Wart Remedies

Castor Oil
Posted by Noelle (Elkhorn, Ne, USA) on 10/07/2012

Telly Update - All of his small to medium warts are almost flush with his skin. I hadnt thought anything was working because when the vet lops off the wart, it's just gone. The methods I'm using are 'deflating' them and hopefully they will disappear altogether.

The two larger warts (kind of a cauliflower appearance) still seem to be prominent and non-responsive. I am going to try some colloidal silver on them.

And a HUGE surprise!!! My bald dog is growing hair on 100% of his little blue body!!!!!!!! I attribute this to the Atomidine (iodine). A friend had a bald dog and gave it Seameal (enzyme supplements)... Main ingredient was kelp. The dog went from completely bald to 100% hair growth. Common denominator here is iodine! (I will post in the hair loss and alopecia page, too).