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Dietary Changes
Posted by JPace (Indiana) on 08/12/2022
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All pet owners of dogs and cats:

Most dog and cat food companies, no matter how elite they pretend to be, put toxic chemicals in their brand pet foods to preserve and color it which are toxic and harmful to your pet's over all health and well being.

I've been promoting, using and practicing holistics on humans for 35 years. For about three years (since 2019) our dog began scratching and scratching and her teeth turned a dark yellowed grey. She scratched so much that her fur thinned and became staggly by the end of August. It seemed as though no flea meds worked no matter what I tried nor did sprinkling the yard with diatomaceous earth to kill off fleas and flea eggs in the grass. (I'm certain diatamcious earth did kill th fleas but it didn't stop her from scratching.)

We tried a spectrum of affordable flea repellents -from affordable herbal brands to $80 toxic brands. Nothing worked. She just kept scratching and the fur on her back appeared to be stained pink - like blood stains from scratching so much. Bathing seemed to help or a day or two but hen made it all worse and one pet center suggested we were bathing her too often, drying out her skin. She later developed a tumor the size of a golfball on her chest which had to be surgically removed. I've always hated the expensive flea meds placed down the spine of animals and believe the tumor grew from that. Those flea repellents are horribly toxic not only for for your pet but also you pet your pet so that toxic med is also getting on you, especially children who love to pet and hug their pets- super bad. Different pet shop people and even one vet also believed it to be fleas. I also had switched her dog food diet out to very expensive brand foods and she continued to scratch and chew. One day I took her with me to a business meeting that happened to be held at a vet clinic. There, one of the assistants took one look at her and told me that the pinkish discoloration on her fur was not dried blood, rather it was stained from her saliva saying that she had allergies. I knew from years past that food dyes were a huge culprit that caused allergies and hyperactivity in children.

All of the sudden the pieces of the big puzzle came together in my head; "If her saliva was carrying a stain then that had to be caused from chemical additives in the dog food and no matter which brand I was using, they were all causing her to itch, scratch and chew. Most all the dog foods are using these chemicals even expensive brands. In the past I had looked into making dog food for her out by boiling 2 cups of rice, 1 lb to 2 lbs of beef or chicken raw or slightly cooked and 2 hard boiled eggs with olive oil and broth.

That makes a week's worth of food for 14 lb dog. That is far less expensive than a $50 to $80 lb bag of dry food and far healthier with no additives. Immediately I began making her food. She stopped scratching within 4 days. Just to make sure that the $50 bag of dog food was actually the cause of her allergies, I gave her two servings and she began scratchiness furiously. It took 3 days for her to body to detox and for scratching to stop. Now, two months later after only eating home made dog food, she isn't scratching, her fur is barely stained and her teeth and breath are so much better. Going to add coconut oil to see if that helps her teeth even more.