Walking Dandruff Remedies

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First of all, what in the world is "walking dandruff?" Is that the same thing as the regular dandruff that we as humans deal with? Well, walking dandruff is not the same thing that humans get. Although it presents similar symptoms, the cause is entirely a different one.

Walking dandruff is usually most evident along the back and flanks of the animal and just like our dandruff, will appear dry and flaky, but the animal may or may not scratch the affected area. The reason it is referred to as walking dandruff is because the condition is actually caused by a Cheyletiella mite. Although you would not be able to see the mite with the naked eye, it is possible that when you look at the affected areas of the animal's skin, the dandruff may appear to be moving. Mites moving around under the scales will cause the dandruff to move.

Walking dandruff is contracted by those animals who come into contact with other affected animals. Multiple pet homes should be careful when handling the affected animal and should closely examine other pets in the home, including dogs, cats and rabbits to determine whether or not they too have the same mite infestation. Sensible hygiene practices should be put into place and infected animals separated from those unaffected ones to prevent further spread of the problem.

In order to kill the parasites and rid your pet of the problem, administer an oral homeopathic treatment of Symphytum and Helleborus.

Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo

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Posted by Kathy (Polk City, FL) on 01/26/2008

vet took a scrapping and called them a mite- others call it walking dandruff. I washed them first in a aloe/oatmeal shampoo then a sulfursolution dip. Must repeat this every 5-7 days. Your page says use symphytum or helleborus but where do I find a descripyion of what they are and where to buy them. I used 4 oz of lymdyp to 1 gal of water for the dip. Pups are 2 mo old and I see no mites on my other dogs and these pups are never outside or near other dogs

EC: Pharmacies that specialize in homeopathic remedies will carry those 2 remedies.. otherwise you might be able to find them online.' Whole Foods might have them too.

Replied by Fabian
(Quenns, NY)

sulfur is not working also.

i want to say after all, I have anemia, and I think the anemia open small window in mi system and let mite come. Thid id not only from outside, is about how stron is our system. our dietary.

in my case im stop to eat meet. I think all of this count.


I know this post is old, but I went through something similar.

Try Kleen Green by Natural Ginesis look at the website. Works great.

Spray home and safe for humans and animals.

Replied by Kiki
(South Manchester, England)

This has literally changed my life!! For the first time in 6 months.. I have thought I had everything from Demodex to Scabies to Bed Bugs. And I know it's this. People has assumed I am mad. And the dogs haven't scratched or itched but I am ordering these 2 products now on Amazon. I have cried myself to sleep itching and even really started to think it was in my head. Doctors and Dermatologists were literally no help and although Ivermectin did somewhat slow it down, it made me feel sick for 4 weeks and eventually they came back. As you will know, and I don't need to explain. The dogs have been flead and washed and the house has been boil washed. I've thrown out numerous soft furnishings desperate to try and stop something I didn't even know I had or dogs had. I literally burst into tears when I read this. I will keep you updated but thank you so so so much Kathy for sharing this. K xx


Any news, Kiki?

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Janet (Louisville, Co Usa) on 12/30/2009

My dog had an infestation of cheyletiella mites. I also ended up with them, and my life was sheer hell for several months. I went to three different doctors, who at best only offered me creams to help with the itching. The CDC says that they can't do a life cycle on humans, and I beg to differ with them on that score. I have a lot of hair breakage around my hairline to prove that they did indeed lay eggs on me.

I did a great deal of research and I tried just about every remedy I could find on the internet. Some helped, but nothing seemed to entirely rid me of these things. I had been prescribed ivermectin and the doctors couldn't guarantee it would work and I was reluctant to take it, but at the same time desperate. There was one thing yet that I had read worked for someone with scabies that I hadn't tried before I took the ivermectin. This person had cured her scabies with colloidal silver.

I mixed 2 ozs. of virgin coconut oil with 2 ml of 10ppm colloidal silver. The coconut oil needs to be melted and melts at a very low temperature. I put the coconut oil and colloidal silver in a plastic bottle made for hair dyes and shook it to make sure it was mixed well and applied it directly on my skin from head to toe. Within two hours I could tell that the mites had died. One WARNING - DO NOT REWARM THIS MIXTURE IN A MICROWAVE!!!

My daughter-in-law is getting her degree in environmental science and she told me the reason that the colloidal silver worked is that small particles of metal penetrate through the shell of the mite. Once the shell is penetrated the mites dry up and die.

Coconut oil is very close to your own natural oil (sebum) and therefore is absorbed by your skin. So as it penetrates your skin it will reach anything that burrows underneath your skin carrying with it the silver. The beauty of coconut oil with the Cheyletiella mite is that it lives on sebum and dead skin and I assume it ends up eating the coconut oil and silver particles. Any new bites I've had, they die almost immediately.

Both the coconut oil and colloidal silver have antimicrobial benefits which kills any infection the mites carry and aids in healing. The colloidal silver also stops the necrosis (the eating away of skin by insect bites). And as a side benefit it also got rid of athletes foot and a couple of warts that I had.

It's also safe for pets and only one application cleared the dog as well. I have been using it once a day to kill anything left in the environment that may find it's way on me. I have found that washing clothes and the dogs bedding in hot water and borax helped a great deal. I use a floor steam cleaner on my mattress and pillows, the carpet etc. Vacume often!!! In cold weather, spend a little extra for better air filters on your heating system as these things are also air bound and jump.

I hope this helps anyone who is enduring the same nightmare as I have.

Replied by Terrie
(Wooster, Ohio)


I am having such a time with Cheyletiella mites. Does your coconut oil and colloidal silver still working for you? I do not want to put our dog to sleep. Very tired of dealing with this nearly a year now.


Replied by Josey
(Huntingdon, Cambs Uk)

please tell me the recommended mix of coconut oil and colloidal silver needed to treat a heavy coated dog (38) kilos Bearded Collie.I have treated him several times with Frontline spray and it only slows down the infestation for a few weeks.

Replied by Alagoon
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

I sure hope this works! My dog is covered in oil and is having a heyday licking herself. This remedy was just enough to treat my Weim, so if you have a larger, thicker-haired dog, you may want to double it up. I'll post again if it seems works for me. Thanks!

Replied by Brenda
(Courtenay, Bc, Canada)

HI!! I have suffered with cheyletiella mites for 8 years now. I know it's this cause I had a biopsy done and came back with this mite. Of course the only thing the dermatologist said was get rid of your dogs.

