Natural Remedies for Back and Neck Pain in Dogs

| Modified on Oct 24, 2016

Dogs can experience pain in their backs and necks, they just may not be able to tell you about it. Natural remedies for back and neck pain target infection, pain, and removing the cause of the pain. A veterinary diagnosis will be helpful in knowing the cause of your dog's pain, making it easier to narrow down the solution.

Causes of back pain in dogs are quite similar to the causes of back pain in humans. A misaligned or damaged disc in the spine can cause pain. Infection and inflammation can cause back pain. Arthritis or injury can be the root of back pain.


Turmeric is commonly used to reduce pain, inflammation and infection. It does have a strong taste and some creativity may be needed to encourage your dog to take his turmeric. You will find dosing information on this page.

Chiropractic Adjustment

The specialty of pet chiropractors is growing as pet owners and pet health professionals realize the need for this service. If your dog has neck or back pain from a spinal misalignment or slipped disc, chiropractic adjustments will be a non-invasive treatment you can consider.

Dietary Changes

The higher quality of food your dog consumes, the better his body will repair itself and fight infection. Look for grain free food or even consider a raw diet for your dog.

Have you treated your dog's back pain with natural remedies? Please send us some feedback!

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Posted by Sunsong (Mission, BC Canada) on 06/10/2009

I would like to say that I had great success with chiropractic treatment for a large Siamese cat that i was looking after for some friends. The chiropractor I found had worked with many animals including horses. His prices were reasonable as well.

The overweight aggressive cat would bite, squirm and generally be miserable anytime we would want to pick him up. I get along with all animals, so this was quite unusual for me! I sensed he was hurting/uncomfortable, so even though my family thought i was crazy, i took the hurting cat to the chiropractor, and voila....after only one treatment, i could pick him up and he purred and looked happy. We took him for an extra 2 treatments after that. It was funny....the cat knew it was good for him and happily laid on the chiropracters bench waiting for his gentle treatment. Our chiropracter used the gentle retractor gun tool to align his back. I think we had a particularly good chiropracter. Needless to say, find one who has worked with animals!!!

I'm guessing, but i think the cat must have jumped off a high ledge at one point,...that may have been what twisted his back out of alignment. By the way, his general anxiety decreased quite a bit after the treatment as well.

Posted by Yolanda (Atlanta, GA, USA) on 07/08/2008

If no other indication that a dog has arthritis, it could very well be a misaligned joint (hip, spine, etc.). Look for a chiropractor who treats dogs and/or vet who uses acupuncture. My dachsie was down in back hips and vet said to lock her in a crate 2 weeks! Insane! I took her to my chiropractor, she found a problem in the low back and treated it. My dog jumped up and ran in circles, took off running down the 40 foot hallway and back, squatted and peed. No pain and she was all perfect again. She never had the problem ever again! I have personally had miracle stories similar to that with acupuncture.

Sea Salt

Posted by Bob (Moscow, Pa. Usa) on 06/12/2011

Re: dogs with back problems, hip dysplasia & bad backs & sea salt - I have never heard of bad results.You need to know how much your salt dog needs. I suggest salting its food and giving it a water dish with no salt, one with 1/8 tsp per quart and 1/4 per quart.

Vitamin C

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Posted by Renee (Conyers, Ga) on 12/10/2011

My dachshund went down in the back at 5 yo. Vet wanted to do surgery but since I didn't have the money we crated him for weeks & he ended up bouncing back. He had always had chronic constipation-sometimes so bad I had him at emergency vet several times - not one time did any vet suggest this could be from a disc problem. (His back obviously hurt too bad to poop) Also no vet ever said anything about vitamin c. They had me trying pumpkin, fiber, etc. - none worked. I poured through the internet & found out about vit. C. Started him on 2000 mg Ester C a day. Been 4 years now & poop is fine & he's had no problems since. Now my 11 yo golden mix has been showing signs of stiffness (beginning arthritis) and I've started her on Ester C - she's already showing great improvement. Bottom line is I think Ester C is a wonder drug. All my other dachshund rescues are now on 500 mg a day just for preventative.