Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Remedies

| Modified on Mar 17, 2018

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral infection found in cats. FIP attacks the cells of the intestinal wall, causing a significant inflammatory response. Natural remedies focus on strengthening the immune system, supporting the liver, and fighting infection. Home treatments can include turmeric, colloidal silver, and vitamin D.

Initial symptoms of FIP include sneezing, watery eyes, nasal discharge, and sometimes diarrhea. As the disease progresses a cat may lose weight, become depressed and have a rough coat.. FIP has two forms: “dry” and “wet." The dry form is more common and exhibits the symptoms above, but the wet form has a faster onset and is characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. The fluid may cause a potbellied appearance and can interfere with your cat's breathing over time.


Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb. It can be mixed with your cat’s food. 1/16 to 1/8 of a teaspoon can be given twice daily.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver fights viruses and secondary infections. (A sick cat is at risk for getting other infections.) Because it is tasteless, it is usually easy to give a cat colloidal silver. 5 ml can be given with a syringe twice a day.

Coconut Oil

Cold pressed coconut oil can be useful for autoimmune diseases. (FIP is an autoimmune disease.) 1/4 teaspoon can be mixed into your cat’s food twice a day.

Cod Liver Oil

A dietary supplement of cod liver oil will give your cat important nutrients, like Vitamin D, which is critical to the immune system.

Dandelion Root Tincture

Dandelion root supports the liver and supplies iron.2-3 drops of the tincture can be added to your cat's food, twice a day.

Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid chlorophyll is a dietary supplement that purifies the blood and helps boost iron levels. 10 drops of liquid chlorophyll can be added to a cat’s food or water. (It will turn the water green, however!)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar makes an excellent daily tonic for cats. In addition to supporting good health, it helps to keep your cat flea free. This video will show you an easy and gentle way to give a daily dose of apple cider vinegar to your cat.

Dietary Changes

Higher quality food will provide your cat with more nutrients than cheap cat food. Wet cat food helps to ensure that your cat is properly hydrated.

Have you found a natural remedy that is helpful to cats with FIP? Please send us some feedback! Continue reading to learn what natural remedies our readers have used for FIP.

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Ellen (Fort Collins, CO) on 06/03/2009

Black Spots: About 15 years ago, I had 2 cats (still have one) who endured the dry form of FIP. Being an immune system problem, one of the cats developed a number of tiny black spots under her chin. I used aloe vera gel that I applied topically and the fungus resolved within a week or so. Both cats recovered from the FIP but the Siamese lost her hearing. She lived to 16 yoa. The long-haired yellow cat is still living and is quite lively. She's about 17 years old. Both cats are/were on a raw food diet. Except for the time, early on, when they had FIP, neither has ever had fleas, ticks, or any parasite and they were outdoors in a protected area for much of that time. My yellow cat developed, first, a sebaceous cyst on her left shoulder where she received a rabies injection in 1994 (she's never had any more rabies shots since). I gently squeezed it and expressed a waxy substance and it disappeared for a number of years. It is back now and there is a rather large serous cyst below it as well. Am going to try the turmeric by adding it to her food. We just began using apple cider vinegar yesterday. I have a 2 year-old Siamese male as well. He received numerous multiple injections (just criminal) from the pinheads who sold him as a 4 month-old kitten. But, that's another story.

Replied by Diana
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

My cat have FIP dry form and at the same time she have neuron problem.She's taking medicine from vet as well (peridnisolone, b complex and also supplement pills).I tried to feed her with dilluted ACV but seem like she dislike the taste and refuse to drink it. Any advice on giving her ACV? Is it any side effect if I use those medications with ACV?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Diana!

I am sorry to hear about your cat :(

Conventional treatments indicate your cat is a dead cat walking and it's only a matter of time before you have no choice but to PTS to end his suffering. Read up on the horror stories to prepare yourself for this battle:


Another good source of info on FIP: http://www.2ndchance.info/fip.htm

Death sentence aside .....

This website has information posted by Irene de Villiers, B.Sc, D.I.Hom/D.Vet.Hom, who has effected cures of FIP cats; is very indepth and contraindicates the steroid your cat is currently taking - **read it**:


There are many homepathic remedies suggested, far too much information to post here.

This is one success story by the same author:


And new techiniques and rubrics for treating FIP by same author:


Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey, Diana!

DOH - I sent too soon!