We had the dogs tested and it came back that they were clear. We have tried everything to flea spays to pesticides from the vet. The vet told me that Advantage would take care of it if my dogs were carriers. She also stated that she hasn't seen cases of this mite in years and years..... I have done Kwalada treatments. Nothing has worked for me. 8 years of bites and feeling like there are bugs crawling on me all the time. I have been going out of my mind with itching and the mental state of crawlers all over me. I look like a have some terrible disease.

I came across your site, my husband gone out and bought the coconut oil and colloidal silver and gonna try it. I will let you know the out come....

Replied by Brenda
(Courtenay, Bc, Canada)

So it's been 2 hours now and this solution seems to be working.... When I first applied it, it felt like the mites were running from the top of my head to my waistline. It was a most disgusting feeling... And it seemed like they were in a hurry to bite me, cause I ended up with a few bites on my face, neck and behind my ears. And now after 2 hours the process has slowed down considerably.... :) I will re-apply tomorrow and keep applying till I am itch free and creepy-crawly free.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS ARTICLE!!!!

Replied by Brenda
(Courtenay, Bc, Canada)

I am happy to report that last night was the first night in a long time that I had a good night sleep. Woke up the morning to only 1 bite under my chin, rather then 10 to 12 bites all over. Will keep you posted!!! A very happy person this morning.... :)

Replied by Brenda
(Courtenay, Bc, Canada)

Day 2.... Again another fantastic sleep, before bed last night I took some solution and applied it to my scalp and upper torso and went to bed. Again woke up with only 1 bite... And very little itching. All already exsisting sores are healing up nicely and looks like they are all drying out.... makes me one happy girl.

I also applied some to my black lab x newfie head and rump erea. This morning the tops of her hair is white, nothing is moving, but it looks like they took off from the scalp to the end on her hair. She is going to the groomers and getting a bath in it. Seeing all this is working I am also gonna purchase the natural stuff (orally) for my doggies....:)

Have you ever thought of making the mixure and marketing it to vets??


Replied by Shanna
(Summerville, Sc)

My 5 month old Pomeranian puppy was just diagnosed with having walking dandruff. I suspect he has had it for about 3 months when we got him from the breader because he had a skin infection when we got him and had tried antibiotics to get rid of it and thought we had. Then I took him into the vet to be checked for ringworm because my 7 year old has ringworm on his head and then the vet saw not ringworm but walking dandruff. So I am going to try the coconut oil and silver remedy tonight on my two dogs, cat and myself and kids and hopefully we can kick this walking dandruff out the door. I will post again if this remedy works.

Replied by Frisco
(Vallejo, Ca)

Coconut Oil with Colloidal Silver


I have close-up pictures of the mites as they appear on the tips of my dog's hair a couple hours after the application of the coconut oil and colloidal silver mixture. Also have pictures of them on my black t-shirt with my finger in the shot to get an idea of scale. Again, this is after I applied the treatment to myself. Any way to post pictures?

The pictures of them on the black t-shirt make it clear just how much these look like dandruff. That's what the vet told me it was on both the first AND second visit ($$) even after looking at them under a microscope. The truth is my dog wasn't scratching that much and the "dandruff" only appeared about 3 weeks ago. But I started feeling this crawling sensation then little pin pricks. The "dandruff" was showing up on my newly washed sheets (black shows everything! ) even after the dog had been banished from the bed area. It took me seeing them move a couple times before I decided I was right and the vet was wrong. If you get some on a flea comb and patiently watch very closely you'll see them jump a tiny bit.

Getting food grade diatomaceous earth tomorrow and will treat my beds, carpets and yard. The fabulous coconut & silver treatment works great but want to treat the environment to avoid reinfestation.

Replied by Frisco
(Vallejo, Ca)

Back today to follow up. First a warning: the coconut oil and colloidal silver caused hair loss. Used it in my hair last night, left it in overnight, when shampooing today I had a LOT more hair than usual fall out. Also after 2 treatments I still have them and so does the dog. We were both treated twice, Friday then again Sunday. Felt the crawling intensely Friday night and was bothered some Saturday. Bathed the dog late Saturday; both of us slept great. Sunday, thinking we were all better, I brushed him a bit. 30 minutes later could feel them again. Treated both of us again last night; neither of us slept well. Today, with gloves on, I used a flea comb but it did little to remove them. Tonight without shampooing him I rubbed diatomaceous earth into his coat hoping this will kill them.

I wash clothes, sheets and dog bedding everyday in hot water with Tide and Borax then hot dry. I vacuum every other day including the bed. I've just read that everything must be treated at the same time and treatment must continue for at least 3 weeks. Tomorrow I will vacuum the whole house and dust the carpets, beds, furniture, and dog with the DE. The dog and I will both eat garlic and have apple cider vinegar added to our water daily. I've restricted my use of the house to a bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen. My dog is clearly depressed from the lack of contact but hard choices are sometimes necessary for his overall well-being.

Replied by Brenda
(Courtenay, Bc, Canada)

Well it's been a month now since my last treatment and the dog's last treament... This morning I woke up and I am bit again so back to treament I go, cause it does work. As for the hair loss, I do believe in the post where the said the mites eat away at the base of your hair because I have not suffered severe hair loss in a month....

Replied by Claire
(Dunedin, New Zealand)

I have just tried the recipe on my two boxer dogs. Thankfully I don't suffer from the complaint. Within minutes of applying the solution I can clearly see dead white critters everywhere on their coats. It is amazing. I only applied it right along their backs and shoulders as that appears to be where they are concentrated. We now how a wonderful licking regime going on where they're cleaning each other. I might be premature but so far I am really encouraged since I've been fighting a losing battle with these wee critters for years. I've tried everything and the results are only temporary. Hopefully its no more chemicals from here on in. Thank you so much for sharing this information with everyone.

Replied by Kerbar771
(Tampa, Florida, Usa)

Hi, did your dogs have itchy scaly skin? I am trying to figure something out for my daschund.

He does not have any fleas, but since my son walked him on the front lawn a few weeks ago, he has lost fur on his back and around his eyes and face. I have one of those collars for him.

He has a great appetite and his attitude is the same as always, no change there.

