Wart Remedies

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Mardi (Australia) on 03/06/2014

Just have been treating my dog with coconut oil on 3 warts. Taken one and half weeks . Two of the warts one large one on the leg I saw today was a bit dark. Cleaned it with Colliodial Silver (CS) first and there was this white present on the top. Gentley squeezed and out came a white but firm substance. Gave a deep squeeze from the bottom and a lump of white matter came out. Bleed a little and cleaned with colliodial silver and rub a small amount of Coconut oil (CO). Same thing just happened to wart on head. Will continue to clean with CS and rub CO until it is healed. Both CS and CO are good for viral, bacterial, and fungi so I thought I would try and so far successful. The reason I wanted to try and get rid of them was that the warts seemed to keep growing and them part of it was breaking off as it got taller and I think it was unpleasant for my dog even though my vet said they weren't harmful but after reading about warts on this site I thought Id give it a go. Hoping it wont return. I guess time will tell. I think my boy is more comfortable on his rump as I was sure it was causing him unpleasant pressure. Hope this helps some other loved animal.

Kind regards, Mardi