Mastitis Cures

| Modified: Aug 30, 2015
Add New Post Are you a dairy farmer or beef cattleman? Even if you only own a cow or two, you are likely to have troubles with mastitis, a common ailment involving an infection that causes inflammation of the cow's mammary glands. Mastitis can reduce milk production, negatively affect calf development, and the infection can be passed along via the milk.

The cow's bag may be sensitive, red, hot, and swollen as a result of the bacterial infection that causes mastitis. It may affect only one teat at a time but can be passed throughout a herd by calves or by flies.

Natural Cures: Good nutrition is essential, and open field grazing is likelier to reduce infection rates than in barn-fed cows. Extensive historical use and veterinary studies indicate that apple cider vinegar added to feed can cure a mastitis infection and reduce transmission rates of the bacteria.