I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar and it made his skin so scaly I could not believe my eyes! Maybe I did not dilute it enough. I have some coconut oil. Did you mix the colloidal silver with the coconut oil? Did your dogs have mites? Please tell me a little more.


Replied by Hopeless

Hi, I am absolutely desparete. I have suffered this problem for four years now and it seems that this nightmare will never end. I started to have bites and "crawling" feeling around my body (and especially in my head) when we moved to a rented flat in between selling and buying a house. It appeared very quickly that the previous resident never actually cleaned the flat and it was badly contaminated. I think they had a dog in there as well. We had a professional "poisoner" several times in that flat, but bites did not stop. Since that, we have moved twice now and the problem still continues! Nothing seems to destroy these invinsible bugs. I have tried abosolutely everything to get rid of them. Absolutely nothing helps.

The worst itch and crawling sensation is in my head/hair. I have visited several private dermatologists and no one can help. I have read these posts made by other people and made the conlusion that it cannot be anything else than this invinsible cheytilla mite. I am devasted because of this problem. My husband do not believe me as you cannot see those bugs. "What you cannot see, does not exist.. " I'm so tired of this problem. I think about it every single day, every single hour and minute. How could I not to think as I itch all the time?

I tried the colloidal silver thing as well, but do not dare to try it again as I am very badly losing my hair. I am in a point, that I have to start wearing a wig. Apparently cheytilla is the cause for terrible hair loss. I am so ashamed of that as well. How I can just start wearing a wig all of sudden and go to work?! In my work, I have to meet lots of people all the time and would be so ashamed to wear a wig. Obviously soon I do not have a choice, because I cannot hide this hair loss anymore. My hairline has badly withdrawn and my scalp is very sensitive all the time. I did not have a sensitive scalp before, but now I cannot even brush it without the pain (and hairloss of course).

I cannot get for example DE in my country as I do not live in the USA. I live in a country, where it is very rare to have even fleas, so you cannot get stuff (DE) like that. I have tried scabies treatment several times for my whole body and head(/hair), but it only helps for couple of days until the crawling and biting will appear again. In addition the terrible hair loss, the worst thing is, that everybody around me starts itching and scratching as well! Do they jump in the air?! At my workplace everybody seems to scratch themselves. I have no social life whatsoever anymore, because I do not want anybody else have this problem. But everybody I am near to, starts scratching themselves.

This is pure nightmare and I am losing my mind because of this. I could have never believed anything like this exists! This terrible mite obviously thinks that I am their host now as I got it from that contaminated flat (where used to be a dog). As I do not have any animals.

I am cleaning and washing all the time and nothing helps. I have spent so much money for bug repellents and insecticides etc. This itching is a pure nightmare in addition to losing my hair! I don't know anymore what to do. I am so despressed because of this. Doctors won't believe me, they just think I am imagining this as we do not have any problems like this in my country.

I am so sad and desperate:(

Replied by Bill
(Columbus, Ohio)

I have exactly the same issues as you.... Biggest nightmare of my life.. Any updates? thanks, bill

Replied by Grace
(Bailey's Harbour, Wi)

I will have to try this! Thankfully, we always keep Coconut Oil and Colloidal Silver on hand. My rough Brussels Griffon came back from a stay at the breeder's with walking dandruff... He's the only one and I am hoping to stop this before my other dogs come infected. Do you know how often I should repeat this? Can it be re-heated on the stove? Is it worth feeding the Coconut Oil? That is what we often feed them when our dogs get dandruff... Maybe I will feed it to all of them. (We feed a homemade raw dog food and my mom is a total health freak so she always makes sure I have this stuff in my house)

Thank you for all of this information! I hope this helps!

Replied by Mischelle
(Menston, West Yorkshire Uk)

When you melt the coconut oil do you melt it to a clear liquid or just a little bit, so it's gunky and also after applying the liquid to your head and all over the body how long do you leave it on for or do you wash off ? I tried today and it's very greasy and I stood with it on for ages, but you can't get dressed ~ do you wash it off, or just towel dry???? and same for the dog, do you leave it on, if so how long for and then what? rinse..

We've just got this puppy and he's badly infested with the walking dandruff.

Replied by Ihatemites
(San Diego, Ca)

I think this would work more for mites that burrow under the skin like scabies or mange. Demodex mites thrive on and in oils and can casue hair loss.

Its 3 a.m. and I am up scouring the internet for cures for this nightmare! Here are some things I have learned.

Borax! Wash with it, put it in your shampoo, soak in the tub with it if you must, take 1/8th of a tea spoon in a liter of water. Drink off and on through out whole daly. Those of you in the UK will have to find in online or at you "Chemist" as its not sold on shelves there.

Bleach baths really do help for scabies and other burrowing mites however once they are in your scalp, ears and nose, you need something internal. I am on day 2 of the borax in water and so far nothings changed. Fortunately there is a section on this site where others report it worked for them. I have taken ivermectin for the last 2 months weekly and believe its the reason why the population is low. I'm looking into herbs used against Malaria as ivermectin is used successfully for that internally..

Pool Chlorine is the only "Fast Kill" topical substance I have found. I have a pump spray bottle I add a tea spoon to 56 oz container of water and spray on my scalp which is the only effected area and for about 3 or 4 hours, no crawling or bitting. I notice when one moves around I. E walking and moving about, the mites stay in one place and tend not to move but lay down or sit for a while and they seem to feel safe to move about. When I put things in my scalp and the crawling immediately stops, I don't consider it a success unless the crawling stays gone fore more than 3 or 4 hours and I have been relatively still.

Blue Dawn dish liquid mixed with 2 table spoons of Baking Soda kept my scalp quite of movement for a few hours but kind of burned my already burned out skin at the time. I do think it was working. I'll give that a shot again too soon.

Sulfur with Vaseline did nothing. Permethrin 5% cream worked for only a day even when adding lemon, tea tree oil AND 45% permethrin for dogs. I once soaked my head underwater for 2 hours and the next day, it was as if I'd done nothing at all. Though I have read hay can hold their breath for up to 2 hours, I had to investigate my environment as a source of recontaminate.

Neem oil does not kill these mites. Their numbers should have reduced by now if neem was doing what I keep reading it does - stop them from breeding or laying eggs. I'm still using it every day till the neem oil is gone. Its been a week now. I used it before months before reading that the active substance is measured by "PPM" and sought the highest I can get. I found a place in FL that grows their own enema tree. That means its fresher than what you'd get at an indian store where it has been shipped and most likely sat on a shelf for years. I'm keeping it in the fridge to keep it fresh as I don't know the shelf life or rate of oxidation.

