Nerve Damage Remedies

| Modified: May 09, 2014
Add New Post How many times have you ever been in rush to go somewhere or get something done, and as a result of your carelessness, slammed the car door or cupboard on your finger or hand? It hurts more than we ever could have imagined and the pain just doesn't seem to stop shooting through our limbs.  Yet at the same time our affected limb continues to throb so intensely that we often don't know whether or not we will actually make it through the pain!

Our pets feel the exact same way, and their body's nerves respond just as ours do to similar situations of severe trauma.  Have you ever been walking through the door with your dog as they were lagging behind a little bit only to catch their tail in the closing door?  Just the thought of how painful that would be sends shivers up your spine.  What about a kitty toe that has been caught in a cupboard door as they were trying to explore uncharted territory?  Or, when you're in a rush to leave for work in the morning and with your high heels on, you step on a pet toe or foot as the animal tries to sneak out the door with you.

A great homeopathic remedy to use in cases of nerve damage, and even situations that present shooting pain, is Hypericum Perforatum.  Your pet will surely thank you for the relief it will provide to them.