Wart Remedies

| Modified: Jul 26, 2018
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Pets, just like their pet owners, can get warts that can be painful or just unsightly and which can spread across their skin if left untreated. Home remedies like apple cider vinegar and castor oil can help get rid of warts on your pet painlessly and at little expense.

A wart is a viral infection, so any dietary aids or natural topical agents that have antiviral properties can help. After that, sometimes time is enough. Most warts aren't dangerous and may not spread at all (though if you have any concern, your vet should take a look at your dog or cat's wart--you may be misidentifying a skin cancer on your pet).

Natural Cures: To get rid of a pet's wart at home, you can apply apple cider vinegar, castor oil, or vitamin E to the wart a few times during the day for a week or more until the wart fades away or falls off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Mimi (Texas) on 07/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My sixteen year old dog has dog warts and Apple Cider Vinegar makes them disappear. I apply ACV two to three times a day using a little spray bottle. You will see the results of the shrinkage within a few days. Her big wart went from a half dollar size to a penny size. After two or three weeks you won't notice it anymore. It is amazing and beats paying an expensive vet bill to have the warts surgically removed.

Replied by Darla
Greene, Me

I just had to put my beloved bday down because of warts one grew inside her sinus cavity. I had them removed once and unfortunately she was 14 years old when I noticed she started bleeding from her nose because of her age they recommended I not put her under sedation she lived another two years and I had no clue they were contagious, so now my 6 year old dog has a few on his body. he is bijon frese and he is growing one on his eyelid how would I treat that ? my vet didnt know these were warts because I asked him and he said he didn't know. My husband has agreed to finally go to a specialist but if I can heal these myself? I would be grateful. I don't want to rely on another vet letting Mr. Tibbs down and we tried caster oil and turmeric and it didnt work. I'm willing to ty the apple cider vinegar but how do I apply to his eyelid or can I ?

Replied by Aspasia
Melbourne, Australia

I have a 11 yr old Maltese shitzu and he has warts on his back. I was looking for a home remedy to use. Thanks to you, I'll use ACV on them and see how he goes.

Replied by Lisa
Vancouver, Wa
5 out of 5 stars

For some warts sticking up of my dog's body I tied waxy dental floss around the base of the wart and in a few days they would die off, due to lack of blood supply. Then the ACV killed them off within days. You could shut your dogs eyes and rub the ACV on the skin with a cotton ball. I use a dropper 3xs/day topically on the warts and they're going away...Hope that helps

Replied by Karolee
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

To Darla Greene, Me, I am so sorry you lost your dog. It is so difficult not to have them around all of a sudden. I hope you are able to take the time you need to grieve and if some stupid person make a comment to you like, "why would u be upset it just a dog", or this one from my cousin's pastor, "dogs don't go to heaven". You can email me and I will personally make a trip to where u live and have a private talk with them. You will be in our racers. Kare

Replied by Jannese

I wouldn't use vinegar on your dogs eyelid, you could potentially blind him.. My 15yr coton had one in the same place, his eyelid, and he already had major spinal surgery and didn't want to put him under anesthesia but it kept growing and would bleed and hurt him so I had it removed and he has been so much happier for it. We have to go and have another removed on his foot that is the size of a large grape its really bothering him to the point he doesn't sleep and doesn't let me sleep.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hello, Jannese (Nyc)---

You can also try Lugols Iodine 5%, just covering the offending area and do several times a day.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Meriel
Manchester, UK

My bichon frise had warts removed from his eyelids as they were irritating his eye. He was fine after.

Replied by Siddhi

Dear Meriel,

Try all or some of the following.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar ( on any part except eyes and genital)

2. Castor Oil/ Coconut oil application on areas close to eyes)

3. Vitamin E capsules

4. Improve your dog's food, add protein and vitamins less carbs.

Hope it helps

Replied by Armando
Downey, Ca

How much should I use or must I dilute it first?

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney Australia

Armando, I would'nt be putting apple cider near the eye, but I believe you can use aloe vera gel to get rid of it, but you will have to keep it up until it disappears.

Replied by Charlotte
Brentwood, Tn

I would like to know if the Apple Cider Vinegar made the wart look red and ooze a little blood? I have used it for 2 days on my 11 year old dog who has a large wart on her shoulder and that is happening.