I ordered Lice B gone as I read in another forum that worked for scabies. They also manufacture Lice B Gone for Fleas and Ticks. I'll try it and report back. Its enzyme based and suppose to work by causing the mite to malt before they have the chance to breed.

Also ordered Olive oil infused with Poke Weed root. In the scabies section, a few said it worked at getting the mites out of the skin.

I'm also trying Quassia Amara wood chips boiled in water. So far, unfortunately it is not a fast kill as I hoped. Like Neem, I has a chemical that stops mite eggs from hatching and larvea for developing. I added the boiled solution to lotion. Will keep that up till the wood chips are all used up.

For those whos hair is falling out I think staying away from oils would be good. I will eventually try the colloidal silver but will add it to a good lotion. Actually I am going to make my own colloidal silver as it will be cheaper and cost effective to bath in it. Tons of vids on youtube on how to make it with just regular 9 v batteries.

Found a carpet powder with pyrenthrins, the natural form of the scabicidal lotion permethrin but this also has Nylar in it, preventing eggs from hatching, also contains Piperonyl Butoxide. That prevents the mites from metabolizing the pyrethrins. It mixed very well with lotion. Gonna keep using that too. I have it on now with borax and Quassia Amara mixed in. Its not a fast kill as I'm still feeling movement but hope its preventing future generations

The lotion mixture I can put on the days I go to work. When I get home, I can put on the neem oil. Neem stinks and makes if obvious you have something on. I will add colloidal silver in the mix in the future when I have recovered financially from buying everything imaginable to treat this nightmare.

I think some of us are suffering from pet mites that have been doused in the standard topicals and internal medicines and have built a resistance. I'll keep looking to plants that have to keep up and defend themselves agains mites for answers.

I have tried may more things I'll post when I wake up. Must sleep now.

Replied by Sara
(New York, NY)

Where can I find the colloidal silver to use against mites?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Sara!

Just google it = 'buy colloidal silver new york' and you will find many options to search.

Replied by Kim
(Bangor, Pennsylvania)

I am definitely trying this. For a few months I noticed my cat Oreo had dandruff.. Well last night I was scratching his neck and felt extreme itching on my hand. After I did my research I am 100% sure it's walking dandruff. I am definitely going to try this. Where can I purchase these products?

Replied by Gina
(Gardendale, Al)

I have a litter of puppies and 4 other dogs in my house, and all of the puppies and dam have walking Dandruff. The puppies are Scottie pups and are 5 weeks old, weighing around 4-4-1/2lbs. each. I have Collodial Silver and Coconut oil. Please advise me on what to do.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Gina!

I would use Ted's mange remedy on ALL your dogs. It is safe for the puppies and will kill the walking dandruff mites. Make sure you clean and vacuum your home well, paying attention to where your pets bed down. You might also consider spreading borax down as an additional way to prevent reinfestation of the mites.

Replied by Marie

Needed to know, should u leave the mixture on your animal and yourself for a certain amount of time? As Janet said, they laid eggs on her head line. I was wondering, do they pop like a pimple or blister?

Replied by Felicia
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

Brenda mentioned in an above post that the coconut oil cause whiteness on the fur tips. I had a similar situation with an oil mixure (1/2 c olive oil, 1-2 tbs avocado oil, 1-2 tbs apricot kernal, several drops of carrot seed oil). I worked this in with my fingers and a typical dog brush, and within half an hour, my dog had white clumps on the end of his fur. I haven't seen the vet yet to find out if it is the same kind of mite, but it might be something for someone else to try.

(Oakland, California)

I am almost POSITIVE that the white tips everyone is seeing a little while after applying it to their dogs' coats is only the coconut oil having cooled off and solidified a bit. You can easily just feed your pet a little coconut oil as well since it's naturally antibacterial (& I suppose possibly Miticidal?). And if research shows that the colloidal silver is safe for pets to ingest, then I would just give both internally, and use a light dusting of the DE powder- PLEASE be careful not to use a lot of this stuff, and never near their eyes or nose because it's made up of crushed diatoms which are like seashells, so the powder can really irritate eyes and other sensitive parts, plus it can really dry out their skin (so coconut oil ingested will help combat the severity of that side effect).

Replied by Eve
22 posts

Be very careful when using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) on your carpets and floors, it cost me $200. to fix my vacuum cleaner, it clogged up- the area where the fan is located and broke it. I've used DE in my dogs bed and on her but it really did do that much. I'm so pleased with the reports on the Colloidal Silver and hope it works for me and pooch, My ordeal has been going on since 2010 and have spent close to $5000 for nothing, I have used Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, full strength on me and along with it diluted to 1% and add Borax for my dog, it helps a little but it will cause your pet to lose a lot of hair, its really drying to animals but better than nothing. I spray my house with the full 3% HP, walls, carpet, furniture but I guess the change in weather has alot to do with how they multiply. These nasty things are in the air and you don't know if leaving your windows and doors open helps to get them out of if you invite more in. The whole solution to these pests is to find a way to get them out of your house and then the bodies will react and heal quicker but until the secret is found its a Catch 22 problem 24/7. Good luck but be careful how you use the DE on floors.

Replied by Sheryl

I was desperate. 2 puppies didn't even know how to eat yet dumped on road, so weak stumbling and throwing up. Brought them home, loaded with ring worm - that was healed within 2 weeks, but the walking dandruff was hard. I tried everything I had read, nothing worked. The puppies were eating their flesh, it was full of sores, mites, and just about all their hair fell out. They were very warm to the touch, like a fever, starved and boney.

After ringworm healed, they were eating on some good nutritious food, bathes every 5 days, nothing killed the mites and the dogs yelled in pain from the excessive itching. They were literally covered with these things.

Read this ladies post about coconut oil and Silver. Got some today, mixed it up put it on them and now 2 hours later, they are not by any means well but the mites that were on them, the huge flakes are dead. They are eating, playing with each other, you can just tell they feel well. I will continue to use the coconut oil and colloidal silver to kill hatching larvae. I am thankful they are outside. I made them a real nice home to live in up off the ground, protected from the weather, they love it, and now they are moving around.

