Natural Remedies for Nose Issues

| Modified: Dec 24, 2015
Add New Post Dogs and cats can sometimes have nose or nasal cavity issues, including cold-like symptoms and bloody noses. Tougher yet, your pet's nose is sensitive, so it can be a challenge to get your dog or cat (or other pet) to cooperate with you while you try to treat its hurt nose, but a few natural home remedies can help make the process of healing easier.

An unusually wet or dry nose can be a symptom of a larger health disorder in your pet, so it is a good indicator of general health to keep an eye on. Changes in color or texture of your pet's nose are even more likely to be items of concern for pet owners.

Natural Pet Cures: Adding apple cider vinegar to your pets food or water may help allergy or sinus issues with regard to your pet's nose.