Replied by Nix

Charlotte, did it work? I have an old poodle and she has five or six warts on her body. We've had one removed surgically but she was not happy so I'm going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar on a wart on her hip and hope it works.

Replied by Linda
Ontario, Canada
0 out of 5 stars

Yes, my little girl has one the size of a dime. After a week of applying the apple cider vinegar it started to loose the outer skin, and looked very raw. It upset her, so I stopped using it. I am using coconut oil for a couple of weeks, but with no results. There are a couple of videos on YouTube, and they did state the wart would bleed. I am trying to work on her insides, and stopped sweet veggies like carrot and sweet potatoes. She is on a raw diet with added raw pulp veggies. It is pretty common in older small dogs. No sweets, no junk food, little high sugar veggies. Also started giving her salmon oil ( distilled, metals removed) and turmeric. May try the apple cider internally with her food too.

Replied by Jean
Nova Scotia

You don't ....never put cider vinegar or anything else that can possibly enter the eye.... it will burn the eye cause a lot of pain and an expensive trip to the vet ....

Replied by Idot13


Try garlic and Vaseline and put it on every day. It might take a while as it wants to be sealed but it should work but it will take a lot longer than an adult.

Posted by Ellinor (Vista, California) on 05/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My 12 year old dog started developing a large wart on the top of his head which kept getting larger and larger. The vet said older dogs develop them and that there was not much he could do about it. I started dipping a cotton swab into ACV and applying right on top of the wart twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. It totally disappeared within a couple of weeks!

Replied by Vidal
Vista, Ca, Usa

Thanks for the tip Ellinor, I will try this on my cat starting today! He's been developing warts recently and I happened to buy ACV to try for his skin itchies per this website. BTW - looks like we're neighbors. :D

Replied by Cdbair
White Oak, Wv

I just got on the internet trying to find a cure for my 11 year old cocker. He has multiple "old dog warts, "at least that is what the vet said, he also said they were harmless but he has developed numerous ones and they make me hurt if they don't hurt him! I will try Apple Cider Vinegar immediately starting now, I also will post my results so anyone looking for a cure will know what works or doesn't. I know apple cider vinegar (acv) with the mother in it is known for lots of cures, Thanks for the advice.

Replied by Becky
Fairbanks, Ak

To reader from White Oak WV.... Did the ACV work on your cocker? We have a 17 YO with probably 20 on his body. He is in good health otherwise and has 3 areas with clear gel that looks uncomfortable but don't bother him too. I have been putting [a nutritional mineral oil] on them to keep them from bleeding as it has Almond Oil with Vit A, C & E. Am anxious to give the ACV a try as they must itch especially when they are growing. Thank you folks for this website.

Replied by Theresa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I have tried thuja, could you please let me know what ACV is as I never heard of it, my baby has a big wart on the side of her back and another one on the upper part of her leg that she bites on all the time. I tried castor oil but she likes the taste, she also has other warts on her body I have got to the point that I do not know what to put on her I am now trying vitamin E, much appreciated if you could help me as Angel will be 15yrs old and she is my baby Thank you so very very much. Theresa

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

Replied by Ryan
Land O Lakes, Fl

I sure hope this works for my buddy, Otis. He has a couple (one big and one tiny) right on top of his head. I will try the ACV on a cotton swab, first thing in the am, when I get home from work and then just before bed. I hope that will be enough, because I can't get any help around my house.

Replied by Patty
Mascotte, Florida

hi, I also have a cocker that is almost 14 he has a yucky wart behind his ear, that has been bleeding off and on but I read where ACV was really good, I used it for awhile it does help to dried it out but I found where ( all natural drawing salve ) is helpings it to drain and helping it not to be painful, I'm on the 3rd day and I'm liking what I am seeing, I'm hoping it will completely make this disappear 😊

Black Salve

Posted by 4paws (Ontario, Canada) on 07/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had tried 99% of suggestions for removing what started out as a small cauliflower-like wart on my dog's face with minimal success. This wart was stubborn and grew to the size of an egg sitting on a stem. Her blood work was normal and the holistic vet's remedies made it grow even more. The first picture below is what we started with.

I did more careful research and bought black salve. (check amazon black salve for dogs, cats and horses). They helped me with the number of applications and locations to apply salve).

Black salve was applied to the stem for 5 days and the second picture shows the top of the wart came off and just the stem was left.

