Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome Treatment: Home Remedies

| Modified on Nov 02, 2023
Remedies for FHS/Twitch-Skin Syndrome/Rolling Skin Syndrome
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS) is a feline neurological disorder causing cats to behave oddly for short bursts of time. FHS symptoms include obsessive self-biting, scratching, grooming, or running around. More indicatively, symptoms also include frantic tail twitching and rolling or twitching skin, for which reason the epilepsy-like condition is also called twitch-skin syndrome or rolling skin syndrome.

Hyperesthesia in cats is poorly understood and sometimes ignored as typically unpredictable feline behavior. Fortunately, the condition is rare, but for cat owners who witness their pet enduring rolling skin syndrome, the ailment can be unsettling. As with other cat skin conditions, any resultant wounds for obsessive behaviors should be cleaned and treated. Otherwise, keeping your cat calm and helping it to avoid any evident food or emotional triggers may help keep your cat's FHS symptoms under control.

Natural Pet Care Remedies: You may want to try new cat food for your FHS cat, as food allergens seem to be a trigger in some cases. Regular feeding schedules and sufficient exercise may help to keep your cat calm as well.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Melissa (Alexandria, Va) on 11/13/2009

Feline Hyperesthesia Disorder - I have found that my cat improved 100% when switched to zero-grain food. These foods are usually not sold in major pet stores. You must seek out the mom and pop shops or order online. Also, increased exercise helps.

Replied by Evie
(Torrance, Ca)

I just switched to a no-grain food that I found at Petco.

General Feedback

Posted by Jean (Brooklyn, Ny Usa) on 02/26/2013

Feline hyperasthesia disorder : hello they don't really know what this condition is. I've a mature sphynx and he got it as he has aged. You can see it on youtube. Sometimes he's not too bad. In his case, it's not need for stimulation, I find, that sets him off. I am wondering if there's a homeopathic remedy I could try for this. He acts like he's itchy. A pet intuitive says it's genetic and occurs often in males/oriental breeds. Thank you, Jeannie J

Replied by Susan
(Myrtle Beach)

I cannot tell you why, but my cat, who has feline hyperesthesia, improves on a daily dose of Pro Pet Powder, 1 tsp, twice a day mixed with wet food. Without this, life is miserable for both of us since she growls and bites her tail, and sometimes flings blood everywhere. I can't take her off of it because the symptoms return. With it she is calm and happy. Not expensive and not drugs.

Replied by April
(Summerdale, Alabama)

Yes I have seen it on YouTube also (stumplords) video is exactly the way my cat is behaving. My vet doesn't understand me when I'm describing Teagan's symptoms. We have spent over $ 700. dollars at the vet this month already because Teagan has a 2 in gash in her tail. The vet wants to dock her tail and I don't think that's the answer. My cat eats Hills food, the fleas are under control, she has no tape worm. My cat does not act like this every day, about once a week she sees her tail as the enemy, biting, hissing, growling, circling around unsettled, fast breathing, panting, skin rippling. It freaks me out when she freaks out. I feel like some medication might help but I've been offered no other solutions from my vet other than to cut her tail off. No allergy testing, blood testing, nerological testing so that we can come up with a solution that doesn't end up mutilating my cat.No mention of Feline Hyperesthesia.I don't feel like my vet cares. So what would happen if the vet cut her tail off?We didn't solve the mental problem, would she start attacking her foot, then what, cut off her foot? No, no, no!

If anyone out there has a cat with this kind of problem and has any advice please let me know. BTW Teagan isn't an aggressive kitty, she has never bitten me or acted like she was going to. She was feral when I got her as a 3lb kitten, she is an inside only cat, if she were to get outside I would probably never catch her again. She still has some feral ways, its very hard to give her medicine, she will let me love on her all day long though, she asks me for loving. Petting down her back to the tip of her tail doesn't bring on a tail fit. I have 3 other indoor cats and mostly everyone gets along, Teagan is top cat though and she is the youngest, my house is quiet, no kids, everything is usually the same, no major changes. They have toys, cat trees and windows to look out.We live in the country so there are lots of birds at the feeders to see.

Teagan has been in my big hospital crate (kitty play pen) with a cone on sinse the 9th of Jan. today is the 20th. Cant let her out because if I need to get to her she wont let me, also if she opens her stitches up again it will look like a murder occurred in my house. When she first hurt her tail there was blood everywhere, all up the walls, on the ceiling, all over the floor from one end of the house to the other, we made a midnight emergency trip to the vet.

I am a stay at home cat mom so I'm with them all day, the first thing I do in the morning is check on everybody and make sure everythings ok. To have Teagan act stressed like this stresses me out too, Ive cried and I have no answers.


My cat has this and it's exactly the same attacks tail, flings blood…I have had her on gabapentin but it still happens.

I am investigating CBD and some herbal methods! Good luck it is so freaky. I hate it! She gets scared hurts he self and hides. She has a calm household.

I understand and am with you. If I find something worthwhile I will share it here!


Please don't have your cat's tail cut off. My cat was just diagnosed with this. My naturopathic vet recommended 100 mg Vit E daily, plus CBD oil for her nerves. I feed an almost entirely raw diet. I've added Internal powder and some other supplements to bolster her system. Find a naturopathic vet if you can.


What CBD oil are you using?


GMOs in the food I suspect could be the cause, and/or chemicals. The once a month this happens, is it a different food? read up on which foods are GMOs. Just a thought