Feline Acne Remedies

Dietary Changes, Cleansing With Colloidal Copper
Posted by Eolra (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) on 03/28/2011

I started my 3 cats on an all raw, whole ground animal diet a couple of months ago. I cannot tell you how many health issues magically cleared up - I highly reccomend giving it a try. It is surprisingly affordable (about $2 to $3 a day for all 3 cats combined). It may take a while for your cats to warm up to it, since they are used to the canned stuff, but they will eventually eat it happily - you can wean them onto it by mixing it with regular food at first. All 3 have lost weight (they were obese), have softer coats, shed less, and have brighter eyes and more energy. My chronic puker has stopped puking, and my cat who had chronic eye and nose goo since kittenhood is suddenly goo free. The difference in the litterbox is also night and day - less poo, less goopy, less smelly. Give it a shot and see if your cat's skin problems clear up. I can't say enough about this diet.