I can't tell you how happy I am not to see or hear them. Especially scratching until bloody and gnawing at their flesh. Thanks to this lady, who ever she is.

Replied by Rhonda
(Arlington, Tx)

Is the colloidal silver safe to use on my cat too?

Replied by Mama To Many


I think colloidal silver is safe for cats, too. We used it to cure a respiratory virus in a kitten and it worked very fast with no ill effects.

Replied by Nancy
(North Charleston, Sc)

What's the ratio of coconut oil to colloidal silver and how much do we place on pet? And where to get the colloidal silver? And is that safe for pets to lick off?

Replied by Gina
(Gardendale, Al.)

Will it bleach the coat of black dogs?

Replied by Janiced

Thank you, I am going to try this. I had hives for 3 years on and off and thought it was nerves. It's nice to know it's not in my mind but it is oh so gross.

Replied by Kathy
(Chelsea, Mi)

We are having terrible problem its same symptoms as the rest here. I have 3 cats and myself all infested. I have taken them to three different vets and myself to 3 different doctors and none have helped. Has anyone actually tried the silver and coconut oil, or peroxide, or any other combo on cats? I've been told cats skin is thinner and more sensitive then dogs so want to make sure these are definitely safe for them as they had a very bad reaction to a marketed natural oil mixed product from pet stores...that didn't kill mites. HELP!

Replied by Ann Paul
(Lincoln Ne)

Try to get your animal on Revolution. My cat peppy has fleas and these D walking mites too. It took several months but they died off with Revolution also try Capstar for dogs while you animal is on Revolution. It worked for me. Also remember he or she has to be on it for four months straight. If you can't remove the carpet when this happened you might have to keep your pet on it indefinitely until you move or rip out the carpet. I really hope this helps you.

Replied by Rhonda
1 posts

What amounts for my cat? She has been battling walking dandruff for a very long time. I've tried other medications and nothing works. I'm about to loose my mind. Need more information please. Thank you.

Replied by Johnnie

After you put it on you in shower, do you rinse or how you do that?

Replied by Lisa R.
(Chicago, IL)

I just put this solution on my dog. Thank you for posting!

Replied by DORIS

Colloidal Silver DOES NOT KILL MITES. It is antibiotic anti viral. The coconut oil (any OIL) smothers the mites...CS has nothing to do with it....MISINFORMATION.

Replied by erica
(watertown ny)

Going through this now. we both got it from our new puppy and even our senior puppy caught it. we were on ivermectin and permethrin. the dogs on revolution. now getting ready to order bravecto for them. the senior dog is losing his hair again because of reinfestation. I just ordered 2 gallons of cedarwood oil and a fogger to handle to house. I also just ordered 1000ppm colloidal silver gel from ebay to treat the skin. having this cheyletiellosis aka walking dandruff is scary. there were bugs coming out of my skin. its been months. I also eat garlic daily, consume oil of oregano, take olive leaf extract as well as a tincture. I just ordered liquid colloidal silver as well to drink. I'm hoping the gel will work on my skin. I'm on the tail end of it. I only handle the dogs with gloves. today I didn't and the mites creeped back into my skin. I used apple cider vinegar and borax and soaked my hands and the mites came out. my dermatologist gave me corticosteroids to use. the only way to get rid of this is to get the dogs healthy.

They gave a dermatology appointment next month but I need to get rid of this on them now. it's been a battle. I also have been isolating in a spare room but we both have it and have so much ivermectin in our systems. the mites push themselves out as they die or come out dead from under dry skin. scary and not something I like to speak about. I notice everything. once you see the mitre and understand what you are seeing you'll never feel the same again and will be extra cautious. I do a number of things. I also use diatomaceous earth all over my body to exfoliate and to help get the dry skin off of me (the dead mites are under the dry skin). I used the prescribed permethrin cream twice as well as a month of ivermectin weekly. it takes time for the dead mites to come out of the body

Head and Shoulders Shampoo

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Posted by Lois (NYC, NY) on 04/01/2009

dandruff on dogs: i use head and shoulders to shampoo my dogs it stops skin flakes, and they dont shed as much. hope this is a solution

Replied by Country Woman
(Jackson, NY)

Hi, It was brought to my attention, that most cannines have a problem with dander. I have been giving my 2 labs ( which are noted for this ) Olive Oil with their food. The puppy, I give 1 teaspoon a day, in her food. The adult Lab, I give 1 Teaspoon 2x a day. Is helping a lot and coat is very shiny. Hope this helps!

Replied by Jennifer
(Denville, New Jersey (nj))

Pet food is poison and gives dogs and cats skin problems which produce dander. Get on raw meat and all health issues will go away forever and your pets will live 25-30 years old.

Replied by Allie
(Denver, Co)

I would like to know more about how much, what kind, etc of "raw food" diet that would make a dog live that long... Sadly we lost our last of our four pugs, the baby, only 8 yrs seemed to have passed from an "immune mediated" disease.. Her body was attacking her cells even at the bone marrow - it was "fast" (if that is supposed to be any consolation-it's not) but we foster and would like to know what to feed them. Currently on Blue Buffalo. Thanks to everyone, and I wish I would have found this site 3 weeks ago!

Replied by [email protected]
(Pelion, South Carolina)

ok, so I tried the coconut oil and colloidal silver, and... All that did was make my dog and me taste like an itchy almond joy. It didn't work. At all. In fact I think it made it worse. Idk. So I bought this stuff called defendix. Super expensive stuff. I got the buy 2 get 1 free, so that made it 20 bucks a bottle. And its only 4 oz a bottle. But I pray its gonna work. The reveiws were awesome and since I put it on my puppies, they havent scratched once. YAY. So I feel good about this. It beats 400 bucks at the vet. It's all natural no side effects, and my pups look crazy running around the house all lathered up lol. U gotta leave it on for 20 mins. but no itching!! I'll keep ya'll posted w my results.


Posted by Regina (Northport, NY) on 04/24/2009

My dog has walking dandruff mites and I would like to try the homeopathic remedy that you recommend, which is Helleborus. However, when I went to purchase Helleborus I found out that there are 3 different Helleborus remedies -- Helleborus Niger, Helleborus Foetidus and Helleborus Viridis. Do you know which one I should use? Also, what potency would you recommend for a small dog?

