Irritablity Remedies for Pets

| Modified on Aug 21, 2013
In general, our pets usually have much better dispositions that many humans do. However, on occasion animals can become a little bit moody and act in ways that might be somewhat abnormal compared to their usual, happy go lucky way of life. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to recognize these behavioral changes and do everything we can to help our pet manage whatever it happens to be that they are currently dealing with.  We know our pets well enough to realize that something must be seriously wrong for them to act in a manner that is unlike them.

Pets occasionally will become irritable if they are in some degree of pain; such as a pet who is recovering from an illness, a puppy who is teething, or perhaps even a mother who has just given birth and is experiencing discomfort as a result.  You will know that your pet is feeling somewhat irritable if he or she does not want to come over to you as a result of being called, walks away from you and does not want to be touched or handled, or perhaps chooses to find a quiet, less bustling area to retreat to.


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Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 08/21/2013

To treat your pet's irritability due to pain, use a homeopathic treatment of Chamomilla, which should greatly improve your pet's mood and help them to more easily to manage the pain.