Diarrhea Remedies for Pets


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Posted by Veronica (San Antonio, Texas) on 11/20/2008
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I have used pumpkin (canned, plain, no sugar) for my cats' and dogs'diarrhea and constipation. It works great for both. I usually cook up some chicken and rice as well when it is diarrhea. As long as it is not giardia (fenbendazole- brand name Panacur or Safe-Guard from any feed store will take care of that) then I can usually clear it up within a day or two.

Replied by Kelly
(Nashville, TN)

Canned pumpkin (100% pure pumpkin) is a great cure for dog who must have their anal glands expressed due to impactions. Also, my two dogs take enzymes and herbs daily. The herbs smell (and most likely taste) really bad. I mix them in a few teaspoons of pumpkin and add a couple of drops of omega 3 and vitamin E and a drop or so of Agave nectar. No problem getting them to eat this.

Posted by Kris (Benton City, Washington) on 01/09/2008
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I have used Pumpkin for constipation for my dog who suffers from chronic problems daily. Contrary to others beliefs. I give him a tablespoon every day. It works great! I also have another dog that has problems with diarrhea I also give him the same amount as it has fiber and works for both problems. This is a marvelous cure all. I am thirlled that I found this information on this site.

Replied by Renee
(Tacoma, Wa)
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It works! When My puppy came home from having surgery he was constipated... I gave him pumpkin and withing a few hours his "stuff" was normal and he wasn't straining himself outside. (It was so sad watching him try his hardest with no result) A couple of days later he got diahrea from his medication, and again, I gave Him a spoonfull of pumpkin and added the same amount of greek yogurt with each meal. While he was on the medication I had to keep this up... If I stopped the additions to his normal food, he would have the "runs" again. Now he's off the meds and the problem is gone... though he likes the yogurt so much I keep giving it to him.

Pumpkin or Sweet Potato

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Posted by Teri (Erie, Pa. USA) on 01/10/2009
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Hi Everyone,

First, thank you for your wonderful web site. Last week I was up all night with my sick 90lb german shepard. First she was vomiting, then got slammed with really severe diarrhea. After I read your messages about the use of pumpkins I decided to give it a try. I'm on disability and these $150 vet visits are killing me. Well as luck would have it I also didn't have any pumplin but remembered I had some unbaked sweet potatos left over from Thanksgiving that were still good so I baked them till they were nice and soft and mixed it in her food. Her diarrhea was gone in a day and a half. It gets better. I was speaking with my brother who lives with a ankle bitter that eat a five pound box of Christmas cookies and got so bound up he couldn't walk. Their vet recommended pumpkin to relieve his problem and it also work great. It appears that pumpkin, sweet potato or any high fiber foods will work for both problems. Thanks again for your web site and the information you publish. It was a blessing.

I would also appreciating hearing from anyone who has a remedy for allergies and itching and chewing. Almost $1000 dollars into treatment we are no closer to finding out what makes Willow (my puppy) go crazy. She chews her feet, stratches her nose, and get chews the fur off her legs and digs in her ears. The only thing the vet does is put her on antibotics and steroids and as soon as she quits taking them it starts all over again. Hoping someone can help. I breaks my heart to see her suffer. Thanks again.


EC: Re: the allergies -- please tell us brand of dog food you are feeding her, also what ingredients are listed on the packaging!

Replied by Sarah
(Phoenix, AZ)

My dog did the same thing, but not to the extreme of your dog. She would bite the fur off of her back and was missing fur. She also had really bad dry, flakey skin. I found out that she was allergic to corn and wheat. She also has a negative reaction to chicken and beef. I did this by experimentation and research since the vet was going to charge me an arm a leg for steriods amongst other things! I now have her on a venison dog food with no corn or wheat. I found the food at the local pet store. You can just ask someone who works there and they will know which brands have what in them. She will occasionally chew on her feet, but now it is a force of habit. I just try to give her something else to chew on. That works immediately! She stops chewing. She no longer has the severe problems she had before. I hope this helps! Good luck!

Replied by Sue
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Teri,

My dog has similar food intolerances to Sarah's dog. My guy can't eat chicken or pork and he can't eat grains or starches such as rice, pasta, white potatoes, corn etc.

In your situation, I would put Willow onto a food elimination diet to identify possible food intolerances, especially given the recent bowel problems. You can start two ways - either by feeding 100% home cooked or 100% high quality kibble with only one protein/meat source and no grains or fillers. California Natural make two good kibbles - a fish and sweet potato or venison and sweet potato.