To dose your cat with ACV, try adding 2-3 tablespoons of the raw, unfiltered, "with the mother" ACV to 1 cup of purified water, then dip your cat's paw in the ACV water so its saturated and sopping wet. Chances are your cat will lick his paw to dry himself off.

I do not know if ACV is contra indicated with your cat's current medications; to be on the safe side dose the ACV 2 hours after you give him his meds or at least 2 hours before you give him his prescribed meds.

Replied by Diana
(Kuala Lumpur,malaysia)

Dear Theresa,

I try my best not to give her PTS, as now I can see quite good improvement on her movement, the way she walk and eat, she also even can climbing up to her upstair level in her cage! For time being, I used to give her ACV (dillute with clean water and feed her by syringe) in the middle of the time of her meds.Means like she eat meds during morning and night.So, during evening I give her some dilluted ACV. Please pray for my cat to recover. Anyway tons of thanks for your advice. (^^, )

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Diana, do consider the homeopathic remedies as outlined on the links below.

Some tried colloidal silver, some MMS, but none reported cures except the homeoathic vet.

And yes of course! Sending prayers for the recovery of your kitty!

Replied by Lisa
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hello Diana and Theresa,

Hope to get quick response from both of you. My cat was recently diagnosed for FIP Wet Form. And I've been getting treatments from UPM, UVH (University Putra Malaysia, University Veterinary Hospitals). I've been trying to find Homeopathy treatment centre for cats in Malaysia, but failed to come across any. Was just wondering if anyone of you (Theresa, Diana or anyone) know any Homeopathy centre for pets. I've been getting homeopathy treatments for myself but only got to know there is for pets through this posting. And to Diana, may I know where do you go for treatments for your cat on FIP? Please help. Thank you in advance!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Lisa!

This website has information posted by Irene de Villiers, B.Sc, D.I.Hom/D.Vet.Hom, who has effected cures of FIP cats; is very indepth - **read it** - and if possible provide this to your personal homeopath:


There are many homepathic remedies suggested, far too much information to post here.

This is one success story by the same author:


And new techiniques and rubrics for treating FIP by same author:


My thinking is that if you can get your personal homepath on board you will be able to utilize the tried and proven homeopathic remedies used by Irene de Villiers.

Replied by Lorna
(Kelso, Wa)

I have had my cat to the vet 3 times this week to have fluids drained out of his chest cavity. His blood work was normal and no temperature. He is breathing harder now then when he went in. He had been coughing for months off and on before he started breathing hard. One cat is sneezing a lot and the vet thinks she has asthma. Some of the other cats are coughing at times. How can I keep the fluids from filling up in the chest? Will organic vinegar work and how much should I give him? I gave a quarter of a eyedropper of aloe vera tonight. Don't know how much to give him. He is on AMOXICILLIN and another strong antibiotic for a few more days. It isn't working. I am in desperate need of help for him asap. Sincerely, Lorna

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Lorna!

Your post is under an FIP heading but it sounds as if your cat is suffering from congestive heart failure. There is no quick fix for CHF, however there are some drugs your vet can prescribe to help with the fluids. You have had your cat in to the vet 3 times - what does the vet say is the cause for the fluid build up?

For sure you can give all your cats the ACV - just dilute it so they are willing to drink it - that or dip their paws in it and have them lick it off that way.

Replied by Lorna
(Kelso Wa)

My cat has fip I think. I have had his chest drained 4 times and the next might collapse his lungs. He is having trouble breathing. How did you get rid of the fip?

Replied by Alina


I am not sure that it is FIP. It is not very contagious, so if your other cats are developing the symptoms it can be not FIP. To check the cat for FIP your vet must to analyse the fluid drained from the cat.s chest. If it is bright yellow (like a straw), viscous, has a lot of albumin in it (and cat.s blood has the albumin/globulin ratio less than 0.4), AGP level more than 1500 -that would point to FIP.

You should show this http://www.dr-addie.com/WhatIsFIP.htm#Diagnosis of FIP to your vet to accurately diagnose if cat has FIP or not. And treat him then accordingly to the diagnosis. Otherwise it's quite useless...

