Canine Pancreatitis Remedies

| Modified: Jun 21, 2012
Add New Post Acute or chronic canine pancreatitis can be a serious condition in dogs and should first be diagnosed and addressed by a veterinarian.

Pancreatitis is also possible in other animals, including cats. Symptoms in these animals include an unwillingness to eat, vomiting, and an uncharacteristic arching of the back. Inflammation of the pancreas (an organ at the back of the stomach that produces insulin and pancreatic enzymes) can be very painful, so your pet is liable to make its discomfort more clear than usual.

Pancreatitis can eventually result in decomposition of the pancreas and even in death, so any signs of abdominal pain in your dog accompanied by vomiting should be taken very seriously.

Natural Cures: For mild cases of pancreatitis, all that may be required is a period of fasting (no food or water) for 24-48 hours at most to allow the pet's digestive system reset and the pancreas to recover.