Chicken Health - Natural Remedies for Chickens!

| Modified: Dec 19, 2019
Add New Post Sick chickens? Ailing chicks? Or just looking to ensure optimal health among your brood of farmyard poultry? Surprisingly, chickens (especially baby chickens) have plenty of health issues that pop up during the course of their lives. This might include chicken mites, chicken lice, picking (a condition where chickens peck at one another due to stress, lack of food or water, or overcrowding), molting, and various chicken diseases. Sick chickens may be lethargic, show poor coloration or texture in the feathers, may eat or drink less, and may produce weakened or fewer eggs.

A number of natural remedies have long been used to address poultry diseases, ward off pests, and enhance overall chicken nutrition.

Natural Cures for Chicken Health: Apple cider vinegar for chickens is especially popular as a home remedy for poultry. Apple cider vinegar added to chicken feed or water supplies may improve nutrition and help to ward off insect pests. Wood ashes, dandelion greens, garlic, and onions are also popular remedies among the chicken coop.