Pets: Wound Remedies

| Modified: Aug 31, 2020
Add New Post Injuries such as open wounds can often happen to pets while out of our sight for only a moment and in the blink of an eye. Perhaps it occurred during a fight with another animal, as a result of becoming entangled in thick brush and branches, maybe the animal came into contact with some dangerous debris, became caught on a torn piece of fencing or possibly was in an accident of some sort. Many times we may not even be able to determine the cause of our pet's injury, but regardless of the contributing factors the challenge is always the same.

Treating an open wound on an animal is always a difficult task, especially when you can't tell your pet to leave the area alone and keep the bandage in tact. How many of us have spent endless amounts of time applying treatment to a wound and strategically placing and wrapping a bandage so that it could be kept in place, only to have the animal remove it within seconds leaving the wound completely exposed? Likely many of us have been in this situation.

An effective solution to this problem is an all-natural product called Dy's Liquid Bandage. It was originally produced for the purposes of treating horse injuries, wounds, saddle sores and rain rot etc, however, it is also widely used on dogs and cats to treat a variety of minor or more serious wounds and injuries. The product contains a combination of soothing herbs in an olive oil and beeswax formula. The beeswax works to cover the wound with a waterproof barrier, which in addition to repelling flies also allows air to penetrate and aid in healing the wound. The olive oil and medicinal herbs absorb easily into the skin and treat the injury from the inside out.