Diarrhea Remedies for Pets

| Modified: Mar 25, 2018
Add New Post Diarrhea is no fun no matter what the case, but with a pet you've got the discomfort and sickness along with a pet's less impressive self-control to deal with. Definitely no good for anybody's health and well-being!

If your dog, cat, or other small pet is having issues with a single or ongoing bout of diarrhea or loose stools, there are natural remedies you can consider to get your pet's digestive health back in working order.

First, be sure to consider the cause of your pet's health condition. A course of antibiotics can lead to diarrhea, in which case yogurt or probiotics is often the best remedy. A change in diet or environmental influences can also cause diarrhea.

Natural Pet Remedies: Pumpkin, tripe, probiotics, and cayenne pepper are all popular home remedies for diarrhea in pets. However, a combined remedy in the form of a pumpkin and chicken puree is so far the most popular and effective natural cure for diarrhea. Check out the recipe below.