Horse Wound Remedies

| Modified: Sep 14, 2017
Add New Post In the course of work and play, horses are prone to wounds from all sorts of causes. Wire and wooden fencing, other animals, saddles, rocks, and other environmental components can cause puncture wounds, lacerations, open sores, and deep cuts. Often, these are on the legs where the bones increase the possibility of damage.

Every horse owner should be ready with proper wound care materials to provide immediate and long-term care for wounds to heal quickly and properly, reducing the chance of infection and secondary injury thereby. You'll need cleaning agents, gauze to stop bleeding, bandages, some medical tape, and iodine or betadine for a start.

Natural Cures: Saline solution should be handy in order to clean out wounds initially. Later on, apple cider vinegar can be a natural antibiotic, helping to keep open wounds clean and free from infection.