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  Re: Hyperparathyroidism

Tue, 10 Jan 17 19:20:44 -0800
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/10/2017

Thanks for taking the time to post the information James. I want to add one thing to what you said.

As far as bone health, bioavailable silica (JarrowSil, BioSil) is the critical element in laying down the collagen matrix to the bone to prevent bone fractures. Without the bioavailable silica, your bones density may increase but the bone quality will be poor hence more brittle and more fracture prone.

Collagen can be increased with Biocell Hyaluronic Acid. Just need to take it with water and on empty stomach. The empirical studies done indicate that the body can turn the type 2 collagen into type 1,3 and so on if needed.

  Re: Is Borax Safe to Take With An Overactive Thyroid?

Tue, 10 Jan 17 19:19:52 -0800
Posted by Millie (Colorado ) on 01/10/2017

Boric oxide is not the same chemically as borax. Boric oxide is used to make glass. I wouldn't take it internally.

  Re: Dangers of Distilled Water

Tue, 10 Jan 17 19:15:01 -0800
Posted by Tim (Minnesota) on 01/10/2017

Lynn, the directions I've found elsewhere are after mixing up the bottle is that you're only supposed to take an 1/8 tsp of what you just mixed up. Don't drink the whole bottle in 1 day!! I think you're only supposed to take around 7mg a day.

  Re: Dry Eyes From Sjogren's Syndrome

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:33:37 -0800
Posted by Kag (San Francisco) on 01/10/2017

For dry eyes, an ophthalmologist can insert eye duct plugs to prevent tears from draining, and it's painless. You can also get an RX for Lacriserts. They retail for about $300/month, but is covered under insurance. I cut the little things in half so I get twice as many and since I rarely need the full ones. They are tiny, little foil-wrap clear sticks that expand in your lower lid to produce tears for HOURS! Thought I was going to have to give up snow skiing, cycling, motorcycle/scooter riding, scuba diving until doc told me about these! These will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Still trying to deal with the dry mouth, though. Physical therapy has taken away my joint pain, so I'm almost cured!

  Re: Treating Depression

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:32:33 -0800
Posted by Alan (Mexico) on 01/10/2017

Take out of your diet all sugars, grains, pastas, breads, sweet fruits and you will see a great difference in your mood ....paleo diet or atkins....

  Re: Pokeberries for Gout and Joint Pains

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:30:56 -0800
Posted by Ss (South Usa) on 01/10/2017

Hi Joyce, great hearing from you again.

I just wanted to add to this, I had very bad big toe pain that I am sure was gout. I tried many things some helped, but it would always come back, I change shoes and it helped some, but what help the most and eliminated for me was jumping on a mini rebounder. It has not bothered me since. Rebounding is great and everyone should check into some you tubes on this.

  Re: Colloidal Silver for Herpes

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:30:09 -0800
Posted by Endi (Tennessee) on 01/10/2017

This has only ever happened with powdered silver. Amber colored colloidal silver will not turn you blue. It costs more and has a shorter shelf life, but in amber colored colloidal silver, the nano particles are separated with a natural form of citrate or other substances so the silvers natural charges does not bring the particles back together and that they remain in their nano form. The problem with the skin turning blue is these folks were ingesting silver particles way too large for the body to flush out on its own so it remain lodged in the skin and other parts of the body.

  Re: Is Borax Safe to Take With An Overactive Thyroid?

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:29:30 -0800
Posted by Vija (London) on 01/10/2017

I bought online borax powder (boric oxide), is it safe to take it with water if I have overactive thyroid, I am little bit scare.Thank you

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Toenail Fungus

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:27:18 -0800
Posted by Lisa (New Hampshire) on 01/10/2017

Do NOT reuse the mixture. Start fresh every time. Also, use ACV with "the mother" which seems to yield better results. You can usually find this in the natural foods section of a grocery store.

  Re: Wart Removal Using Duct Tape

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:26:42 -0800
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 01/10/2017

I think the reason it doesn't work for some is that not all duct tape is alike. Some duct tape "breathes", allowing air to get to the wart. If it doesn't work you might try some of the cheaper plastic-looking duct tape.

Baking Soda Solution for Burning Eyes

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:26:22 -0800
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 01/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I've found that my burning eyes could be helped by applying a solution of Baking Soda in water to eyelids and get instant relief. And a while back my sister reminded me that my grandmother (who lived to 103) would start her day off with Baking soda in water and wash her eyes out with the solution...not just applying to eyelids. I've been doing that for a few weeks now and find my eyes don't burn nearly as much, even when I've had too much acid foods during the day (coffee, Tex-mex).

