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DMSO for Shoulder Injury

Tue, 09 Jan 18 17:11:40 -0800
Posted by Esgarrett (O Fallon, Illinois) on 01/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

DMSO for injured shoulder.

December 26, 2016 over a year ago, I slipped on the top step of my front porch. After sliding and bouncing down 6 concrete steps I recovered and went inside the house to check out my body.

Evidently I injured my right shoulder by landing mostly on the last two steps.

Right away I applied ice packs off and on every 15 minutes--finally in order to sleep I took a pain pill. The next day I began research on earthclinic and found DMSO---- purchased the DMSO from a rural supply and found much relief.

I had pain on the order of about 4 of 10 for about one week. Movement was hurtful but managed. After a month, motion and movement were doing good. Each day I applied the DMSO gel from the jar with my left hand to the right shoulder. After about 5 minutes the skin would heat up and you knew it was working. A few minutes later the heating subsides along with the pain (which by now was very little). In March I felt complete again unless I tried lifting over 60-70 lbs (so I didn't).

It is now January 9, 2018 and I can definitely remember the mishap but the right shoulder is doing good. Recently I awoke to what seemed to be a locked up big toe and it hurt to walk .....a little coat of DMSO ....5 minutes goes by and all is well again.

thanks earthclinic!

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for COPD in 85 Year Old

Tue, 09 Jan 18 17:08:11 -0800
Posted by Michael Long (Michigan) on 01/09/2018

Glen, can you please let us know how you are doing now? Thanks.

  Re: Gallbladder Flush Worked, But Now I Have A Large Gallstone

Tue, 09 Jan 18 17:07:03 -0800
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 01/09/2018

1-3 tsp day of the gold coin grass powder mixed into water or any drink is recommended for dissolving stones.

  Re: Aloe Vera for Cancer

Tue, 09 Jan 18 17:04:10 -0800
Posted by Manuel (Argentina) on 01/09/2018

Hi everyone.. I have the book by father Romano. He goes through many recipes and finally posts his conclusive recipe selection as:

1. Half a kilo (1.1 lbs.) of honey. Do not use synthetic or refined honeys and general fakes.

2. Between 40 and 50 ml (6-8 tsps) of grappa, whisky, cognac, etc. (pure alcohol, wine, beer and liqueurs cannot be used).

Note: 40-50 ml is the equivalent of a measure of whisky or a small coffee cup.

3. 350 grams (.77 lbs.) of Aloe arborescens leaves. Use three or four leaves, depending on their length.


"Remove dust or any other impurities left on the Aloe leaves by nature. Use an old cloth, dry or dampened, or a sponge, with- out getting the leaves wet (no water is used in the preparation)."

"After preparation of the blend, it is normal for the honey – the heaviest ingredient – to sink to the bottom of the jar;the foamy part tends to rise to the top. Shake the jar well to mix the ingredients before taking it."

  Re: Multiple Remedies for Submandibular Gland Lump

Tue, 09 Jan 18 12:09:53 -0800
Posted by At Wits' End (Usa) on 01/09/2018

Dear Veris, I so hope you come on here regularly and can further elaborate on your formula. I am scheduled for full blown, old fashioned, general anesthesia, cut and extract...submandibular gland surgery, due to a substantially sized stone lodged in that gland. Since 11 days ago I had a tiny stone come out of my sublingual duct, the morning after eating a bag of sour candies (saw stone, couldn't get it out with tweezers - ate the candy the night before and next morning it tumbled out), I am in the dark about how to dissolve, and resolve this submandibular stone issue. I have already been on extremely strong antibiotics because I did have a very bad infection, and during that treatment - suffered a severe whole body candida attack, making every part of this nightmare worse. The Diflucan, has thankfully taken the yeast down, hence reducing some of the compounded pain and inflammation.

