Diabetes Remedies for Pets

| Modified on Jan 12, 2020
Posted by Carol (Texas) on 06/17/2019
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I would like to mention a website for cats with diabetes.....FelineDiabetes.com.... it was the only site that helped when my cats appeared to be insulin resistant- which I later found was giving him too much insulin...my vets (2 different ones- I might add...started the whole giving too much insulin. One was giving 12 units Novolin N insulin to a cat???? I followed my instincts and my heart and went to yet another vet- after much research I ask if we could start my cat on lantus. That's what we did and things have been great- over the years he has slowly gotten down to 1/2 unit twice daily. Can I stress enough- Too much insulin is deadly! It can also show a false negative on a curve and seem as if his bg is high and crash them. The key is to *Go Slow & Low*...as the site says!!!! Be patient.....don't panick- unless the blood glucose is too low! Karo- rubbed on the gums is a good way to pull up low blood sugar. A lot of the article has to do with general diabetes- which is good to know even if you are a diabetic human or any pet!!! Please check out the website.

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Posted by Priscilla (Missouri) on 07/22/2017

I would like to state human insulin does work on cats. I had a cat on it for years and he was very well regulated on it as well with a proper diet of Hills Science diet W/D that is formulated for managing glucose. Its very definitely not saw dust. He even reverted back to not being a diabetic a couple times but couldnt hold it there.

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Posted by Cindi (Plano, Tx) on 01/07/2016

I have a 7 year old cat with diabetes. He gets 5.5 units of Humulin N every day and is doing great. No weight loss and insulin levels stay even. No dry food. I feed him the best quality wet food I can afford.

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 02/11/2015

This is not the first time I hear this. I have diabetes myself and after doing research dumped insulin and am well just by watching the diet. You can find out by visiting GreenMedInfo online about diabetes medicines.

See also online about Transferfactor . It has quite a reputation for healing pets and people I believe.

Vet dog diets sold in the clinics is the worst. For diabetes they sell wood dust. I saw that and was taken aback. But I have never considered that specific diet as anything but profiteering at the cost of an innocent animal that can't talk back. A well thought out diet as well as your pet can thrive on it . Exercise is vital and keeps the blood sugar down. In my case, I would have a word with the vet, I can tell you. All the best.

Namaste, Om

Dietary Help for Canine Diabetes
Posted by Sharon (Powell River, BC, CA) on 09/06/2014

Our chocolate lab was diagnosed as diabetic almost a year ago. She will be 9 this coming February. We have had many labs but she is our first chocolate, and we have had nothing but one major medical problem after another and I have since learned that this can be common with chocolates. She is a wonderful dog and puts up with each incident after another. Since becoming diabetic, she is now blind and I have tried many things to combat this. Her insulin is fairly high as her pancreas is not working, thus no production of insulin naturally, and her liver and heart are enlarged. You would never know she has anything wrong with her or that she is blind. I feed her a raw food and veggie diet along with supplements and one cup morning and night of a diabetic dog food. I check her blood sugar before each meal. She lies down and lets me do this no problem and lies down after eating to get her insulin shot. I love her so very much and can't believe how good a patient she is. I am going to try castor oil for her eyes again as nothing else has worked either but what the hey! Can't hurt I don't think.

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Posted by Luvtoonces2 (Lake Arrowhead, California) on 03/27/2013

Hi Ana, I was hoping you could give us an update. Did you use Gloria Dodd DVM's cure for Diabetes? Did it work? How expensive? We would love an update and hope your Cat is better. :-)

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Posted by Dogmama (Ft. Worth, Tx) on 10/08/2012

Forgot to mention that human insulin is NOT useful for cats, sorry.

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Posted by Dogmama (Fort Worth, Tx) on 10/07/2012

I'd be careful about using peroxide as it could seriously alter your dog's chemical balance; ACV is less likely to cause problems. As for insulin for dogs? I have a Labrador that gets 28 units of human insulin twice per day -- human & canine insulin are very similar and the human is a cheaper substitute that works just fine. Best place to buy is NOT CVS, Walgreen's, etc. Go to WalMart. I can buy Humulin N (what my dog gets) for less than $25 per bottle, as compared to over $60 per bottle at other pharmacies. You just need to show them the scrip from the vet & be sure to tell them it is for a dog (otherwise they will have to enter it in their system & you will be charged more). I've heard that CostCo & Sam's Clubs are also reasonable on price (WalMart just happens to be closest to me). Hope this helps.

Dietary Help for Canine Diabetes
Posted by Linda (Hanover Park, Il) on 08/28/2012

Our Red & White Irish Setter was diagnosed as diabetic this June. Jamie is already hypothyroid and I have since learned that these two conditions have a very strong correlation. Jamie has been grain-free most of his 9 years, supplemented with raw and home cooked food so diet was not the problem, appears to be hereditary. We have since switched entirely to 1/2 grain-free kibble and 1/2 raw dog food for each feeding. Jamie is also getting chiropractic help with his pancreas. Jamie receives 2 shots of insulin a day. I think 7 units is very low for a 65 lb. Dog and I feel strongly that his diet plays a big role in this. We are ordering a canine home blood monitor to more closely track Jamie's levels. Extensive reading has lead me to believe that vets traditionally want the blood sugar higher than normal to avoid a crash, but the excess sugar wreaks havoc on the body, including contributing to cataracts. I have learned a lot from k9diabetes blog plus reding through the following: http://network.bestfriends.org/blogs/protecttheeyesblogspotcom/archive/2011/05/11/blood-testing-insulin-dosing-and-treatment-for-diabetic-dogs-to-prevent-blindness.aspx

