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Coconut Oil
Posted by Stephanie (Toronto) on 03/17/2016

I have a 15 year old cat that got her teeth cleaned this past year for the very first time. The dentist noticed she had lesions on her back molars. They wanted to extract them all. That did not sit well with me, so I decided to go all natural.

Within the first day I began to see the lesion disappear with the application of coconut oil. I put coconut oil on her teeth and gums every time after I wipe them with a wet cloth. I put about a finger nail amount and wipe on the gum in the front and behind the tooth both sides. The best is to do it when they are sleepy, and if they won't let you restrain them in a blanket or get help.

I feed her everyday a table spoon of plain organic kefir milk. Everyday I give her lots of grass to chew on. Cat grass neutralizes the acid in the mouth. Also with an eye dropper I drop cat fish oil on her lesions. About a teaspoon worth. The cat fish oil has vitamin e in it, which is good to heal inflammation. Her teeth are healing themselves.

When I first started her molars were black around the gum line and now they are reddish pink. Also when I clean her teeth I push the cloth as close to the gum line as possible almost digging the scraping the tooth. Use a cotton baby cloth. Be sure to wash the cloth every week. This is a long process be patient and you will see results. You have to do it everyday, don't put the coconut oil in the food it won't reach the gums which is what you want. If your cat has plaque on her teeth you need to remove the plaque.

There is a natural remedy you can use without paying lots of money at the vet. It requires hydrogen peroxide and aloe vera juice. I am going to use this on my 22 year old cat. Also if your cat is a picky eater like mine, it is very challenging to change them to a raw diet. The best is to introduce them to an all natural wet brand. Slowing mixing it in their food. I think it would be difficult to start a cat with bones and raw meat especially since they are in pain from their bad teeth.

Coconut Oil
Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 05/24/2010

My dog has AWFUL teeth, they are rotted and horribly decayed, she's 10 years old. Finally one morning her whole face was swollen and deformed, and her gums were bleeding and oozing pus. She was so sick, and lethargic we were looking into crematoriums, and making plans to put her down.

She, ofcourse, was unable to eat dry food, so my mother started hand feeding her wet food, and we put about 2 TBSP coconut oil in there mixed in. Within a week, she was dramatically improved and the swelling went completely down. In 2 weeks she was better than ever, (completely healed)and full ofyouthful energy. We continue to feed her wet food now, and she had one other minor flare up, since then, and we gave her coconut oil and in 2 days she was good as new.

Remember guys, Brush your dogs teeth!!!!