Now I NEED to dissolve this stone - for the lingual and facial nerve paralysis risk of this surgery, is truly a risk I don't want to have to take. Please - if you see this message, can you elaborate on the exact location of the duct you speak of applying the oil to? I mean is it the sublingual duct even though the stone was in your submandibular gland or is there a submandibular duct, all its own that I don't know about? Did you dilute the lemon essential oil at all - and if so, with what? Did the stone dissolve or actually come out and if these stones come out do they emerge from the submandibular gland or must they travel through to the sublingual glands and ducts?

Please, I will try your formula because your situation sounds the most like what I'm dealing with - but I just need to know all the particulars before I purchase all the ingredients that you have listed. Thank you so much and so glad yours got resolved, for this is torturous!

  Re: Gallbladder Flush Worked, But Now I Have A Large Gallstone

Tue, 09 Jan 18 11:01:01 -0800
Posted by Isabel R. (Ningbo, China) on 01/09/2018

Thanks Steve! This Herb gold coin grass is easy to find here but I did not buy it because I am afraid I don't know the amount to take per day. Or if I should boil it or take it raw. If you have this information would be great. Have a nice day

  Re: Hemorrhoids and Heartburn

Tue, 09 Jan 18 10:23:56 -0800
Posted by Hisjewel (Usa) on 01/09/2018

Hello Maribelacuna,

for hemorrhoids, if you don't mind a few hours of good sleep at night, give Melatonin a try. Do not take melatonin if you have to drive. Melatonin was a game changer for me and I only took it a week or two. I have to be alert at any moment to pray.

In case you have not heard of Melantonin before, it is a supplement you can purchase at the Vitamin store, on even on line. I used 3mg and extra some days, but extra meant extra sleep also, so keep that in mind.

I do not recall if it helped what I originally took it for, because I did not take it long enough. But I do know that it healed my hemorrhoids.


  Re: Fresh Coconut Juice for Cataracts

Tue, 09 Jan 18 10:22:51 -0800
Posted by Jr (Michigan) on 01/09/2018

Would some one please reply with how long it takes for the coconut water to dissolve the cataract.

  Re: Perioral Dermatitis

Tue, 09 Jan 18 10:22:09 -0800
Posted by Rachel (Ma) on 01/09/2018

Thanks for your post, I seriously got choked up when I read it. I've never known what this is and never met anyone who was sensitive to these 3 foods. I've been trying to figure out what is going on with the sides of my mouth for 16 years. I also pinpointed it to black tea, red wine and spicy foods. 😩 so I gave them up 15 years ago, although I still eat spicy foods sometimes and it got better. But it's still flares up at times. I think too much tomato sauce and some flour also aggravates it. I'm wondering what else you have noticed and if you have had success in irradiation?

  Re: Nattokinase for Fibrocystic Breasts

Tue, 09 Jan 18 10:21:16 -0800
Posted by Joe (Tulsa) on 01/09/2018

Nattokinase is to be taken on an empty stomach according to the instructions.

  ACV, Salt, Lemon Juice for Parasites

Tue, 09 Jan 18 10:20:15 -0800
Posted by Ali (Ontario, Canada) on 01/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I plan to start taking your formula and I was wondering how long I should continue to take it. I was watching a Dr. Oz video the other day and was surprised to hear that one out of every three people is infected and may not even know. If you have any thoughts on the time frame, please post. Thank you. Best Regards, Ali.

  Re: Locating Apple Cider Vinegar in Dubai

Tue, 09 Jan 18 10:19:05 -0800
Posted by Lucena (Uk) on 01/09/2018

Used to get ACV from an organic health shop located in Greens and TECOM.

  Re: Frankincense Oil for Ganglion Cyst

Tue, 09 Jan 18 10:15:31 -0800
Posted by Bleu (Ca) on 01/08/2018

What variety/type of frankincense oil did you use? There are 3-4 different kinds out there. Thanks!