Black salve was applied to the stem for 4 days and the third picture shows it is all gone!

The pictures may look disturbing but there was never any infection. The area was cleaned daily with a 1:12 dilution of calcium sulfate (better than hydrogen peroxide) to water and we waited until scabbing happened to clean off all the debris. The final picture shows a little scab (which is now gone) after the big scab fell off. The process took less than 1 month and all her hair has grown back and there is no scar!

I tried the process on myself to remove a mole and if felt like a sunburn - very tolerable. There were a few times that she was quiet but she bounced right back and soon as I mentioned food (she eats raw! ) or a walk! I know my girl and watched her and she was never in any kind of danger. She is now more amazing than ever!

Also please note, the black salve goes right to the root and gets rids of everything so there is nothing left. For some situations, you may have to do another round of black salve but not in this case. It goes after cells that are foreign to the body and does not harm healthy cells. The best thing was no surgery for my little girl! Black salve is simple, inexpensive and it works.

I hope this gives someone else the courage to take control of their animal's life. Do your thorough research and you'll be amazed how you can keep your fur baby happy and healthy! Earth Clinic is a great site!


Replied by Aunt Bee

Hi--do you think black salve would work for my kitty--he has what's called a rodent ulcer on his upper lip--I've tried colloidal silver and also peroxide but it still flares up--since its so near his mouth hes finicky and I can tell its painful if I touch it--thank you--

Replied by 4paws
Ontario, Canada

Hi Aunt Bee,

I would speak with the company that makes amazon black salve for cats, dogs and horses. Their black salve can be taken internally in very minute portions.

As the rodent ulcer is more of an allergic reaction, I would first look at the food your kitty eats. Raw or even home cooked are best for clearing so many health issues. That's because it's real food! I always use glass bowls & they are cleaned in dishwasher.

Have you tried adding l-lysine to the food? (from health food store - give 1/4 of capsule in food once a day). What about milk thistle to gently detox the liver? (give up to 10 drops in food once a day). Colloidal silver is a good choice so keep giving that internally (1/2 teaspoon in food once a day) and externally. You could also apply coconut oil to the area as it has healing properties.

Love and light

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia

I would use colloidal silver much safer mix in meal twice a day

Replied by 4paws
Ontario, Canada

Please let me clarify that amazon black salve is used for cancer, warts, moles and skin tags. There may be other uses but you would have to contact the company.

Love and light

Replied by Leah

When I went to Amazon there were several varieties of black Salve with different ingredients - which ingredients or which product did you use

Replied by Dj

The product I used is called "amazon black salve" and I purchased it direct from herbhealers.com

Replied by Kristen

Hi there, this is amazing results, I am a bit concerned. My Dog ( bichon Frise- Age 13) has an enourmouse cyst / tumor upon the top of her head. It continues to bleed and leak and just will not fall off. Vet said her age is too risky for surgery. She seems fine, when we touch it and clean it she doesn't show any signs of pain. It looks similar to the second photo of your dog, except now the top is opening and leaking out. We are scared, have run out of options and don't know what else to do. What is Black salve? and will it actually help my poor baby?

Replied by 4paws
Ontario, Canada

Hi Kristen,

My Pootese (poodle/maltese) was 13 years old and the wart was also bleeding. The black salve is a paste and you apply it sparingly. I applied a piece of gauze over the wart when the black salve was applied and then wrapped her head in the elastic/sticky vet wrap to make sure she didn't bother with it. She left it alone. I would speak directly or email herbhealers.com as they were very helpful every step of the way.

Here is the youtube video that gave me the courage to use this product as I, like you, was scared. The results are phenomenal! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf5RjKle7I8

It has been 4 months and she is perfect! There is no scar and the hair has grown over. I think this was not only our last option but our best option. You will be amazed at how quickly and safely the wart completely goes away for good! Our girl is a lot happier without that wart!

Be brave! You can do it and help your baby!!!

Love and light

Replied by Melanie

My dog had one on his ear like yours and the vet removed it, he is a bichion and has quite a lot of small warts all over his body. HE NOW HAS A MASS LIKE THAT ON HIS Genital area was the size of a pearl now it's the same size. I will certainly try and buy this black slave. I am in the UK

Replied by 4paws
Ontario, Canada

Hi Melanie! I highly recommend the black salve but would contact the company for specific instructions as you say the mass is in the genital area. Are you sure this is the same type of wart or a mass of something else? I wouldn't be overly concerned about the little warts as long as they don't bother him and remain the same size. Sending healing light....