Also, would I give the Helleborus remedy along with Symphytum remedy (as mentioned on your website) or would I just give one or the other?

Thank you for your time. I love your website.

Replied by Weegie
(Sierra Vista, Az)

I need more info on walking dandruff...I have toy dogs and afraid that its in my kennel..I dont want to use anything except natural ingredients..can you give me uses on 3lb to 6lb dogs???

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Anna (Texas) on 06/04/2018

I have also have dealt with walking dandruff for years and am just now learning more effective ways to deal with (and hopefully cure) eradicating them.

Relax and Breathe. You can get rid of or at least minimize these mites.

For pet treatment, ask your vet if Revolution will work for your animal friend(s). if so try 1 dose every 2 weeks for 3 doses, then monthly maintenance.

If that isn't an option or doesn't work, lime sulfur dips every 1-2 weeks for 1 month to 3 months. Pay close attention to your animal friend(s) for adverse reactions, nontolerance or allergic reactions.

Be sure to clean their ears often with a good ear cleanser, wiping them out after flooding the ears with the liquid (mites tend to run there to hide).

Throw away/replace as much bedding as possible. Use Meyer's Spray cleaners, Kleen-Free cleaner, Baking Soda and BLUE Dawn Dishwashing liquid or Murphy's oil Soap (with cedar essential oil added) for cleaning house as often as possible during this phase.

Use Kleen-Free or Apple Cider Vinegar (or another anti parasitic) along with 1-2 cups Baking Soda in wash for linens and clothes often.

Change bedding anytime you see evidence of the mites. I used layers of thick white paper towels to cover their bedding so it could be thrown away easily.

Sites with Info that may help :








For me, the key was to moisturize excessively after a thorough cleaning. Though initial instincts made me want to wash repeatedly with strong soaps, dry skin seemed to make thing worse.

My go-to cleanser was a combo of Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (has to be blue) and Baking Soda with a washcloth.

After shower or bath, BEFORE drying off (on wet skin), I coat my entire body with a homemade mixture ( mixed in a spray bottle or plastic bottle):

  • Colloidal Silver Liquid 4oz
  • Keri Bath Oil, Coconut oil or Olive Oil 4 oz
  • 100% Vitamin E oil 2.5 - 5 oz
  • (Sundown Naturals is gd)
  • Clove essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Neem oil (optional, strong pungent odor)

You can use some or none of the essential oils, depending on preference and severity of the infestation.

Do not rinse oil mixture off. Air dry yourself or allow oils to remain on skin for as long as possible (when possible).

Try it when you have nowhere to be until you figure out how much of the strong smelling potion you can handle before going out side.

You can use half of it diluted with more Keri, Olive or Coconut oil to lessen the smell on work days as needed.

If hair infestation is a problem, add the oil mixture above to 'Licefree Spray'. Saturate hair with a processing/plastic cap for 24 hours. Re-wet hair every 3 hours until 24 hrs is up. Then comb with lice comb (wiping comb on paper towels) until no mite evidence is visible. Air dry and style as usual.

In 1 week or when/if itching starts, shampoo with a Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo. Pet Shampoo is usually okay to use (animal product guidelines are often more strict than ours). Follow with oil mixture above. Repeat weekly until no evidence of mites present (at least 3 weeks usually, the average life span of the mites).

Try treating inside and out.

Consider taking supplements like Neem, Aloe Vera Gel and raw Garlic or in capsules to internally cleanse human bodies.

I also use the extra large lint rollers in between heavier cleaning. Does a great job of picking up cat hair and everything else.

If there is an extensive infestation, use hydrogen peroxide to cleanse your ears and nostrils daily as well.

Peace and Love to You and Your Animal Friends. Don't give up!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Viorel (Vancouver, B.C) on 04/02/2009

Our Airedale Terrier, Bella has dandruff. We tried all we know, no results. She eat home made food: game meat mixed with vegies, rice 2-3 egs on it, boiled. After meal she get 100ml.milk, fruits, carots. Every second day, some salmon meat mixed with home made food. i understod it may be related,by food?!... God know.. we love her like i can not tell. Please,any advice will be greatly apreciated.

Vancouver B.C Canada

Replied by Rose
(Pensacola, FL)

Coconut oil is safe and has many health benefits. Do a search on it and you'll see.

These are the benefits of Coconut oil for your pet!

Fed to pets it may have multiple benefits including:

Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
Helps control body and breath odor
Aids in elimination of hairballs and coughing
Aids healing of digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel syndrome and colitis
Contains powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agents that prevent infection and disease
Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections, including candida
Promotes normal thyroid function
Helps prevent or control diabetes
Aids in arthritis relief
Reduces allergic reactions
Improves skin health and hair condition
Disinfects cuts and promotes wound healing
As an antioxidant, it is 50 times more potent than Vitamin E, 15 times more potent than carrots, and 300 times more potent than tomatoes.
Most of coconut oil's health benefits come from medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). According to former University of Maryland biochemist and dietary fats researcher Mary Enig, PhD, %uFFFDThe lauric acid in coconut oil is used by the body to make the same disease-fighting fatty acid derivative monolaurin that babies make from the lauric acid they get from their mothers' milk. The monoglyceride monolaurin is the substance that keeps infants from getting viral, bacterial, or protozoal infections.%uFFFD

Coconut oil's capric and caprylic acid have similar properties and are best known for their antifungal effects. Like lauric acid, capric acid helps balance insulin levels.

In addition to protecting the body against infection, medium-chain fatty acids are efficiently metabolized to provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss."

In addition to Wellie's intake; I personally use it in our family's smoothies (to the non-furry children) as well, a few dabs under my eyes at night-time and on my "gardening" feet during the summer and on dry hands during the winter.

Replied by Erin
(Norwood, Pennsylvania)

Hi! I know your post is older, but i'm posting this just in case you see this or someone else does that it can help. Animals, just like people, can have intolerances to food. Your dog could be reacting to the milk. I was always told to use Lactaid. It definitely sounds like your dog has a phenomenal diet! if i were you i'd look into raw diet foods or "human" foods that could cause adverse reactions &/or problems like you're experiencing. Our pets can be lactose intolerant, have problems w/ gluten, etc etc etc. Since you had a pretty regular regimen on what he was fed, it should be easy to look up those ingredients & see if they could be what's responsible. Take care!! - Erin

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Pj (Rochester, Minnesota) on 07/22/2015

I have 5 cats and 2 large Pit bulls and all of them including myself and my large 2 story house have a bad infestation of cheleytiella mites after a flea and mite infested stray cat broke out my dining room window last fall and jumped in my house in the middle of the night and fought with all my cats. I battled the fleas all winter.

