Turtle Care: Natural Pet Care Tips for Pet Turtles

| Modified: Sep 04, 2013
Add New Post Turtles may seem like entirely self-sufficient pets, but they can get sick just like any other animal. Pet turtles can have trouble with their shells including shell rot, respiratory infections, or suffer fungal and other infections.

Caution: Respiratory infections are particularly dangerous to turtles. If your pet shows mucus at the nose or mouth, is making odd vocal sounds, or is swimming crookedly it should be taken to a vet.

Natural Pet Cures: For all sick turtles (few exceptions) make sure your pet has a very warm environment, lots of UV light, and try to add liquid vitamins to its water. Proper turtle food is also essential, and it must be both wet and warm. Greens - including both fruits and vegetables as well as typical turtle pond greens - should be always available, but protein should be more limited (as much as would fill its head and neck is the rule of thumb for the protein part of turtle food).