Wart Remedies

Black Salve
Posted by 4paws (Ontario, Canada) on 07/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had tried 99% of suggestions for removing what started out as a small cauliflower-like wart on my dog's face with minimal success. This wart was stubborn and grew to the size of an egg sitting on a stem. Her blood work was normal and the holistic vet's remedies made it grow even more. The first picture below is what we started with.

I did more careful research and bought black salve. (check amazon black salve for dogs, cats and horses). They helped me with the number of applications and locations to apply salve).

Black salve was applied to the stem for 5 days and the second picture shows the top of the wart came off and just the stem was left.

Black salve was applied to the stem for 4 days and the third picture shows it is all gone!

The pictures may look disturbing but there was never any infection. The area was cleaned daily with a 1:12 dilution of calcium sulfate (better than hydrogen peroxide) to water and we waited until scabbing happened to clean off all the debris. The final picture shows a little scab (which is now gone) after the big scab fell off. The process took less than 1 month and all her hair has grown back and there is no scar!

I tried the process on myself to remove a mole and if felt like a sunburn - very tolerable. There were a few times that she was quiet but she bounced right back and soon as I mentioned food (she eats raw! ) or a walk! I know my girl and watched her and she was never in any kind of danger. She is now more amazing than ever!

Also please note, the black salve goes right to the root and gets rids of everything so there is nothing left. For some situations, you may have to do another round of black salve but not in this case. It goes after cells that are foreign to the body and does not harm healthy cells. The best thing was no surgery for my little girl! Black salve is simple, inexpensive and it works.

I hope this gives someone else the courage to take control of their animal's life. Do your thorough research and you'll be amazed how you can keep your fur baby happy and healthy! Earth Clinic is a great site!