Finally after 7 months I killed the last flea not knowing or seeing cheleytiella mites. All pets were scratching after the fleas were gone. I thought the fleas and treatments had left them with dry skin until 2 days ago when I took out my magnifing glass to inspect all pet beds after my pets were scratching even more and each showed dandruff after being brushed. I saw those ugly creepy crawlers and nearly had a break down. I search online and found the link to you. I immediately went and bought Colloida; Silver and Coconut Oil. I sprayed the dogs which they didn't enjoy and now I know why. The white mites and also brownish black ones surfaced. There were hundreds of them. The mixtured KILLED them!

Janet, thank you so much for sharing your mite recipe! The dogs are showing relieve! I doused myself with it and I too am feeling relieve from biting! Not sure what I'll use for the house. I have Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick spray Im using on the cats and they're bedding and anywhere they hang out. The cats seem to not be scratching like they were. I have noticed the mites are dead that I sprayed in their bedding and around the house. I think I see a light now at the end of this long ugly tunnel! Im heading out to get more of everything to continue with the killing!

Once again...Thank you so much Janet! Your my angel!

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Regina (Northport, NY) on 06/03/2009

Ted's Mange Remedy cured my dog of Walking Dandruff mites. Ted's remedy is 1 part hydrogen peroxide + 2 parts water + 3 heaping tablespoons of borax (per 16 oz. of hydrogen peroxide).

I wanted to make a large batch of this solution so that I could place it in a large bucket and have my small dog sit in it and be at least half covered by it. So, I used the following proportions: 1 gallon hydrogen peroxide (1 part/128 oz) + 2 gallons hot water (2 parts) + 5 cups of Borax (in the form of 20 Mule Team Borax found in the laundry section of the supermarket). Note that I decided to double Ted's recommendation for the Borax. I mixed the ingredients until all the Borax dissolved, then I placed my dog in the solution for 30 minutes. While he was sitting in it I scooped the solution over his body.

I break from Ted's mange protocol here - he says that you should let your dog air dry after his bath so that the solution has more time to be in contact with the skin and therefore be more effective. In my case, I reasoned that since my dog was submerged in the solution for 30 minutes it was even more effective than just allowing him to air dry - so I dryed him after his baths so he wouldn't get cold.

My dog got one hydrogen peroxide bath per week for 4 weeks. In addition, he got another "regular" bath with shampoo (which I gave to him a few days later) per week for the same 4 week period. I did that mostly for hygenic reasons because he was losing so many dandruff scales and dead skin and I wanted to help the process along. By the second hydrogen peroxide bath his itching stopped. My dog is now cured of Walking Dandruff. He no longer itches and his skin is clear and healthy again.

Additional things to do/remember: Before you give your dog the hydrogen peroxide bath, you need to bathe him completely with regular shampoo. Also, you need to be diligent in washing their bedding and blankets every time you give them a bath -- just in case there are dandruff mites hanging out in their bedding.

Replied by Regina
(Northport, Ny)

I wanted to update my previous post and let readers know that, unfortunately, Ted's remedy of hydrogen peroxide and borax did not work on my dog's walking dandruff. At first I thought it did but a few weeks after placing my post about my success with the remedy, the familiar scabs and flakes started to reappear. As of today (9/23/09) I am still trying to get rid of it. If I am successful in ridding him of this mite, I will repost to let the readers know.

Replied by Regina
(Northport, Ny)

Re my earlier post of 9/23/09 re the walking dandruff mites. I brought my dog back to the vet soon after that post because I wanted to know for sure if he still had the walking dandruff because he still had scales and crusts on his back. The vet did several skin scraping from different areas on his body and examined them under the microscope and told me that he DOES NOT have them any longer. Note: this same vet had actually diagnosed him with the mites a few months earlier. At the time of the initial diagnosis, he could see the scales moving on his back and he did the skin scrapings where he could actually see the mite under the microscope.

So apparently, Ted's remedy of borax and hydrogen peroxide DID WORK!! Note I never gave my dog any medication at all except for the hydrogen peroxide baths. I mentioned to the vet that I used the above remedy and he said he was not surprised that they are gone because the combination of the borax and the hydrogen peroxide would kill any parasite. Note: I submerged my dog up to his shoulder blades in the solution for at least 15 or 20 minutes for each bath and I doubled Ted's remedy.

FYI, today, 1/18/10 I brought my dog to a specialist (dermatologist) to try to find out why my dog still has some scabs and scales on his skin. I found out he has a bacterial/staph infection of the skin, but she reconfirmed what my regular vet told me - which is that he has NO mites (she tested for them).

So, as I said earlier, Ted's remedy worked.

Replied by Jennifer
(Omaha, Ne)

My pet, myself and my home are infested I just found out after a year what the heck has been invading our home even after moving, and losing my job of 5 years... I've even seen a psychologist! I am hoping this will work for us. What do you recommend for treating myself and my home after begin treating my dog? Was your home infested as well as yourself? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP! I want this to stop NOW.

Replied by Hopeless

Hi, If you read my previous posting (a bit above) "12/28/2011: Hopeless from Abroad" you can see that you are definitely not alone. This is pure hell and nothing seems to help:(

Replied by Catherine
(Manchester, Greater Manchester)

Re: cheleytiella mites. The borax and hydrogen peroxide seems to be working! My little dog and I have been bitten for three years.

After a lot of research on my part along with confirming diagnosis of my bites by infectious diseas at my local hospital I was finally able to convince my vet that we had a cheleytiella problem (as pooch had no 'walking dandruff' but my research had indicated that thes mites could be present even if not found. But nothing the vet tried worked - ivermectin, advantage, frontline, lime sulfur dip.

I have been on a crazy regime of hoovering, washing, bagging up all my clothes, flea spray, and misery. The mites were even hanging around on me and I was taking them into work and could see other people scratching... Nightmare! They are so opportunistic! I could feel them on my eyelashes, my scalp as well as the usual area they bite - waistline, shoulders and back and buttocks. And everywhere my dog came into contact with me for any period of time.

