Diabetes Remedies for Pets

Dietary Help for Canine Diabetes
Posted by Michelle (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 06/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Canine Diabetes: My dog, a border collie mix developed diabetes at age 9. Had to find a way to feed her hunger while keeping her trim. I did a little research and some by instinct. She got lots of green beans and spinich. I would give her a can before each cup (2 per day) of dog food. She also got 1 piece of raw chicken at her second feeding. My vet didn't like the raw chicken but she loved it and I never saw any issues with feeding it to her until she got older and her teeth were an issue. At that time I boiled the chicken and took it off the bone for her. People with diabetes have to eat regularly so I figured she had to also. If she seemed ravenous she got a can of veggies. She got 2 insulin shots per day. She became blind 4 years after becoming diabetic and lived that way for 2 years. She did great without her sight, you would never have know it if you saw her on the street. Her instincts and my eyes seemed to to the trick. She lived to 15 which I think is a good age for a dog of her size even if she had not had serious health issues. She only really got sick and failing the last 2 months of her life. Her last day, we went for a walk, she had some rice and chicken and then died during the night in her favorite corner of the yard.