Feline Acne Remedies

Posted by Tiffany (Rancho Cucamonga, California) on 10/02/2011

My vet game me a gel for her acne that not only didn't work, but burned her skin. His next step was steroids. Instead, I chose Red Desert Clay. Clean their face with mild soap first to completely clean the surface. I made the clay into a paste and rubbed it into her fur and skin around lips after her last feeding of the day. Leave it on all night to dry. It binds to bacteria and toxins. The next morning she had licked some of it off, but what was left had pulled the blackheads out of her skin and dried them out. I wiped them away and left her face alone for the day, then reapplied every night for a couple more nights and the blackheads were all gone! I now brush her teeth with the clay and she has no more tartar or bacteria build-up, clean breath and healthy looking gums. Also, switch her bowls to stainless steel and wash them after every feeding.