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  Re: Witch Hazel for a Prolapsed Bladder

Mon, 26 Apr 21 12:16:50 -0700
Posted by Carol (St Petersburg, FL) on 04/26/2021

Please send me the brand name of a good Witch Hazel. I am so tired of the pain. Thank you.

  Re: Protocol to Stay Healthy During Winter

Mon, 26 Apr 21 09:31:34 -0700
Posted by Denise (Vermont) on 04/26/2021

It's pretty ridiculous not shaking hands and even worse, using poisonous products to kill bacteria (sanitizers) The world has gone utterly mad and fearing a microscopic enemy. It used to be terrorists but now it's a phantom virus. Really people, your body was made to handle almost anything. Exposure is key, if you don't expose your body to all combinations then it's not going to read mutations. Mutations always occur and they occur in the body too. Keeping away from people, keeping away from germs is bad for you in itself. It's better to expose yourself while you're in good health because your immune system learns that way. It only makes it weaker by keeping away from real life.

Hawthorn Drops for High Blood Pressure

Mon, 26 Apr 21 05:49:36 -0700
Posted by Rose F. (Dorset, England.) on 04/26/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I can recommend Hawthorn drops as a great help with high blood pressure. I tried beetroot, which also worked, but could not take the taste for long, whereas these Hawthorn drops are virtually tasteless. It has brought my high BP down successfully, but I need to take it every day, once or twice a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Plantar Fibroma Helping

Mon, 26 Apr 21 05:47:39 -0700
Posted by Carol (Canada, B.C.) on 04/26/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say a great big thank you to everyone on here for their advice about putting ACV on their plantar fibroma. I've had to quit work because of fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Among other things these last six months, I've had the pleasure of watching these horrendous lumps growing on the bottom of both my feet called plantar fibroma. It was getting very painful 😢 to walk because of it and because of my other issues.

I put on the ACV last night on a paper towel and wrapped it in a plastic bag. I've already noticed a difference. I cant wait to see what doing this for a week will do. So God bless all of you for posting your results and sharing.

  Re: Time-Release Niacin

Mon, 26 Apr 21 05:45:36 -0700
Posted by Eliz (Ohio) on 04/25/2021

Note: time release niacin can be hard on the liver (better to stick with non-time release) and too much iodine can inhibit thyroid hormones, so just a small amount is all that's needed to keep it in balance.

  Re: Nitric Oxide

Mon, 26 Apr 21 05:44:41 -0700
Posted by Eliz (Ohio) on 04/25/2021

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends 1 tsp (=4 grams) glycine powder twice a day for a few weeks, then lowering it to 1/4 tsp (=1 gram) twice a day. This forces the glyphosate out of your system via the urine.

  Re: Need Help With These Symptoms

Mon, 26 Apr 21 05:44:22 -0700
Posted by Khia (USA) on 04/25/2021

It sounds like you may have a Candida Overgrowth and or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Look into the symptoms of that issue.

  Carnosine for Cataracts

Sun, 25 Apr 21 20:23:17 -0700
Posted by robert (michigan) on 04/25/2021
1 out of 5 stars

I also tried the can c eye drop. no noticable difference. I tried the castor oil on eye lids as well. I am now going ayurvedic, rubbing castor oil in my belly button. laugh, but it is supposed to help skin or hair...

  Re: Nitric Oxide

Sun, 25 Apr 21 20:22:24 -0700
Posted by george (surrey bc) on 04/25/2021

Does this NO come in tablet powder or liquid form and where can I get it?

  Re: BHT Continues to Work for COVID-19 Lingering Symptoms

Sun, 25 Apr 21 18:01:14 -0700
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 04/25/2021

Hi Betty,

Try Amazon but be sure not to buy BHT with any additional ingredients other than the capsule ingredient (usually gelatin). If you can't find pure BHT on Amazon, try eBay.

You can also buy a jar of BHT crystals and just use a pinch of it at a time.