Replied by Angela

Hi, I ended up putting my 11 month old kitten to sleep - all the test results indicated FIP - started off with dry FIP which turned into wet FIP. He was one of 4 cats that I got at the same time. Now, a year later, one of the remaining 3 has a diagnosis of FIP - I noticed he had a distended stomach about 10 days ago. Took him into the vets last Tue and by the end of the day we had a suspected diagnosis of wet FIP - from blood, urine tests and fluid samples, backed up by a high FCOV titre result the next day. He was started on interferon by injection by the vet last week, and also prednisolone. However, on re-reading Irene's 2008 article, after a few days of giving him Pred, I have now stopped. I have also been giving him vitamins C & E - the same ones I take myself. Vit C crystals - just covering the tip of a teaspoon, a few times a day and a few drops of vit E a few times a day, mixed with some brewers yeast powder (vit b complex) just enough to cover the end of a teaspoon. The vet gave Freddy cat an injection of B12 last week as well (as per Dr Diane Addie's suggestion that this is essential). He is now also on grain-free food - applaws (not all of it is grain free so I had to research this) - again as per Dr Diane Addie's suggestion. I've also found food by Lily - both wet and dry food which is grain free. I wanted to try to stick to wet food but I've been running myself ragged over the last few days what with the researching, cleaning the litter trays (I have 2 other cats), being upset and crying, and then feeding him by syringe (I'm quite used to this, as this is my 4th cat of syringe feeding). However, trying to get enough food into him by syringe would be a full time job, so I've been relenting to let him have the Lily's biscuits - which he ate lots of last night the night before, but hardly touched this morning - so I've got to syringe feed him later on.

Sorry for the long post, but I haven't come across using ACV. Does anyone have any more info about the reason for using it? Also I have wondered about using echinacea - any ideas? Many thanks, Angela

Replied by Dea Ambarsari
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Hi Everyone,

My cat is suspected diagnosed with dry FIP. The infection is concentrated on his liver. Right now he's being treated in the vet. Any suggestion on what the herbal remedies might be? Or at least supplement so I can improve his immune system? Because frankly the knowledge about pet health is so few in my country. Please help. Thank you so much in advance.

Replied by Kim

Hi there- can you please tell me how you helped your kitty overcome dry FIP? My kitty was just diagnosed and I would love to help him holistically!

Replied by Carrie
(Wiscasset Maine)

What type of aloe Vera gel did this woman use to get her cat to live 16 years with FIP?

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Chris (Oregon) on 01/23/2018

I recently rescued a kitten. 6 months old and such a love. It was immediately clear that she had health issues, after the 2nd emergency visit to the vet she was diagnosed with FIP and given less than 30 days to live. I was devastated & heartbroken, but committed to giving her the best quality of life possible for her remaining days.

There is not a lot of info about FIP out there & most of it reinforces the idea that it is an untreatable, incurable and fatal disease, but I womdered if strengthening her immune system might help to at least improve her quality of life, so changed her diet to a very high protein, grain free wet food b/c she was very dehydrated (I use Blue Buffalo b/c she loves it & I can make a gravy to increase her hydration.)

I then stumbled on to coconut oil by accident, because she was too weak to clean herself she had dried catfood all over her face that was impossible to get off despite my daily ritual.of cleaning her, so I tried the coconut oil.in an attempt to clean her face & sooth any sore spots.

To my amazement she immediately perked up & started eating it from my fingers as I was applying it.

Being given a dire diagnosis I though we had nothing to lose & she inhaled it like it was something her body was both craving & needing, so every day we would do our little ritual where I would snuggle her while cleaning her little sweet face & I let her eat as much coconut oil as she wanted (usually about 1 teaspoon) b/c it's really high in.good fat, so she didn't overdo it, she just stopped when she was done.

Not sure we're totally of the woods yet, but the change has been dramatic. She's grooming & is once again able to walk, get herself in & out of the litterbox & she's got SO much more energy, exploring & playing with her toys for the first time and she's eating like a tiny little horse.

Her coat is once again shiny & beautiful and she hasn't had a seizure since we started with the coconut oil & high quality diet, nor has she required subcutameous fluids for the dehydration.

I was resigned to go with whatever happened and to do everything I could to prevent her from suffering, but now I am hopeful that maybe this wasn't the death sentence I'd been told about.

She's outlived the prognosis by more than a month & she appears to be growing & thriving.

Replied by Jason
(San Diego)

How is your kitten doing now, we're trying the coconut oil and seeing some response but he's not back to normal yet.

Iron and Vitamin D3

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Posted by Deborah H. (Oak Grove, Ky) on 10/11/2015

My female cat was diagnosed with dry form FIP back in early Dec. 2014. She is still with us. She declined despite all the meds from the vet. I still give the Interferon. At about 5 months she had gone from 12 lbs down to 7. You could see her spine. I looked high and low for something to give her. I had decided to try Iron and vitamin D3. She has gone back up to just over 9 1/2 lbs and even when you pet her you do not feel her spine. She acts like nothing is wrong with her at all and I will continue with this. I have opted to give her gluten free canned food for breakfast and for dinner her normal canned friskies. I also keep dry gluten free mixed with her Kit and Kaboodle that she has always loved.

