Wart Remedies

Posted by Fiona (Glasgow, Scotland) on 08/20/2015

My 13 month old Collie/labrador cross developed a papilloma wart on side of face and it had cauliflower appearance. Got him checked at vet just to be sure.I was told to leave it and it would go naturally in 3-6 months. As he was scratching it and making it bleed I decided to try Thuja 30. Gave 1 tablet per day for 2 weeks and squeezed a few drops from vitamin c capsule twice a day directly on to wart. The wart is totally gone apart from bald patch where it was. He was due for his annual booster at vet and she was shocked to see wart gone after saying homeopathic remedies are just sugar and waste of money which I reminded her she had said.