E. Coli
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  • E. Coli Remedies for Horses

    | Modified on May 22, 2014

    Is your horse suffering from an e. coli infection? This somewhat common bacterial infection can result in serious illness, including endotoxemia, if not treated swiftly and appropriately.

    Escherichia coli is present in the intestines of horses, humans, and many other animals alike, and for that reason it is also present in manure. By this route, your horse can get an e. coli infection externally as well, though we best know e. coli as a contagion that causes food poisoning and bowel disorders. It can also cause a form of pneumonia in horses.

    Natural Pet Cures: Our esteemed friend Ted of Bangkok is a fan of ozone treatment for large animals with e. coli, which has medical backing behind it from the veterinary community.