Mastitis Cures

Electrolyzed Water
Posted by Michel (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 10/06/2009
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Another effective method to treat acute Mastitus is using Electrolyzed Water as replacement of antibiotics. I have been using Electrolyzed Water with approximately 200ppm HOCL and pH 6.5 instead of antibiotics. Results are very fast and the milk can be used immediately.

1) Treat cows with Electrolyzed Water AEW
2) Application with injector (syringe) at (not in) the opening of the tit.
3) Quantity: 100 to 150 ml (3 to 5oz).
4) Treat until animals daily after milking for 2-3days.

Warning: Do not exceed this dose.

Important notice:
a) Electrolyzed Water is injected by putting the injector (syringe) at the tit (not in) so there will be no damage inside. In this way, the treatment is more pleasant for cows.
Move Electrolyzed Water just like antibiotics higher in the udder by stretching.
b) When a farmer starts with Electrolyzed Water, the chronic and latent mastitis cases can be directly treated. Dead or infectious tissue of the latent infected quarter will be eliminated; this will come out of the udder. The udder becomes gentler and reoccurring incidents of mastitis are less frequent and greatly reduced. Therefore, treat cows at a moment when they do not show mastitis yet, but already show a high cell count or when one or more quarters are not feeling smooth.

c) In 90% of the cases antibiotics (by means of the injector) used for curing the udder can be replaced by Electrolyzed Water. This does not apply for antibiotics that are applied in the neck of the cow. The vet or farmer must determine to what extent antibiotics in the neck are currently significant.

d) When ELectrolyzed Water replaces antibiotics for mastitis treatment, milk can be immediately delivered to the milk factory.

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