Natural Cures for White Shaker Syndrome

| Modified: Jun 08, 2017
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Shaker Syndrome or White Shaker Syndrome is a poorly understood malady, largely affecting small dog breeds, that causes uncontrollable shaking. White shaker usually strikes dogs when they are young, and seems to strike dogs with white fur most often, which explains the name. An autoimmune and neurological interaction seems to be at fault, but generally dogs are able to endure the condition, which can be kept at bay through various therapies. According to one our readers (see post below), white shaker syndrome may be a side effect of certain dog vaccinations.

Remedies for White Shaker Dog Syndrome

If your dog is suffering from white shaker syndrome and you're looking for an effective pet remedy, please read Ted from Bangkok's recommendation to give your dog supplemental L-histidine in order to moderate immune function.

If you try one of Ted's remedies or have a remedy of your own that has helped a dog with White Shaker Syndrome, please share it with us!