Allergies will be caused by either something in the environment or something in the diet. Diet is probably the easiest place to start.

Good luck. Hopefully you will find it is something as simple as eliminating grains!

Replied by Lesley
(Kagel Canyon, CA)

My chihuahua had the same symptoms... chewing feet, losing hair, scratching and digging in his ears... I put him on a holistic organic dog food, and gave him Skineze by Allergicpet.com and it really seemed to help... also, Nzymes supplements have helped other dogs with this issue... mixing ACV and water and spraying his skin might help with the itching... good luck

Replied by Darryl
(Easton, Pa)
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Thanks for the wonderful information. Found the site through a search engine when our American Eskimo/ Husky mix puppy Willow decided she should chew up her blanket and then got diarrhea. Used the chicken, rice and pumpkin recipe and it seems to be helping get her back on track.

Pumpkin, Bentonite Clay

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Posted by djweiss (Crozet, VA) on 09/29/2021
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Our 1-year-old Cockapoo developed foamy diarrhea after a visit to the dog park. We waited three days to treat her thinking the issue would resolve itself. Finally we decided she needed help and turned to Earth clinic.

We gave her 1/4 tsp pureed pumpkin from a can, 4 ounces of organic chicken, and 1/4 tsp of bentonite clay dissolved in 2 Tablespoons of water. After two meals the diarrhea had completely subsided and her stools were well formed. It has been five days now and there have been no further problems. Thank you Earth Clinic!

Pumpkin, White Rice

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Posted by Jennie (Wichita, Ks) on 02/20/2016
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I woke up to a mess in my house two days ago from my 8 year old German Shepard mix. He had a case of the runs and it was everywhere! He never gets sick so I didn't think anything of it, just picked it up and went on with the day like normal. Well the next morning, same surprise. I checked out this website and low and behold saw the pumpkin and rice suggestion. Since I had both, I tried that. Gave him about 1/2 c of rice mixed with about 2 tablespoons of pure pumpkin puree. Added in some probiotics and 1/2 clove of crushed garlic for good measure. Repeated the rice and pumpkin only 3 more time throughout the day. This morning, NOTHING! I am so thankful, that I didn't have to spend another morning scrubbing poop. My dog feels much better, THANKS EVERYONE!!

Pumpkin, White Rice
Posted by Jan (Waterville, Maine, Usa) on 02/21/2012
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Thanks you everybody who suggested pumpkin and rice for diarrhea. My dogs and cats vomited and had diarrhea every time I fed them, and we've been through many foods over the past few months. I fed them home-cooked rice, chicken, and vegetables plus pumpkin and the symptoms were gone within 2 days. My life is so much better now, and so is theirs. thanks. I add flax seed oil or olive oil, too, and oatmeal, fruit, or whatever I have. I make sure I give them the recommended amount of protein:carbs. Life is good.

Pumpkin, White Rice
Posted by Gregsartin (Naperville, Il, United States) on 08/07/2011
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I have a 80 lbs Goldendoodle who had diarrhea for about 4 days. He would go 4 to 5 times a day and I wasn't home all the time so you can imagine the mess I came home to. After reading some tips on this site I gave my dog a 1/2 cup of white rice and 2 tablespoons of pumkin for dinner then breakfast the next morning. After the dinner meal he pooped a little bit and it was mushy but not liquid runny. The next morning I took him out about 4 hours after he ate and it was 98% solid. I will continue to give him this for another meal and add white rice and pumkin to his food a couple times a week.

Rice, Cayenne, Pumpkin, Yogurt

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Posted by Jackie (Rocky Mount, NC) on 02/16/2009
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I have a German Shepherd puppy 4 months old and she developed severe diarrhea and I found this site and put her on one probiotic yogurt in the mornings and a combo of rice/cayenne/pumpkin three times a day and by the second day she was better and on the third she was cured! Thank you sooooo much for this site and for all the members who wrote about their experiences!
Since the third day I have added a little protein to her combos and she is doing fine!

Replied by Camille
(Las Vegas, Nevada)
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I have a Golden Retriever who has IBD (inflamotoy bowel desease ) . When he gets his flare ups with Dirreah I give him Pumpkin & rice mixed in his food along with some frozen yogurt cubes for a treat. They all work wonders for him. My vet told me Pumpkin can be given to him daily. Although IBD cannot be cured, the ingredients above keep it all under control. Who would have ever thought Pumpkin would be so helpful for him.

