Mouth, Teeth, and Gums: Oral and Dental Pet Health

| Modified: Dec 07, 2019
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A lot of our pets have mouth and teeth issues. Let's face it, they're not good tooth brushers. And flossing? Forget it! Still, we can take some easy steps with home remedies that improve our pets's oral and dental health.

The teeth and gums are just as prone to infection and decay in our cats, dogs, and other pets as are our own dental hardware. A little dental care routine for cavity prevention and gum care can go a long way in keeping our pet's overall health in the best of shape.

Natural Pet Care Remedies: Raw bones (not boiled--these can splinter!) can be an easy thing to give your dog to strengthen and clean their teeth. Brushing your dog's teeth is critical, as best you can do it and as often as you can, and it doesn't hurt cats either. Make sure to gently clean the gums as well, and look for pet food that isn't full of cavity-creating carbohydrates. The better balanced diet will help to support oral and dental health!