Pets: Wound Remedies

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Lavender Oil
Posted by Jemira (Overland Park, Ks, Us) on 06/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars

In January of this year the cat that lives under my garage (he came with the house I bought it seems) was bitten in the face by what looked to be a large dog by the size of the holes. I cleaned him up and left him alone as animals heal pretty well usually. I kept an eye on him but the wounds were not getting better and by February I took him to a vet. Shots and a hundred dollars later we were out the door with instructions on what to do.

6 weeks pass. Wounds are looking worse and had gone necrotic despite the fact I had followed the vets instructions to the letter. He smelled like rotting meat. Almost in tears as he is the sweetest cat - never once fought, scratched or tried to bite me while cleaning his face - I thought I would have to put him down. As I sat there with him in my lap I thought about what I knew. Side note, western meds make me sick and if there is a side effect I will 95% of the time have it so it's natural or nothing for my health for the most part. I remembered reading about a man that healed his fathers necrotic diabetic foot wound with grapefruit seed extract (GSE), a woman that had kept her cats safe from a virus that killed a lot of cats in her area by putting a drop of GSE in their water and a man that cured his horse of colic using GSE in it's water. Kills mold, staph and mrsa. OK, so GSE was a go. Needed more though. Then I thought about all the uses of lavender essential oil.

So I went in the house, put about 2 fingers of distilled water in a small glass cup, 2 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract, 2-3 shakes of Lavender essential oil out of the bottle and mixed it up. Went back to cat on porch and cleaned the wounds well. Like I said, he smelled like rotting meat, all hair on that side of his face had fallen out, skin was mottled - the wounds just would not heal with what the vet was having me do. Went to bed sure I would find him worse in the morning. Well, first thing in the morning I went out to see him as always. It was a miracle. Skin was not mottled, it looked pink and healthy! I was onto something. I started cleaning his face 3x everyday using the mix. For his food I gave him a bowl of fresh water with one drop of GSE added to it, his normal hard food and then in the evenings I would give him wet food with one drop of GSE in it.

4 weeks later it is 99% healed. Huge holes filled in, fur is growing back (as of week 3) and the swelling gone. My only sorrow comes from the fact I wish I had used my brain sooner and trusted what I know to heal instead of what the vet said. She is a very good vet but I could have saved the cat months of pain and oozing wounds.