Replied by Kj
(Scottsdale, Az)

Pumpkin is awesome and veterinarian recommended.... However the dose is specific to the dog's size. 1 tablespoon probably too much for a daily dose. Reason is pumpkin contains many vitamins and minerals some of which can be dangerous in high doses.

Pumpkin also may not be good for pets with certain underlying medical conditions.... diabetes for example.

Be very careful and ask your vet please.

Squash and Garlic

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Posted by Bonnie (Lynn, MA) on 06/24/2009
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I have three kittens between three and four months old with an ongoing problem of diarhea. They still had good appetites...four meals a day...and behaved normally, so instead of taking them immediatelly to the vet.... I thought I'd try one of these remedies. I used two teaspoons of squash (the store didn't have pumpkin) and three thin slices of garlic (minced)....(I wasn't sure how much I should give them so thus the small amount) .... mixed in one can of cat food for three days (four meals a day) and they all have normal to soft ...formed ...bms! I gave them garlic with the squash since I wasn't sure what was causing the diarhea and figured the garlic would take care of parasites/worms if that was the problem. I'm not sure how long I should do this so I'm going to give it a couple more days and see if it is truly gone. I'll let you know. Thanks for your website.


P.S. I have given them cooked chicken and organic rice baby cereal and that didn't work. I'd love to be able to give them meat on a daily basis but I have many cats (all rescues) and just can't afford to do it. I'm not keeping these kittens, but want them to go to their new homes healthy. Thank you again

Replied by Hayley
(Pahoa, HI)

Fresh Garlic can be harmful to cats and kittens.

Replied by Bob
(Belleville, Nj)

Garlic works for people but can be toxic to cats.


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Posted by Vince F (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/21/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Tripe is Cow Stomach. People swear by Green, Uncleaned tripe, with the grass, enzymes, and bacteria still in it. Now they sell it in cans, but I wonder if the heat of caning destroys the enzymes and kills the bacteria.

The cleaned tripe put weight on Diablow Real fast. The thing about normal and Hi Pro was kibble, that he couldn't handle the High Pro. The thing about probiotics that I have heard, is that they take so long to help people, and some Stay on them. I tell them to try some tripe. Cleaned of course. Lots of ethnic groups eat it. I tried it raw like I gave it to the hounds. I always gave them orgam meats as a treat, once in a while. I think yogurt for the good bacteria, tripe for digestive enzymes, and cayenne to kill and bad bacteria might cure some of the people.

I frequent Dr Stoll's Md BB, and he claims that most of his cures will take months to years to cure things. I like fast things. He sayd Nothing works That fast, but they have. I used to get stabbing pains in my ears, jaw, and eyes when I ate something I became sensitive to and rice was about the Only thing that I wasn't. The pains would last days till the food passed out of my system, then one day, tired of rice, I figured oatmeal should be OK. I was dealing with the pains, and in 15Min !!! The pains were Gone, and Never returned... I think Java and Shena were as happy as I was that day. My Only escape was Sleep. Not that I didn't sleep enough back then, every few hrs, but at least I wasn't trying to escape the pains.

Replied by Kevin
(Beloit, Wi)

Cow tummy, Tripe, contains the bacteria(S) that make 1)Buttermilk, 2) yogurt, & 3) Sour Cream, all of which tend to be "cleansing" on the digestive tract. So I wonder if a bit of buttermilk might do the same thing ?

I do know that rice cooked in chicken broth ( for flavor) and PURE pumpkin helps with my Lab's runny stool, when that occurs. Thanks EVERYONE for all the input, I find it greatly helpful.

Replied by Livia
(The Woodlands, Tx)

I can't tell you if it works or not on diarrhea, but old fashioned buttermilk is a classic remedy for digestive problems used by old-time doctors. And it has an added bonus! You can make some delicious creme fraiche with the leftover buttermilk and some heavy cream - mix together and leave on the counter overnight. Then chill for several hours before using. Creme fraiche is like sour cream, but doesn't separate when you cook with it - which is why the French love to cook with it! YUMMY! Plus you have more probiotics. Unfortunately, the big, well known company that sells premium dairy products like Creme Fraiche and Quark, etc, always pasteurizes their products - no probiotics, no ability to culture more batches. So make sure that the buttermilk you use has ACTIVE cultures, and you are all set for a healing and culinary adventure.

