Walking Dandruff Remedies

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Sheryl (Texas) on 11/11/2015

I was desperate. 2 puppies didn't even know how to eat yet dumped on road, so weak stumbling and throwing up. Brought them home, loaded with ring worm - that was healed within 2 weeks, but the walking dandruff was hard. I tried everything I had read, nothing worked. The puppies were eating their flesh, it was full of sores, mites, and just about all their hair fell out. They were very warm to the touch, like a fever, starved and boney.

After ringworm healed, they were eating on some good nutritious food, bathes every 5 days, nothing killed the mites and the dogs yelled in pain from the excessive itching. They were literally covered with these things.

Read this ladies post about coconut oil and Silver. Got some today, mixed it up put it on them and now 2 hours later, they are not by any means well but the mites that were on them, the huge flakes are dead. They are eating, playing with each other, you can just tell they feel well. I will continue to use the coconut oil and colloidal silver to kill hatching larvae. I am thankful they are outside. I made them a real nice home to live in up off the ground, protected from the weather, they love it, and now they are moving around.

I can't tell you how happy I am not to see or hear them. Especially scratching until bloody and gnawing at their flesh. Thanks to this lady, who ever she is.

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Claire (Dunedin, New Zealand) on 11/23/2011

I have just tried the recipe on my two boxer dogs. Thankfully I don't suffer from the complaint. Within minutes of applying the solution I can clearly see dead white critters everywhere on their coats. It is amazing. I only applied it right along their backs and shoulders as that appears to be where they are concentrated. We now how a wonderful licking regime going on where they're cleaning each other. I might be premature but so far I am really encouraged since I've been fighting a losing battle with these wee critters for years. I've tried everything and the results are only temporary. Hopefully its no more chemicals from here on in. Thank you so much for sharing this information with everyone.

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Frisco (Vallejo, Ca) on 11/06/2011

Coconut Oil with Colloidal Silver


I have close-up pictures of the mites as they appear on the tips of my dog's hair a couple hours after the application of the coconut oil and colloidal silver mixture. Also have pictures of them on my black t-shirt with my finger in the shot to get an idea of scale. Again, this is after I applied the treatment to myself. Any way to post pictures?

The pictures of them on the black t-shirt make it clear just how much these look like dandruff. That's what the vet told me it was on both the first AND second visit ($$) even after looking at them under a microscope. The truth is my dog wasn't scratching that much and the "dandruff" only appeared about 3 weeks ago. But I started feeling this crawling sensation then little pin pricks. The "dandruff" was showing up on my newly washed sheets (black shows everything! ) even after the dog had been banished from the bed area. It took me seeing them move a couple times before I decided I was right and the vet was wrong. If you get some on a flea comb and patiently watch very closely you'll see them jump a tiny bit.

Getting food grade diatomaceous earth tomorrow and will treat my beds, carpets and yard. The fabulous coconut & silver treatment works great but want to treat the environment to avoid reinfestation.

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Janet (Louisville, Co Usa) on 12/30/2009

My dog had an infestation of cheyletiella mites. I also ended up with them, and my life was sheer hell for several months. I went to three different doctors, who at best only offered me creams to help with the itching. The CDC says that they can't do a life cycle on humans, and I beg to differ with them on that score. I have a lot of hair breakage around my hairline to prove that they did indeed lay eggs on me.

I did a great deal of research and I tried just about every remedy I could find on the internet. Some helped, but nothing seemed to entirely rid me of these things. I had been prescribed ivermectin and the doctors couldn't guarantee it would work and I was reluctant to take it, but at the same time desperate. There was one thing yet that I had read worked for someone with scabies that I hadn't tried before I took the ivermectin. This person had cured her scabies with colloidal silver.

I mixed 2 ozs. of virgin coconut oil with 2 ml of 10ppm colloidal silver. The coconut oil needs to be melted and melts at a very low temperature. I put the coconut oil and colloidal silver in a plastic bottle made for hair dyes and shook it to make sure it was mixed well and applied it directly on my skin from head to toe. Within two hours I could tell that the mites had died. One WARNING - DO NOT REWARM THIS MIXTURE IN A MICROWAVE!!!

My daughter-in-law is getting her degree in environmental science and she told me the reason that the colloidal silver worked is that small particles of metal penetrate through the shell of the mite. Once the shell is penetrated the mites dry up and die.

Coconut oil is very close to your own natural oil (sebum) and therefore is absorbed by your skin. So as it penetrates your skin it will reach anything that burrows underneath your skin carrying with it the silver. The beauty of coconut oil with the Cheyletiella mite is that it lives on sebum and dead skin and I assume it ends up eating the coconut oil and silver particles. Any new bites I've had, they die almost immediately.

Both the coconut oil and colloidal silver have antimicrobial benefits which kills any infection the mites carry and aids in healing. The colloidal silver also stops the necrosis (the eating away of skin by insect bites). And as a side benefit it also got rid of athletes foot and a couple of warts that I had.

It's also safe for pets and only one application cleared the dog as well. I have been using it once a day to kill anything left in the environment that may find it's way on me. I have found that washing clothes and the dogs bedding in hot water and borax helped a great deal. I use a floor steam cleaner on my mattress and pillows, the carpet etc. Vacume often!!! In cold weather, spend a little extra for better air filters on your heating system as these things are also air bound and jump.

I hope this helps anyone who is enduring the same nightmare as I have.