Love and light

Replied by Mary

Could I get the name of the salve you used. I checked Amazon and did not find it. Thank you.

Replied by 4paws
Ontario, Canada

Hi Mary, the company is herbhealers.com and the product is called Amazon salve for dogs, cats and horses. I ordered the small container as a very small amount is used. Order it direct from this company and it arrives in a week or so. Call directly or email them to get directions on how to use the product. It is safe and very effective.

Love and Light

Replied by Patty
Mascotte Florida

hi, my cocker has the exact same thing behind his ear, I tried the ACV but wasn't really happy with it, I am trying the black salve, hoping it will work it's been 3 days and I see some changes, he's 14 so I do not want the vet removing it, thank you for the infor

Replied by 4paws
Ontario, Canada

Good for you, Patty! I hope your cocker clears the wart as perfectly as my little girl did! You're a great mama! Let us know what happens!

Love & Light

Replied by Patty
0 out of 5 stars

I used the black salve once a day and it was disappearing but now it's more flat but bigger in size and a huge scab. I could see it drying up but now it's not, feeling very concerned.

Replied by 4paws
Ontario, Canada

Hey Patty! I understand your concern about the wart removal process. How many applications of black salve did you put on your dog & most importantly, did you wash and disinfect with calcium sulphate before each application? Did you speak with the manufacturer of the black salve for guidance as I suggested in my original post? What I observed with my dog was a lot of debris being shed from the wart while using the black salve which made everything look bigger and worse. If you look back to the second photo I posted, before taking that photo, there was an enormous scab over the wart which made everything look worse. What you see in the photo is the original wart stem that had been surrounded by the enormous scab. The scab is the body's protection for allowing the body to heal. Patience is required! It sounds like the black salve is working but you may not be confident with the process so please contact the manufacturer of the black salve you purchased for further guidance.

Love and Light

Castor Oil

Posted by Massa (North Pole, Alaska) on 03/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was nervous to be applying the Castor oil to my dog's eye lid. So I have been inconsistent with the applications. The wart was getting smaller. After reading these excellent reviews I will start putting it on in the morning and night. Thank you so much for having this Natural Remedies website! God bless you abundantly for investing this handy information for us pet parents! :) <3

Replied by Aprileliana
New York
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil is perfectly safe to put on his eyelid I. I put a drop of castor oil in my eyes every night before bed to prevent cataracts. It is an Ayurvedic treatment for prevention of cataracts.

Posted by Violet (St. Pete, Usa) on 03/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil for canine warts

My dog had 3 warts right on the edge of her eyelid. They didn't seem to be irritating her eye any but they were not attractive to look at. I was afraid to use ACV because if it got in her eye it would be painful. So I tried castor oil, which I knew would not harm her eye. I have been using it twice a day for a week and a half now and the two tiny warts are gone. The large wart has reduced in size considerably.

I am very happy with the results I got from the castor oil.

Replied by Noelle
Elkhorn, Ne, Usa

Telly is a 'blue' bald dachshund. (Alopecia runs rampant with this color in the dacshund world. ) He's also 12. 5 years old (and paralyzed! ) Once a year, I have to have warts removed on him. They start out whitish. Turn pink and grow. Darker pink and grow more. Time for lopping!

So, since Telly has approx 20 warts in various stages of growth, I am doing an experiment on him! Castor oil on the back half, ACV on the front half, and iodine on a couple of the bigger ones.

It has been about ten days and all the moles seem more whitish and less prominent. One big one that is being treated with iodine (actually, Edgar Cayce's Atomidine) has turned even pinker, but I did read that this can happen as the wart releases toxins.

I will give updates in a couple of weeks. Let's hope we have a clear winner!

Replied by Noelle
Elkhorn, Ne, USA
4 out of 5 stars

Telly Update - All of his small to medium warts are almost flush with his skin. I hadnt thought anything was working because when the vet lops off the wart, it's just gone. The methods I'm using are 'deflating' them and hopefully they will disappear altogether.

The two larger warts (kind of a cauliflower appearance) still seem to be prominent and non-responsive. I am going to try some colloidal silver on them.

