Burn Remedies for Pets

| Modified: Aug 21, 2013
Add New Post Most cats love to find a spot in your house as high as they can possibly get and watch all the action from a nice, tall vantage point.  Sometimes this means that they will take up residence on a bookshelf or dining room hutch, or maybe even on top of the refrigerator or cupboards in your kitchen.  If their favorite spot is somewhere in the kitchen area, it is likely that one of your biggest fears is that they will jump up onto a hot stove top in order to reach their special place.

Burns from intense heat sources are always a concern regardless of whether you own a cat or a dog.  However, it is more likely that it will be the cat as opposed to the dog, who becomes a burn victim.  Dogs will normally stay away from heat instinctively, however our feline friends absolutely love the heat.  They can lie on very hot surfaces, be very comfortable doing so and not even realize that they are being burned.

If your pet has been seriously burned in that more than 25% of the body is affected, your pet could quickly go into shock.  Keep the animal warm, get him medical attention immediately and use some Karo Syrup or Honey on its gums to keep him or her conscious. 

For a more serious burn you will want to have your pet examined by a professional.  As the burn will take some time to heal you will likely need to go through a process of various stages.  Ask your vet if you can implement a wet-to-dry bandage; this is the type of bandage that is applied as wet but dries while on the pet.  A good home remedy wet-to-dry treatment for serious burns is to use sterile gauze pads soaked in Sterile Water or Saline Solution.  Press the pad over the burn and cover it with a larger, dry pad and hold it in place with rolled gauze.  You should remove and re-apply this bandage approximately four to five times during the first few days, after which you can switch to using a dry telfa pad bandage.