Dog Testicle Problems and Natural Pet Care Solutions

| Modified: Sep 05, 2013
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Testicular health can be a real issue for male dogs, especially issues with undescended testicles (cryptochidism) also called retained testicles, which can eventually result in cancerous growths. Ordinarily, a dog's testicles will descend within the first few weeks of life, but in some cases they do not descend on their own and may have to be removed. Occasionally there are dogs with one testicle only, and this may result from cryptochidism where only one testicle descended and the other was retained in the body or it may be that in its early development only one testicle was ever formed. In the latter case, there is really no dog health concern at all, though the trait may be passed along in reproduction.

Later in life a dog can have issues with blood flow around the testicles or infection, both of which can result in pain and inflammation (epididymitis or orchitis) of the male sex organs. Explore the user contributions below for pet care tips that may help cure your dog's testicular health issues.