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Posted by Bustherh (Auburn, Maine, Usa) on 05/09/2012

I have a 13 year old cat who was diagnosed with diabetes about 3 years ago. The vet told us that she needed to start on insulin immediately!!! We are poor so we simply did not have the money for the outrageous prices he quoted us. She had been eating cheap dry food all of her life which is usually like half flour or something similar. We just switched her to the best wet food we could afford and 3 years later there has been no difference at all in her quality of life as far as can be perceived by us. We also put colloidal silver in the water cooler which we all drink from.

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Posted by Ana (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 03/14/2012

Hi, my cat was also just diagnosed with diabetes and I found a holistic vet in my search for remedies, she also helps dogs and other animals. She has an interesting approach to cure diabetes at this link: http://www.holisticvetpetcare.com/diabetes.htm and I am thinking of trying it. In the testimonials she help cure a cat with diabetes in about 4 months using her approach without insulin. She also has an interesting article on why animals get sick - that is worth a read if nothing else.

Hope this helps! Ana

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Posted by Lelfda (Redding, Ca) on 12/10/2011
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My Yorkie is 11. 3 years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes. 2 shots a day for the rest of his life. I have tried everything. I got the book "One Minute Cure" and discovered more uses for H2O2. Started putting 3 drops into Bobby's water. He shares it with 2 cats and another Yorkie, so they all are benefiting from the extra O2. The Vet told me that usually by the second year of diabetes, a dog will lose their eyesight. Bobby is a lucky one. He was born with no tear duct on his left eye and been blind in it for years, so only has one eye. After starting the H2O2, he has been able to jump up on my recliner, which he hadn't done in a couple years. He acts years younger. I'm hoping the diabetes will go away and he will be able to get off the insulin.

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Posted by Jennandluca (Los Angeles, Ca, United States) on 12/05/2011

Hi there,

Do you know if any of the things you mentioned would work for a cat with Diabetes? We discovered his diabetes in January, and overall he's doing well, but I'd love to find some holisitic ways of helping him rather than relying on Insulin forever.

Any info would be great. Thank you!

Dietary Help for Canine Diabetes
Posted by Bridget (Strasburg, Colorado) on 08/30/2011

my dogs get a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar on their food in the a.m. at first didnt care for it. I started with very little and built up to a tsp. they are small. Now they eat their food with no prob. with the Apple Cider Vinegar on top.

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Posted by Marcy (Phoenix, Az Usa) on 12/08/2009
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canine diabetes

dogs with diabetes- things i've found to help are..

1-homemade diet, i try to avoid commercial dog foods. it's not as hard as you may think. i use my slow cooker to do it at night. there is a wealth of info on recipes via internet.

2-cinnamon- i add a few dashes of cinnamon on the food and it helps to lower blood sugar.

3-biotin- this also helps to lower the sugar. i have 1000 mcg tabs,i just add 1 to the food when i feel he needs it.

Dietary Help for Canine Diabetes
Posted by Gtaylor (Arlington, Tx) on 12/05/2009

Question: been reading about Apple Cider Vinegar-ACV-for human remedy for diabetes and was wondering if this will help dogs. I have a 12 yr old Siberian Husky that was diagnosed about 4 months ago. Insulin for dogs is having some manufactoring problems and we may not be able to find it soon. Vet says we will have to start using human insulin. I have tried adding acv to my dogs water months ago but she won't drink it. Would love to find out if anyone is having any luck using acv for canines.

Dietary Help for Canine Diabetes
Posted by Bob (Crossvile, Tn) on 11/13/2009

We have a Shetland Sheep Dog about 13 years old. He got diabetes about a year ago. I give him two shots a day. His hearing has gone but his eye sight is ok for now. He eats Alpo Premium cuts and slices three times a day. Half can each time, then he loves to get a chicken breast strip for a treat. We are worried about his eye sight though. Is there anything that can be done to avoid it?? Thanks.

Dietary Help for Canine Diabetes
Posted by Michelle (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 06/11/2008
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Canine Diabetes: My dog, a border collie mix developed diabetes at age 9. Had to find a way to feed her hunger while keeping her trim. I did a little research and some by instinct. She got lots of green beans and spinich. I would give her a can before each cup (2 per day) of dog food. She also got 1 piece of raw chicken at her second feeding. My vet didn't like the raw chicken but she loved it and I never saw any issues with feeding it to her until she got older and her teeth were an issue. At that time I boiled the chicken and took it off the bone for her. People with diabetes have to eat regularly so I figured she had to also. If she seemed ravenous she got a can of veggies. She got 2 insulin shots per day. She became blind 4 years after becoming diabetic and lived that way for 2 years. She did great without her sight, you would never have know it if you saw her on the street. Her instincts and my eyes seemed to to the trick. She lived to 15 which I think is a good age for a dog of her size even if she had not had serious health issues. She only really got sick and failing the last 2 months of her life. Her last day, we went for a walk, she had some rice and chicken and then died during the night in her favorite corner of the yard.