Walking Dandruff Remedies

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Regina (Northport, Ny) on 01/18/2010

Re my earlier post of 9/23/09 re the walking dandruff mites. I brought my dog back to the vet soon after that post because I wanted to know for sure if he still had the walking dandruff because he still had scales and crusts on his back. The vet did several skin scraping from different areas on his body and examined them under the microscope and told me that he DOES NOT have them any longer. Note: this same vet had actually diagnosed him with the mites a few months earlier. At the time of the initial diagnosis, he could see the scales moving on his back and he did the skin scrapings where he could actually see the mite under the microscope.

So apparently, Ted's remedy of borax and hydrogen peroxide DID WORK!! Note I never gave my dog any medication at all except for the hydrogen peroxide baths. I mentioned to the vet that I used the above remedy and he said he was not surprised that they are gone because the combination of the borax and the hydrogen peroxide would kill any parasite. Note: I submerged my dog up to his shoulder blades in the solution for at least 15 or 20 minutes for each bath and I doubled Ted's remedy.

FYI, today, 1/18/10 I brought my dog to a specialist (dermatologist) to try to find out why my dog still has some scabs and scales on his skin. I found out he has a bacterial/staph infection of the skin, but she reconfirmed what my regular vet told me - which is that he has NO mites (she tested for them).

So, as I said earlier, Ted's remedy worked.