DMSO, Salt for a Tooth Abscess

Sun, 25 Apr 21 17:54:51 -0700
Posted by Dibro (North MS) on 04/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Tooth abscess /swollen gums:

  • Mix about a teaspoon of DMSO with a pinch or two of table salt.
  • Dissolve the solution/apply with finger on top of the abscess and all around the affected area. Spit.
  • Do not rinse or eat for at least an hour.

Bedtime application works best. bye bye root canal $$$$

Also ground sage and water make a great oral rinse for fast toothache relief.

But for infection & abscess, the DMSO and table salt mix applied topically can't be beat!

  Re: Lugol's Iodine for Blood Pressure

Sun, 25 Apr 21 16:21:28 -0700
Posted by Greta (Texas) on 04/25/2021

Here is a link to 5% Lugol's on JCrows .

Topical Honey, Garlic Powder for Yeast Infection

Sun, 25 Apr 21 14:12:28 -0700
Posted by Sherry S (Clarkesville, GA) on 04/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Recently did a raw juice fast. BIG MISTAKE!!! Developed a vaginal yeast infection. After three days could not stand it anymore. Checked our EC ailments and read all the different suggestions. I decided at 2am due to wanting to get some rest, to do a raw honey/garlic powder mixture. I am so thankful for all of you here. I finally have relief. Plan on applying twice a day for the next three days at least. Oh, and very little stinging.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer for Cancer

Sun, 25 Apr 21 14:10:43 -0700
Posted by Teresa W (Olympia, WA) on 04/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I read yesterday that fenbendazole has cured cancer in several people! It's dewormer and used on animals! It's called Panacure C. A man has been cured of stage 4 lung cancer.

Cilantro, Zinc Oxide, Turmeric for Grover's Disease Rash

Sun, 25 Apr 21 14:08:55 -0700
Posted by Roberta L. (Ny) on 04/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My Grovers Disease is now gone! After reading this website, I've had a cilantro smoothie daily and used zinc oxide 20% to quell the itch. Great improvement in a week. Then my dermatologist gave me injection of Dupixent, bc I also have some eczema. Mild improvement and reversion after injection. Kept up the cilantro and added turmeric 3600 mg a day. Turmeric is good for treating inflammation in the body, my skin felt hot all the time w Grovers.

Within three days, my GD disappeared completely. It's been almost two weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed. Recommend trying turmeric to treat inflammation.

  Re: Nitric Oxide for ED, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

Sun, 25 Apr 21 14:07:05 -0700
Posted by Babbs (Charlotte, NC) on 04/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Mercola ( has a video showing breathing techniques to increase nitric oxide production. Easily performed and effective.

  Re: BHT Continues to Work for COVID-19 Lingering Symptoms

Sun, 25 Apr 21 14:05:25 -0700
Posted by Betty (NY) on 04/25/2021

Where can I get BHT?

  Re: Kefir Safe to Drink for Milk Allergies?

Sun, 25 Apr 21 08:56:45 -0700
Posted by Diane (MN) on 04/25/2021

What if you have allergies? I am allergic to milk and my husband to yeast, would we be able to drink kefir?

  Re: Osteopenia and High Cholesterol Remedies

Sun, 25 Apr 21 08:55:57 -0700
Posted by Art (California) on 04/25/2021


Yes, there are replacements for prunes as relates to osteopenia and yes, prunes have a fairly high sugar content, but that has to be considered in the context of all the health value of prunes. Prunes also have a significant level of fiber which tends to offset the negative impact of the sugar content.

Other supplements to consider are vitamin K2, magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, strontium, potassium, boron/borax, and weight bearing exercises to name a few.

Before you cross dried plums off your list though, you might want to read this easy to follow article discussing its use for bone health and recovery:

Good luck!


  Re: Post Nasal Drip

Sun, 25 Apr 21 08:54:55 -0700
Posted by Carole S. (UK) on 04/25/2021

Try allicin... the constitute of garlic. Also MSM, both an hour before bed... Tape your mouth to avoid post nasal drip... google mouth tape if you have not heard of it... all natural ideas!