DHEA helped

Are either of you in remission?


Cranberry, D-Mannose, and Vitamin C for Bladder Infections

Wed, 21 Nov 18 19:10:30 -0800
Posted by Misty (Usa) on 11/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My son was on the late side of potty training. Then he was not dry through the night until about age 7. But he would still have accidents often, it seemed. Or, partial accidents.

I noticed that when he was sick he had less accidents. I started to realize that perhaps it was because he was taking a lot of vitamin c. Maybe the accidents were related to having a low grade UTI.

I started to give him a supplement each day that had D-mannose, vitamin C and cranberry in it.

His little accidents have stopped.

So my suggestion is to check for a UTI for children who struggle with accidents past when they should have stopped.

For the record, dairy in the evenings would pretty much guarantee an accident for him at night. I still avoid dairy after dinner.

Coconut Oil for Improving Memory

Wed, 21 Nov 18 18:58:01 -0800
Posted by Mandy (Va) on 11/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am in my 50s and feel like I am forgetting things a lot, or at least more than before.

I tried Ginko Biloba first but it seemed to make me more emotional. (Not necessary for a menopausal woman! )

Next I tried coconut oil. I try to get a tablespoon a day in my diet. It does seem to be making a difference. I will keep it up.

  Re: How Can I Remove Chloramine from Tap Water?

Wed, 21 Nov 18 18:56:19 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/21/2018

I'm shopping for a chlorine filter for my tap in the kitchen as I find that is all I need. I had to do quite a bit of surfing the net, and also, talking to the treatment plant where our water comes from. We do have an annual report but since the one for 2018 isn't out yet, I contacted the source of the reports. He was so helpful. Our county hasn't switched over to chloramine, and still uses chlorine. So all I believe I'll need at this point is something for around 6 dollars. It fits right on my tap, so I will edit after I get one and install it. I'll let folks know what I found, and if it works. I know it's possible I'll need more, but at this point I just can't afford more.