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Horse Allergy Remedies

| Modified: May 24, 2012
Add New Post Does your horse suffer from allergies? Food allergies and respiratory allergies to pollen and the like are not altogether uncommon among horses. Even hay and grass can cause horse allergies, but horse owners can use a few natural remedies to help improve their horse's condition and relieve allergy symptoms.

Respiratory symptoms and skin rashes are the common symptoms of allergies among horses, although a general state of ill-health without obvious cause could be a sign of allergies as well, particularly in the spring.

Natural Horse Remedies: Apple cider vinegar added to your horse's feed or water can reduce allergy symptoms. Sprayed on its coat, it can also relieve hives or other allergic skin conditions. Red clover, burdock, and spirulina are dietary supplements that may also boost the immune system to relieve allergy symptoms.