And a HUGE surprise!!! My bald dog is growing hair on 100% of his little blue body!!!!!!!! I attribute this to the Atomidine (iodine). A friend had a bald dog and gave it Seameal (enzyme supplements)... Main ingredient was kelp. The dog went from completely bald to 100% hair growth. Common denominator here is iodine! (I will post in the hair loss and alopecia page, too).

Castor Oil, Turmeric

Posted by Grace (Idaho) on 10/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have an older shih tzu that had a large wart on the side of his body. He kept scratching it with his hind leg and it would bleed. Took him to the vet and the vet wanted $175 to remove it. I thought I'd try a home remedy first so I tried the castor oil and turmeric remedy for tumors. I mixed some turmeric with castor oil in a small jar so I'd have it handy. I cut the fur all around the wart and put the castor oil/turmeric paste on the wart. Since turmeric stains, I put some gauze and then 2 layers of some heavier material over the wart. Then I wrapped a wide stretchable bandage around his body a couple of times, being sure not to make it tight at all, just snug enough to hold everything in place. After that was done, I put a sweater on him to make it hard for him to scratch. I treated him 3-4 times a day. It's been a month and the wart looks like it's gone. I'm still treating him for a few more days to be sure the wart is completely gone. The bandage and sweater are stained from the tumeric but he never got any on the furniture or carpet. He also started getting a wart on his bottom eyelid so I put just castor oil on it every night and it looks like it's going away. I've been putting the castor oil on his eyelid for a month now.

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver

Posted by Mardi (Australia) on 03/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Just have been treating my dog with coconut oil on 3 warts. Taken one and half weeks . Two of the warts one large one on the leg I saw today was a bit dark. Cleaned it with Colliodial Silver (CS) first and there was this white present on the top. Gentley squeezed and out came a white but firm substance. Gave a deep squeeze from the bottom and a lump of white matter came out. Bleed a little and cleaned with colliodial silver and rub a small amount of Coconut oil (CO). Same thing just happened to wart on head. Will continue to clean with CS and rub CO until it is healed. Both CS and CO are good for viral, bacterial, and fungi so I thought I would try and so far successful. The reason I wanted to try and get rid of them was that the warts seemed to keep growing and them part of it was breaking off as it got taller and I think it was unpleasant for my dog even though my vet said they weren't harmful but after reading about warts on this site I thought Id give it a go. Hoping it wont return. I guess time will tell. I think my boy is more comfortable on his rump as I was sure it was causing him unpleasant pressure. Hope this helps some other loved animal.

Kind regards, Mardi

Replied by Darla
Greene, Maine

My dog had these growths and my vet didn't know what they were my dog ended up having some removed because they were growing on her eyelid and she had one grow in her sinus cavity and ultimately it grew so big she past so im so bummed these vets say there ok no worries etc... its obviously contagious because my other dog now has them and I am so concerned my veterinarian cannot help me. so do u honestly get results with coconut oil and what kind? and coidial silver where do I purchase this?


Posted by Fiona (Glasgow, Scotland) on 08/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My 13 month old Collie/labrador cross developed a papilloma wart on side of face and it had cauliflower appearance. Got him checked at vet just to be sure.I was told to leave it and it would go naturally in 3-6 months. As he was scratching it and making it bleed I decided to try Thuja 30. Gave 1 tablet per day for 2 weeks and squeezed a few drops from vitamin c capsule twice a day directly on to wart. The wart is totally gone apart from bald patch where it was. He was due for his annual booster at vet and she was shocked to see wart gone after saying homeopathic remedies are just sugar and waste of money which I reminded her she had said.

Thuja, Mushroom Immune Support, Castor Oil

Posted by Cynth (South Jordan, Utah ) on 04/02/2013
5 out of 5 stars

4 year old female Airedale mix had warts on her feet that she was licking constantly. I was worried she would get them in her mouth. Dr. Pitcairn recommended a single homeopathic dose of thuja. I used 30c which is what I had. 1 dose of four pills. Then I started giving her a mushroom supplement to build her immune system. I rubbed her paws each night with castor oil which she just seemed to lick off. 1 month later no warts. I am still giving her the mushroom immune support supplement.

Replied by Rebecca Dolan

Whats the reccomended dosage for shiitake supplements? I have a 1 and half yr old carrin terrior. I cant find any info on how many mg is safe to give him??