Feline Acne Remedies

| Modified: Oct 31, 2017
Add New Post Feline acne, especially chin acne in cats, is fairly common and if uncomplicated is not a health condition for great concern. However, feline acne can become infected and sometimes is in a pustular form that will be irritated and repeatedly burst.

A cat's acne is a product of its sebaceous glands, which secrete oils as in humans. However, in cats this is related to marking of territory. In most cats, acne will just appear as blackheads around the chin and lips. In cats with immune issues, hygiene issues, or other secondary factors their feline acne can become more serious and result in sores, large pimples, and eventually in infections.

Natural Cures: Keeping your cat's food and water bowls cleaner may help--plastic bowls are typically dirtier than glass or metal bowls. Reducing stress levels can reduce the amount of acne. Antibiotic cleaning of the chin or affected area can reduce the amount of bacteria causing acne and infection.