Diabetes Remedies for Pets

Posted by Carol (Texas) on 06/17/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to mention a website for cats with diabetes.....FelineDiabetes.com.... it was the only site that helped when my cats appeared to be insulin resistant- which I later found was giving him too much insulin...my vets (2 different ones- I might add...started the whole giving too much insulin. One was giving 12 units Novolin N insulin to a cat???? I followed my instincts and my heart and went to yet another vet- after much research I ask if we could start my cat on lantus. That's what we did and things have been great- over the years he has slowly gotten down to 1/2 unit twice daily. Can I stress enough- Too much insulin is deadly! It can also show a false negative on a curve and seem as if his bg is high and crash them. The key is to *Go Slow & Low*...as the site says!!!! Be patient.....don't panick- unless the blood glucose is too low! Karo- rubbed on the gums is a good way to pull up low blood sugar. A lot of the article has to do with general diabetes- which is good to know even if you are a diabetic human or any pet!!! Please check out the website.