Rectal Ozone for Ulcerative Colitis

Mon, 08 Jan 18 21:31:08 -0800
Posted by Anne (Houston, Tx) on 01/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I began using rectal ozone (Prolazone) for my ulcerative colitis/proctitis a few months ago. I did this under my doctor's instruction and direction and am in complete remission now. I was going to her office to have the treatments done, but it has to be done every day and the cost adds up, so she suggested I buy my own ozone maker and do it at home. I purchased a Simply O3 ozone generator and ordered the bags and equipment needed and began using it every day. It took a month or so to go into complete remission, but at the point where it did, I was able to cut back. Now I do it once or twice a week. It literally takes about 5 min. once you get your equipment, so not a big deal at all. You'll need to read about it. Dr. Schallenburger from Nevada has been doing lots of research on ozone treatments and there is a lot that he's written on the internet, so you might want to google him to learn more. There are not many doctors using this, as the main stream medical establishment isn't for this as it's a cheap way to get well and would put a lot of doctors out of business. But you can google to see if there is a doctor in your area who uses it. It has been a blessing for me. I'm 62 and have had ongoing colitis or proctitis for about 20 years, so this is wonderful. So much safer and less expensive than the expensive drugs my doctor was prescribing for me. Good luck!!

  Re: DMSO for COPD

Mon, 08 Jan 18 21:29:14 -0800
Posted by Danny (Wv) on 01/08/2018

I just read that if your doing albuturol or any of the other pharm drugs to NOT just start using CS, HP or DMSO. You should research more first. I use CS and HP in a nasal sprayer and inhale the mist. I'm just researching about the DMSO in my lungs. The Nasal sprayer works good for me. I'm a smoker and it helps me breath easier. I used DMSO and CS mixed half and half, when I had all my teeth pull, rubbed it on my cheeks the first few days, and it took out all the swelling and pain, and then applied it directly to the teeth sockets. Everything closed up in a week. Dentist couldn't believe it.

 Re: Experiencing Hair Loss 4 Months Postpartum, Any Suggestions?

Mon, 08 Jan 18 21:28:16 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 01/08/2018

Nursing can take a lot out of your body plus the extra stress. I bet there is a good nursing vitamin out there that could replenish you . If you are brave and not grossed out....your own urine, let set as long as you can stand it then water rinse, no soap afterwords would reset the hormone in your follicles and detox them of fungus that grows in hot water tanks that aren't hot enough. Also, 100 hairs a day falling out is normal. Hope you get results. I am old and use urine whenever too many hairs are on my clothes and works like a charm. My hair is down past my waist and still brown and thick.

 Re: Seeking Natural Remedies for Liver Calcification

Mon, 08 Jan 18 21:27:45 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 01/08/2018

I have been using and reading about borax foot soaks since august and had awesome transformations. One thing I read was that it displaces calcium out of soft tissue and puts it back in bones and teeth where it belongs.

  Re: Borax for Arthritis Worked Great But Got Flu and It Stopped Working

Mon, 08 Jan 18 21:27:05 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 01/08/2018

When I first started my borax foot soaks I had amazing results with lots of discomfort and my friend tried it and got flu like symptoms from detox. She did too much too soon. I told her use oscillococcinum for flu symptoms and she got relief.

  Re: Pain After Using Apple Cider Vinegar - Receding Gums

Mon, 08 Jan 18 21:26:10 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 01/08/2018

Receding gums are from a deficiency and many things could help I had three bad ones and used msm and it helped two of them but not the third one. Msm depletes vitamin c and molybdenum and boron or borax so balance is required with some study on minerals. Phytic acid on grains and sprouts causes malnutrition of minerals and dental failure. Lack of healthy gut enzymes also causes mineral imbalances ... I use kefir.

Finally, Alpha lipoic acid relieves dental pain ...

Hope you find the right balance.

Diatomaceous Earth OK As Shampoo for Itchy Scalp During Parasite Cleanse?

Mon, 08 Jan 18 17:32:42 -0800
Posted by Jerry (Miramar, Florida) on 01/08/2018

I am doing a parasite cleanse, my hair has begun to get very very itchy and falling off. Can I use diatomaceous earth to wash my hair like a shampoo, and how do I use it. Thanks all.