  Re: Clear Nail Polish for Ringworm

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:25:05 -0800
Posted by Mkm (Utah) on 01/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Seriously have been suffering with this spreading for months. Now, two days after finding this post and using clear nail polish it's showing dramatic results! At this rate it will be gone within a couple more days. Who would've thought?

  Re: Calcium Buildup

Tue, 10 Jan 17 10:22:24 -0800
Posted by Beamer (Brisbane, Australia) on 01/09/2017

D-Limonene will scrape build-ups out of the body. Sweet orange oil is something like 95% D-Limonene. Research it :).

  Re: Urgent Help Needeed for Dog With Aluminum Poisoning

Mon, 09 Jan 17 23:02:20 -0800
Posted by Miguel (Boston) on 01/09/2017

Dear Sir:

Thank you very much. Our dog, Jake, vomited and had loose bowels. He is doing much better. He will survive. He had eaten milk chocolate coated candies. I looked up about aluminium poisoning, and, it was a blessing that it weakened his muscles to counteract the strychnine effect of the caffeine in the chocolate. Only Homo Sapiens can ingest caffeine safely. Caffeine, being a zanthine, like strychnine, and the other zanthotoxins, acts like strychnine in all creatures except Homo Sapiens. Jake is recovering from the poisons he ingested. Thank you very much for your response.

Sincerely, Miguel

  Re: Colon Cleansing

Mon, 09 Jan 17 21:55:54 -0800
Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 01/09/2017

Please don't forget probiotics as it is your immune function.

Organic ACV With the Mother for Actinic Keratosis

Mon, 09 Jan 17 21:55:34 -0800
Posted by Bobbi (Pa) on 01/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

The first Actinic Keratosis lesion I had was removed by my Dr. I had been applying a dissolved Vitamin C tablet covered by a Band-Aid to that lesion for a few weeks prior to removal, and it seemed to remained unchanged by that treatment.

About a year later, to my dismay, another lesion showed up. This time I decided I was going to give organic ACV a try. For the first few days I just applied the ACV to a swab and dabbed vinegar on in the am, dinnertime, pm, and bedtime. I did that for about a week, with no apparent changes. I wondered if I should be more aggressive, so I applied the ACV to a small piece of cotton and kept it in place on the lesion with a Band-Aid. I would re-wet when needed to keep the area moist, changing out the old cotton every day. The Band-Aid was removed at bath time. I kept it on almost continually, but did give the area fresh air a few hours per day or sometimes overnight. This is when changes started happening much more quickly. The lesion changed to a dark pink, and I would experience burning and stinging. I felt something was happening so kept up the routine. At around the two week mark, the lesion had begun to separate from the healthy surrounding tissue. I was amazed! It took about four more days for the lesion to let go.

That was about two weeks ago that the lesion let go completely. The spot is still a slightly pink color. It is flat and smooth. If I didn't point out the spot to you, you would not see it. I apply natural ointment and liquid Vitamin C to facilitate healing. Of course, I have no idea if will come back again, but I will leave another review if it does to state that has happened.

  Re: Salivary Gland Stones

Mon, 09 Jan 17 21:49:30 -0800
Posted by Deb (Missouri) on 01/09/2017

Thank you Mama! Just saw this but I will try it. I just went today to have another ct scan. The tech said she bet my mouth hurt with that glob so I am sure they see something this time. The doctor is suppose to call me. Please send prayers

  Re: Salt Water for Chalazion

Mon, 09 Jan 17 21:48:59 -0800
Posted by Reglisse (New Brunswick) on 01/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I tried this and it worked! I had a chalazion for 2 months on my upper lid it was so big I couldn't open my eye properly and my vision was blurry I tried everything else-castor oil, epson salt, vitamine a, cod oil, flax oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar warm water+massage every 2 hours etc,,, . Its really with a strong solution of seasalt water mix (1 teaspoon per cup) that it became all red near the lid (inside) and suddenly decreased in size dramatically.

I already had a chalazion removed on my other eye lid and was so scared!! Not anymore!!! Good luck everyone!

  Re: Nattokinase and Serrapeptase for Peripheral Artery Disease

Mon, 09 Jan 17 21:42:59 -0800
Posted by Vivian (Detroit) on 01/09/2017

Because they are blood thinners they are not recommended to take before surgery. I think generally you are supposed to stop 2 weeks before surgery.

  Re: Trying Multiple Remedies for Shingles Caused Vomiting

Mon, 09 Jan 17 21:42:25 -0800
Posted by Mistyhaired (Arkansas) on 01/09/2017

LOL, I'm so sorry to laugh, but of course you vomited. You just did it all at once! I think it's funny bc it's sort of my nature to go all out too, but unfortunately a slow, gradual introduction to anything new to your body is best. Best of luck to you. :)