Cat Acne and Skin Conditions: Natural Remedies!

| Modified: Oct 26, 2017
Add New Post We think of cats as being remarkably clean pets, but they too can get acne and other skin conditions that cause irritation, redness, swelling, and the resultant itching and irritation. Bacteria and pests can penetrate the skin, causing your cat irritation and even transferring infection into the skin or bloodstream. Likewise, the fur is an imperfect barrier against the same sorts of rash-causing plants that give pet owners their own cases of ugly dermatitis.

Cat acne in particular often occurs on the chin, and in most cases this cat chin acne is the result of its feeding habits. Simply switching your cat's food and water bowls to ceramic or stainless steel may resolve your cat's acne condition, as plastic bowls are more likely to harbor bacteria. Other cat skin conditions may be triggered by mite infestations (as with mange), allergies, fleas or ticks, and environmental toxins.

Cure Cat Skin Conditions with Home Remedies!

As mentioned above, cat acne can sometimes be cured with new food and water bowls (or assiduously cleaning plastic food bowls on a daily basis). In the short term, cat skin conditions (including acne) may be relieved or even cured with several home remedies for the skin and general cat health. In some cases of acne and skin irritations the cause is an allergy, and scented kitty litters as well as commercial cat foods are often at fault - though you should also make sure there are no plants in or around your house that are poisonous to pets. Application of diluted apple cider vinegar or a borax wash may kill off pathogens and soothe your cat's skin irritation.