Replied by Dtm354
(Hoboken, Usa)

My dog has had diarrhea on and off for 3 months. I've been to the vet twice (both over $500 visits), with no resolution other than keep him on a bland diet of chicken and rice with anti-diarrhea medicine. When his diarrhea acted up again, after reading all of the wonderful comments about how pumpkin can help, I decided to give it a try versus incurring another $500 vet bill with again, no resolution. After giving my dog 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day with his meals (science diet dog food for sensitive stomachs and a little rice) for one day his diarrhea was gone, and he was back to his happy, playful self. Thank you for the comments, and hopefully this will help someone else as well!

Posted by Vince F (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/19/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I got in a hound that had severe digestive problems. Since I was low on food for my other dog I went to stock up on Tripe. They only had the high protein version so I picked it up. He could eat the normal version, but not the hi pro. I tried giving him some scrambles eggs, and I don't think it hit his stomach before it came back up. His breeder said she had gotten him back with bloody diarreha, and I thought she had cured whatever his problems were. I offered him yogurt but he turned up his nose. I stuck it on his nose and after licking it off, he wanted more. That helped a lot of his food sensitivities but I came to find out, he had other problems, that took me years to solve. They were minor so I wasn't that worried, and he acted as healthy as could be physically. He was Very lean for an Afghan Hound which is a Very lean breed. What bothered me was that I could feel the tendons in his lower back, just like I could in the 14yr old who had just passed a few mo before. I couldn't question his strength, agility, and, but being able to feel those tendons in a 2 yr old bothered me.

I had heard about feeding Green Tripe which is uncleaned cows stomach, and all the claims, but at the time you had to try to get a Whole stomach from a slaughterhouse that could be 50'bs, and they say stinks Bad, and has digestive enzymes and bacteria in it. Since my guy was not that long from not being able to tolerate hardly anything, I wasn't going to go through all that and find out he couldn't handle it, but I wanted to see if the enzymes would help his digestion, and help him bulk up.

They sell Cleaned tripe in food stores so I picked some up. If he could handle that I was going to go for the green. I gave him a handful of bite sized pieces, and he scarfed them up, and didn't have a problem, and I Still can't believe it, but in a matter of Days, he had bulked up, and had the amount of muscle I like to feel in their lower back. Maybe it was a bit longer than a few days because I was in very bad shape from an injury, and had to sleep often, but it didn't take long, and I only gave him the one handful, and he never had a weight problem for the rest of his life. I think he was lacking the enzymes maybe to digest or absorb carbs, since that's all cows eat. The dog people who swear by tripe.

Also swear that the cleaned trip is devoid of Everything, and told me it couldn't have helped him. I DO Disagree, but then they never tried it, and maybe the grass bacteria and stomach acid is what helps their dogs, but mine was helped with the cleaned one. I know people who take probiotics and wonder why they have to Keep taking them, and they aren't cheap. Some take 12 caps/day. I always look for fast complete cures, and have found a few for myself and my pets. If the thing has to be taken reguraly, it hasn't cured the problem. People claim that nothing works as fast as I claim, but they have with me. I would forget to take something that didn't work pretty fast, since I have memory problems from an injury.

For the rest of the story with the food sensitive hound. He had minor upsets for years, but with 2 dogs and feeding one all kinds of stuff, I always thought it was the other one. Not until he had diarrhea for 5 days and nothing was helping, did I try my cure all, Cayenne Pepper, and cured him overnite. I think he had been harboring some bad bacteria that took over, and what would make his stools soft once in a while, and him bring up bile. I'll know what to do the next time I see That problem, since I had another with the same thing, before him. What the cayenne did was make the hound normal and confident, by curing his problem, and he Was a challenge to try to desitize, and I consider myself an expert, but the usual cures only worked on the item that spooked him. The next day he would find another, and the Strangest things. He probably didn't feel good, and was always wary, of Everything. It was great to give him a few years where he was bold and confident all the time. He was fine in the house, but not outside.

White Rice

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Posted by Mike (Ft Myers, Fla) on 12/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

the very best thing that we have found is just plain white rice, our 9 year old mixed lab eats only dry dogfood all his life but sometimes gets a treat from the table. we have learned over the years that some things just make him have diarrhea an when i see his stool is changing at one of his trips outside we fix some plain white rice. one of my customers told me about this years ago when my dog was really going all over the house and within hours he stopped and it has worked ever since.

Replied by Kelly
(Franksville, Wi)

can anyone tell me how to stop vomiting in 5mo silver lab pup he eats everything and still poops and pees and is very playful.

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