Walking Dandruff Remedies

Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Frisco (Vallejo, Ca) on 11/08/2011

Back today to follow up. First a warning: the coconut oil and colloidal silver caused hair loss. Used it in my hair last night, left it in overnight, when shampooing today I had a LOT more hair than usual fall out. Also after 2 treatments I still have them and so does the dog. We were both treated twice, Friday then again Sunday. Felt the crawling intensely Friday night and was bothered some Saturday. Bathed the dog late Saturday; both of us slept great. Sunday, thinking we were all better, I brushed him a bit. 30 minutes later could feel them again. Treated both of us again last night; neither of us slept well. Today, with gloves on, I used a flea comb but it did little to remove them. Tonight without shampooing him I rubbed diatomaceous earth into his coat hoping this will kill them.

I wash clothes, sheets and dog bedding everyday in hot water with Tide and Borax then hot dry. I vacuum every other day including the bed. I've just read that everything must be treated at the same time and treatment must continue for at least 3 weeks. Tomorrow I will vacuum the whole house and dust the carpets, beds, furniture, and dog with the DE. The dog and I will both eat garlic and have apple cider vinegar added to our water daily. I've restricted my use of the house to a bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen. My dog is clearly depressed from the lack of contact but hard choices are sometimes necessary for his overall well-being.