Auto Immune Disorder Remedies for Dogs

| Modified: Feb 08, 2018
Add New Post Diseases, allergens, and some medications seem to trigger autoimmune conditions in some of our pets, creating uncomfortable conditions in our dogs, cats, and other lovable critters that can be very difficult to treat naturally.

Such pet autoimmune diseases include arthritis, lupus, red blood cell disorders, and a variety of skin conditions.

One of the first things to try for many chronic pet illnesses is to experiment with a change in diet, whether that means a different brand of commercial dog food, a BARF diet, an holistic diet, or some other change that may eliminate allergens or otherwise might boost the healthy immune system.

Natural Cures: Most immune boosting natural remedies can be used alike in pets as in humans. Garlic and brewer's yeast, however, while are popular as food additives for many pet owners are simultaneously anathema to other dog and cat lovers, who point to studies that show liver toxicity from these remedies over the long term. Caution is recommended.