Diabetes Remedies for Pets

| Modified: Jan 12, 2020
Add New Post The diabetes epidemic doesn't stop at the doghouse. Our pets are sharing in our high blood sugar troubles as well, often because commercial dog foods (and cat foods) are just as high in sugar content as our own processed foods tend to be. Fortunately, some of the home remedies for limiting blood sugar and for treating symptoms of diabetes can be offered to our dogs, cats, and other pets too. So too are there natural diabetes remedies perfect just for our pet companions!

Canine diabetes is especially prevalent, though feline diabetes and other diabetic pets are not altogether uncommon. For these pets, insulin replacement therapy is available, but before your pet reaches that level of need you can take steps to address a pre-diabetic condition.

Natural Cures: Sedentary pets are unhealthy pets, and an overweight dog or cat is more likely to be diabetic. Get your dog, cat, or other pet out and about each day for some good exercise. It's good for everybody involved! Cinnamon and/or vinegar can be added to some pets' diets to control blood sugar levels. An holistic diet offers improved nutrition all around.