Auto Immune Disorder Remedies for Dogs

Australian Flower Essences
Posted by Louise (Arnprior, Canada) on 09/17/2007

Australian Bush Flower Essences were used to cure auto immune problems in two dogs, one a bleeding disorder, of low platelets diagnosed by veterinarian as auto immune caused. Treated with ABFE (Use Blood disorders page 310 of Australian Bush Flower Healing by Ian white with the addition of waratah, Reiki and one homeopathic remedy Lachisis stopped bleeding overnight. Added Boab to the ABFE after the main crisis was over. The other was suffering from thyroidosis, auto immune type, loss of weight, not playful and heat cycle out of whack and enlarged thyroid. Used only ABFE this time for the auto immune problem and used 7 drops in the dogs water daily, and in two weeks she was more playful, slowly gained weight and heat cycle was normal after two months back in sync with the other bitch. I have found ABFE to be better than homeopathy, works faster and better IMO too.