Feline Acne Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anne Lee (A) on 09/12/2017

My kitten has Feline Chin Acne around the chin and now there's a new spot, on her nose. I only use stainless steel plate and bowl which has changed to old porcelain plates and bowls. I feed raw diet. I changed their water bowls twice a day. I wash their plates after every meal. Still, my kitten has acne that won't go away!

The breeder thinks it's due to over active oil glands. However the vet doesn't agree with that.

I have done everything by the book. I used plastic bowl like about two weeks when she arrived when she was on dry foods. One week after that she has started raw diet so had switched to stainless steel plate instead. Her acne problem has been more than a month.

I clean with ACV water and later rub some 500ppm Colloidal silver on the spots. She doesn't accept ACV in her food nor water. Vet suggested to clean with anti fungal and anti bacterial shampoo topically. At the same time, she worried the kitten might eat some of the shampoo which isn't good for her.

I really don't know what to do. Please help!