So we started Ted's mites/mange remedy and it seems to be making an incredible difference! I'm washing my dog and using the borax/hydrogen peroxide mix on him every other day. I do the same to myself at night. I have seen no sign of mites in the past couple of days (was previously getting bitten almost every day) but will stay vigilant and keep to our routine. No side effects for my dog tho he doesn't like the baths :).

I would urge anyone who think they have a problem with these highly contagious mites to try Ted's remedy. Daily as he recommends if necessary and appropriate... It feels pretty life-changing at the moment! Am also happy to help with any cheleytiella questions as I have done a LOT of research...!

Thanks Ted (whoever you are! :D)

P.S. I am in the UK and Borax is cheap and easy to get hold of online... And hydrogen peroxide available from chemists over the counter (as well as online) tho I did have a problem in one Boots who asked what I wanted it for and when I told them it was for my dog they refused to sell it to me - due to some new leglislation againt them selling stuff to treat animals - have had no problems with other pharmacies

Replied by Fabian
(Quenns, NY)

i read all about mite. i try many many remedies loke;

  • olive oli
  • oregano oil,
  • lemon
  • i wash my self in a oregano tee
  • i put oil from the top to the feet
  • i sleep in a oil
  • i trought out my bed
  • i sleep in smaal couch cover with plastic.
  • i cover my self with plastic everyday
  • i go to doctor 3 times, (their dont see anithing)
  • i bring my dogs 2 times to vet, sam result
  • so I try with ocean could shower every morning.
  • ho im forguet, I do the laundry everyday, and put everithing in a plastic bag for 7days.

nazing is work. but I found the could wather therapy, works. mites desapear, I dotn have etchy , I dont scratch my self. i leave one window open to fresh aire comes all day to de home. and is work

but their still there. their go and back. when the room is little warm their show up. no idea, I continuin do a wather teraphy , but what will be happen in summer, no idea.

Replied by Hopeless From Abroad

Hi CATHERINE from Manchester: could you please advise how you prepared the remedy for yourself and how did you exactly use it? I have had this hell of walking dandruff for years and nothing has helped so far. Where I can get the borax online? I do not know that product (what is it called in the shops?) as I do not live in the UK nor in the USA. I'd like to buy it online. Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

Replied by M/bro
(Middlesbrough, Uk)

You can purchase Borax from ebay.

Replied by Http://www.earthclinic.com/contactus.php?action=fe

I read bad things about colloidal silver. Mixed coconut extract shampoo with diatomaceous earth, put it on my scalp (there favorite location) and just like a woman above blogged, them move down away from the area. A lot of movement suddenly as I'm typing this. Cornoil penetrates the skin easily and is cheap. Tomorrow I'll try corn oil mixed with diatomaceous earth. Oils help the gnats burrow easily. A good suggestion was conditioner on scalp with bag over it. Calamine lotion on the face, in ears and on body. S hydrated lime powder, $10 for 50 lbs on the legs, arms. No issues with burning. Don't bathe with it, burns. It's getting in the 80's now and problem is increasing. Afraid to sleep! Hubby drinks and doesn't feel nothing, yet itches. Thinks it's in my head. Dogs are itchy, but he refuses to acknowledge it. Use lemon grass powder on dogs skin, diatomaceous earth, clean dog bedding with ammonia; make citrus water from lemons and grapefruit in yard, wash laundry with it, plus borax, solar salt (cheap) which breaks down in water fast (it's ocean salt), a dash of ammonia. Soak for hours to get best results. sweep ceilings, walls, and floors (exhausting) daily. Borax on floors works best but ruins linoleum. Give mustard on biscuits to dogs; warms them, cleans out parasites, repels bugs, pain killer. I drink it myself and helped until bugs become immune, like all remedies. Got bit in southern CA motel and problem was non stop. Signs for a few years coworkers had it. Must find a cure to help everyone world wide. Wear angelite (sodium chloride blue stone) amber (absorbs into skin) brass kills bacteria and it's better than not wearing it, other metals feed it for some reason, topaz has electromagnetic properties and helps. Tourmaline too slightly and jet. Remove vegetation from yard to remove their food, except citrus trees, sage, rosemary. Haven't tried citronella plant yet. Candle burning in yard helps a bit. Haven't tried cedar oil. Neem kills eggs, but biting is worse in dogs and myself. My blood pressure is on low side of good. Seen other blogs mentioned this. My hubby is on the higher side, and feels nothing. I'm ticklish, he isn't.

Replied by Lesley

I'm all for natural remedies wherever possible as an effective cure. But for the ladies who have posted and sound like they are suffering a living hell through a Mite infestation ( had one myself years back & the intense itching at night drove me crazy) why not just buy some Lyclear? Available over the counter in the UK & costs around 10.00 a tube and it DOES work. Ok, you might argue its a toxin you don't want to put on your body (pyrethin?? I think). But from your post it sounds like the long term physical & physiological trauma you are experiencing is a far more serious risk to your health and well being.

Replied by Atn

What strength and how much Symphytum or Helleborus should be used?

(Baltimore, Md)

My research suggests Helleborus 4X is the best homeopathic remedy for walking dandruff. (Do an internet search to buy it.) Then, put one pellet in your pet's water. Humans can also take it, just put one pellet under your tongue.

Replied by Vera
(Droitwich, United Kingdom)

What ratio did you use for the hydrogen peroxide/borax mix plse?

Replied by Mari

2c peroxide to 2tbsp borax, sponge on, let air dry.

(West point, Georgia)

I can't believe that so many people are having a hard time like I am people people think I'm crazy. For some reason I'm more susceptible to the walking dandruff than my roommates because they say they don't feel anything. But I can see the long hairs with them White stuff on them. It's like the hairs travel to the air and it's got the mic on it or some thing. Will the peroxide bath hurt my dog if he has open wounds on his back or he's been itching? I've tried desperately to get rid of this. My dog is just miserable. I feel so bad for him because he's a Chiweenie and he has to turn all the way around it is hind quarters and it's very uncomfortable for him. I didn't know what it was until a couple weeks ago and like every couple weeks and cleaning everything and sweeping all this hair up with itching like crazy on my scalp on my arms, I shaved my hair off I just had to get rid of it, I can't keep letting it get in my head and I can't get it out because my hair was so long. I just need to know this is gonna work. I'm not sure if to try to collateral silver for the peroxide bath?