Replied by Ami
(Clearlake, Ca)

I am curious about dosage...I have lost 3 rescue kittens in a month. Thanks in advance!

Replied by Didi
(Slc, Ut)

Hi Deborah! How were you able to get the Interferon? Everything I've read describes it as an experimental treatment. My vet told me there is no cure or treatment for FIP, just ways to slow it down a bit, like steroids. Any info would be much appreciated!

Replied by Lisa
(Lido Beach Ny)

What form of iron and d3 did u give? A pill? How much a day and who suggested it. I'm devastated my cat was diagnosed today

Replied by Jody D.
(Voorhees, Nj)

I'd like to know where I can get iron and vitamin d3 to give to my cat. Is it the same as what a person would take? How much do I give him? He was just diagnosed with FIP and the vet is recommending euthanization and I'm willing to try anything to save him. Please help.

Replied by Sue
(Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)

I have been reading quite a bit about FIP since my kitten of 6 months has been suspected of having it. One interesting fact that I would like to share here is that Vitamin C seems to help cats with FIP. A friend of mine has a FIP cat and she uses cat/dog supplements with high dosage of Vitamin C which seems to be working on her cat. I am not sure of the name but maybe you can request from your Vet for supplements with high Vitamin C dosage for your cats. I am going to try with mine. Good luck friends.

Replied by Stacey

Hi! My Luka was just diagnosed today. He has lost many pounds over the last 6 weeks. What dosage and form did you give your cat? I assuming a liquid form? Thanks for any help. Stacey

Replied by Lee

Just some advice about kit kanoodle and friaries cat food. They are high in ash content and not healthy for your cat. They are not helpful in the prolong health and beneficial for any feline. The cheaper the cat food the higher the ash content that shortens the life and health of your pet. Try healthier food options like Orijen, Waysong, FROMM, Innova, Blue Buffalo, etc. they have wet and dry versions and are more beneficial in the life long health of your feline. Many cheap cat foods are processed from rendering plants. Meaning made from other dead animal parts. You'll find that in the cat food labels as Animal by-products. It's as for your cat. Please try and stay away from these cheap versions of cat foods that claim they are food for your cat. They are not and shorten their life and health. Enough studies have been done that price this. Leaving your feline susceptible to other health issues. Companies do not want the consumer to know and not enough people bother to do the research. Chewy's offers option in search to list allergies, uti, kidney, herbal, diet, weight loss/gain, iron, parasites etc and it will pull up the best foods that benefit these issues. They still sell the cheaper cat foods but the beneficial ones will list first. Product descriptions of what the ingredients are and what they help with. Look for ones that have probiotics, antibodies etc. I hope this helps. The cheaper the cat food the less healthy benefits they have for the cat. I rescue and have learned a lot of better beneficial foods for longer healthier life of your feline companions. Including apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, turmeric, food grade diatomaceous earth, bene-bac pro, wormwood, organic pumpkin, raw pumpkin seeds, worm clear, concentrated cranberry juice, fish moxi (yes, it's an antibiotic but you have to regulate dosage in water by size if feline and same as what you'd get from vet), some added to wet or dry food or water. All work for varies issues or maintaining better health, digestion, urinary, eyes, parasites. So, please stay a way from friskies, kit kaboodle, or other cheap cat foods. Just trying to provide better health options for your loved furbabies.

Replied by Todd
(Sedona, Az)

Please advise on the amounts and frequency ( I.e., the dosages :) ) of the Vet. D3 and the Iron that you gave to your FIP kitten, and the doses of the Interferon, too. We are treating an FIP patient now and would really appreciate that info! Thank you! Todd, DVM

Replied by Patricia
42 posts

I have a friend that just asked me if there was a remedy for anemia besides transfusion. I told her I thought Iron as in Iron deficiency anemia might help. Is the iron you are giving your kitten for anemia? What is interferon? She has a kitten diagnosed with FIP.

Replied by Samantha
(Stockton, Ca)

Our cat Rupert was just diagnosed with FIP. (wet form)What dosage of iron & D3 and in what form & frequency should we administer? Also Interferon dosage & frequency. Thanks so much, Samantha