Matted Fur Remedies

| Modified: Aug 13, 2020
Add New Post Every pet owner who has a long-haired or thick-coated animal knows how truly difficult, time consuming and frustrating it can be for both you and your pet when dealing with matted fur. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do or how often you groom your pet, those large, tights knots of fur are just inevitable.  Matted fur is difficult to avoid in breeds such as the Chow, Rough Collies, Newfoundland Dogs, Persian cats and other long-haired types.  Thick matting can also be very painful and uncomfortable for an animal, especially when those mats are located behind the ear, flank or rear end areas of the pet.

Here are a few solutions to help make dealing with those mats a little less difficult for you and your pet.  In an effort to make a large mat easier to comb out, pour some Powdered Corn Starch onto the mat and using your fingers, work it into the fur while trying to separate the mass of clumped hair.  Once you have worked it in well and loosened up the hair, use a wide-toothed comb to de-tangle the rest of it.

For large mats that are impossible to untangle, you may need to actually cut or shave the mat out using electric clippers or a razor.  The area that you have shaved may be very sensitive and possibly a bit swollen so wrap some ice in a cloth and apply it to the area for about ten minutes, a couple times a day until the swelling is gone.  You can also use some Witch Hazel applied to the shaved area, which will relieve irritation and itching.