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Staph Infection Remedies for Dogs

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Posted by Li (HI) on 07/09/2021
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Many staph infections of the skin can be treated or prevented with some sesame oil, add it to the diet every day. You can try a bit on the skin to see the effect also.

MMS or chlorine dioxide used every hour as a skin spray worked wonders on my dog, also gave him some orally.


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Posted by Candice (Kingman, AZ) on 11/02/2008
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Our wheaton terrior had a really bad wound on nape of her ear that was infected. Antibiotics, etc. did nothing. The vet suggested we pack it with sugar. 1 week later the infection was gone. They told me they had used it on a dog and it saved his leg! Honey works too but can be too messy.

Posted by Sandi (Oroville, CA) on 05/17/2008
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Have you ever heard of using "sugar" to heal wounds? When I was young, our dog opened a large area near his scrotum that would not heal..My father suggested we pour sugar on it. The wound healed in less than one week. Has anyone else heard of this?

Replied by Nida
(Karachi, Pakistan)

Hello, my cat has a wound on the knee of the hind leg n it's pain makes me cry .would u like to tell me if we can use sugar for every sort of cat's wounds n what is the process of pouring. Reply plz :'(

Torn Ligament

Posted by Abedog (Kirkland, Usa) on 08/19/2011

Hello, Our 80 pound dog tore a ligament in his back leg. The vet says the only way he will ever be able to use the leg again is with surgery. She said that if we don't do the surgery, he will be in chronic pain. We love our dog very much and want the best for him. Has anyone had this happen and used alternative remedies to help the situation?

Replied by Virginia
(Hamilton, Ont)


Torn Ligament: I have the same problem with a 5 yr old Mastiff, torn ligament in rear leg at knee. Vet says best to put him down, claims it will never heal without surgery. Says the dog is too heavy for him to heal and only way is surgery which he told is $4,000. -5,000. Which cannot afford. Have you heard from anyone or does anyone have any suggestions how we can heal this. He is being crated right now, and only activity is going out on a leash for potty. thks.



My dog hurt her leg and an ex-ray showed torn ligaments and the knee suggested surgery at a cost of 1000 euros. I have aversion to any surgery so I used diatomaceous earth and turmeric......the earth is silica and the turmeric for inflammation. I mixed it with water and put in her food......took awhile but she walks and runs fine now.

Good luck with your dog!


Posted by Jackie (Grandrapids, USA) on 07/12/2008

my cat got out and was gone a week, came home with her left cheek so swollen her eye couldn't open and there was a scab on her cheek.i wiped the scab off with a cotton ball soaked in a weak borax warm water solution, the scab wouldn't come off. then i took a little tumeric out of a capsule and mixed it with water to make a paste, and covered the scab. did this last night. at 10:30 this morning on the way to the vet, the swelling was almost all gone, and the swelling was huge and there was bloody drainage coming from her mouth, so i think the tumeric helped it to drain. she was given a long acting antibiotic shot and has pain med to take twice a day for 7 days, has to go back in 10 days but she will be ok. she had no fever. i think the tumeric helped immensely, and i will use it everyday til it's healed. i take tumeric myself, once for a boil, by mouth and by putting a paste on the boil. i take up to 4 capsules daily when i feel a cold coming on, it always helps. i'm very grateful for the earth clinic

Replied by Anastasio
(Laholm, Sweden)

Please tell me how you mix the turmeric with the water and if you cook it please tell me for how long time ?! Thank you for you may aswer back!

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

For all open bleeding wounds use straight turmeric powder. My big rescue dog had almost his entire back hairless, bleeding septic and infected. He healed very quickly and without pain or itch. Keep applying the powder daily as needed and protect items from getting a bright yellow. This also applies for deep wounds.

Do not wash as turmeric is antibiotic, making new blood as well. Later use coconut oil or ACV (apple cider vgr.) as you see fit. If there is ongoing itching later on see EC on staph infection for dogs.

Namaste Om

Replied by Samarra
(Pacific Nw, Washington)
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My 1 yr old King Shepherd Dog has oozing and a red patch on his testicles (scrotum). I don't see anything that might have caused it. Although it's possible a deer or horse fly got him. I did read here that some people recommend giving 1-2 tsp of turmeric with the dog's food; and another recommended putting sugar on the wound. Does anyone have any specifics on either turmeric for internal or external use &/or sugar for external use? How much of either or both and what goes with it? How long does it take to see results? I live almost an hour way from a vet so any help or info you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Samarra!

If this were my dog I would bathe him and pay extra attention to the wounded area, making sure it was cleaned and debrided of scabs or crusty tissue. Then I would apply an over the counter wound cream or ointment, such as a triple-antibiotic from the drugstore. You may have to apply twice a day - making sure the wound is thoroughly cleaned before each application of the antibiotic ointment. Do this first and keep an eye on the wound. You can still do the turmeric in the food, but for sure clean the wound and put a top dressing on it.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

Please, if your pet has skin issues that are oozing, red, inflamed, infected, etc., etc., PLEASE GET THEM TO THE VET!! If these skin issues are this bad it means an infection! Really needs to be healed first with antibiotics from your vet. Then AFTER they are healed with antibiotics, you can then try some of the recommended preventative treatments.

NOTE: if you can't afford your vet, ask your vet if he/she take CareCredit. Most vets do nowadays. It's an interest-free loan good for up to 6-months term.

White Bread and Milk Poultice

Posted by Tonzzi (Bend, Oregon) on 08/03/2010

A friend told me about this. A horse rammed a stick into its chest, it's owner removed the crust off of a piece of white bread and soaked it in milk and used it as a poultice, re-doing it every day. It took 3 months to draw the stick out and the horse recovered! Tonzzi


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Posted by Robert (Martinez, Ca, Usa) on 03/02/2010
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I experienced an injured dog on a hike, it had gotten into barbed wire & was bleeding profusely with the owners not knowing what to do I picked some wild,(of course), yarrow, (achillea millefolia), & applied it to the wound stopping the bleeding.Yarrow is easy to grow & is a very good friend/gift to have around. Identifying is easy & it has a pleasant distinctive odor. Pictures are available on the net. This would be my first choice in the field or at home as I once suffered a laceration which would have required sutures as so claimed my nurse friend. I picked my yarrow friend that I had grown in my yard & applied it with a dressing. The bleeding stopped & also the throbbing pain within minutes. I left it on overnight & when I removed the dressing the next morning. it looked as though it had been sutured! I have used plantain,(plantago), as a drawing agent for absesses & it is a good field remedy for poison oak or nettle sting as it is anti-inflamatory.It grows plentiful in most areas & easily identified, see net for pictures. There are 2-types, the large leaf & more narrow, lance-like, leaf. They grow tall stalks straight up from the leaves & the seed pods are at the tips which can be removed for planting in your garden. One pod can grow say 50 plants or more pending the size. Always remember to leave some for the outdoors so the population remains healthy & thank the creator for the gift when harvesting.

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