Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome Treatment: Home Remedies

| Modified: Jan 20, 2018
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Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS) is a feline neurological disorder causing cats to behave oddly for short bursts of time. FHS symptoms include obsessive self-biting, scratching, grooming, or running around. More indicatively, symptoms also include frantic tail twitching and rolling or twitching skin, for which reason the epilepsy-like condition is also called twitch-skin syndrome or rolling skin syndrome.

Hyperesthesia in cats is poorly understood and sometimes ignored as typically unpredictable feline behavior. Fortunately, the condition is rare, but for cat owners who witness their pet enduring rolling skin syndrome, the ailment can be unsettling. As with other cat skin conditions, any resultant wounds for obsessive behaviors should be cleaned and treated. Otherwise, keeping your cat calm and helping it to avoid any evident food or emotional triggers may help keep your cat's FHS symptoms under control.

Natural Pet Care Remedies: You may want to try new cat food for your FHS cat, as food allergens seem to be a trigger in some cases. Regular feeding schedules and sufficient exercise may help to keep your cat calm as well.